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Maintenance / Re: Oh shit.
« Last post by Begog on Today at 06:50:14 PM »
I have to agree with Incred and others, even though it is going to cost, and probably a LOT. Still, they can do the repair better than you with the least amount of scarring. The alternative is to take a major beating on the doll, and cut your losses now. If you keep moving her, she'll be in two pieces, with a scar in the front after surgery as well. Waiting is not a good option either. I'd box her up carefully and send her back soon, taking great pains to insure she doesn't show up there in two pieces. And, if you can deliver her yourself, I would. FedEx and the like will not respect your box any more than any other, likely to make matters worse. With any luck, you'll have her back before the end of next year. In the mean time, order that TPE doll, and you'll be amazed at the pounding she can take, not to mention how good she is in bed. There is no doubt in my mind that if I screwed my Sinthetic 2-3 times a day, she'd be broke all to hell in 6 months time. I've only screwed mine a couple times this year. By contrast, I got a TPE doll with 600+ under her belt, still going strong. When you get the Sin back, just use her for pics mostly, and sex sparingly like I do, and she should last a good long time. After the TPE doll blows her away in bed, that will be a lot easier. My Real Doll blows my Sin away in bed too, and built like a tank by comparison. Sins are fragile mannequins that CAN do sex. That's how I look at it, and just my opinion, but many will agree. Good luck with your repairs. We are all pulling for you.
Maintenance / Re: Oh shit.
« Last post by Zardoz on Today at 03:34:37 PM »
Hmm, ok, lots of votes for having Sinthetics do the repair... thanks guys!
    Just to be clear, I believe this is part of their "Doll Hospital" service, and certainly wouldn't be free. They said they can't offer an estimate until they assess the doll in person.
Between the cost of shipping (though I'm close enough that it wouldn't be out of question for me to drive it to them myself), and unknown cost of repair... at an unknown date... I'm half tempted to see if someone here will buy the doll "as is" for a discount, and just getting myself a TPE doll.
        That sucks, because my Sin is amazing, and custom-made to my exact specifications. I waited a damn long time for it, and I still have yet to see another doll, anywhere, that I find as attractive (or versatile) as their Alicia 1B. But it's already been a huge investment, and this looks to be a further significant expenditure. This is the only doll I've owned, so I don't have a standard for comparison. But I've been shocked at the properties of the silicone: it seems to tear very easily. Before this giant split associated with the broken spine, there have been tears in one foot, the other knee, a "finger poke" (thumb -- first I've heard of in a Sinthetic), a small hole in the lower back, and I've had to repair tears in the vaginal area several times, despite it being an insert doll. The doll has also picked up a number of compression marks (visible for example in the pictures of the back I posted in this thread) that don't seem to go away; I haven't seen this on other silicone dolls. I certainly use my doll for sex, but I don't think I've been particularly careless in handling her (no dropping, resting on hard surfaces, crazy positions, etc). Maybe I'm rougher on my toys than I realize, and everyone else manages to be much gentler. Maybe it's inevitable wear and tear from lots of use (8 times in one 24 hour period is a record from the early days that I haven't come close to since, but it's not unusual for me to bang her two or three times a day, though other times the doll is stored for days or weeks.) On the other hand, I know they used a new silicone mix when making my doll... I certainly don't want to make any unfounded allegations, but I can't help but wonder if that's a factor in the problems I'm running into.

Anyway, for now I'm still pondering what to do. I sent a further message to Sinthetics asking about getting a repair kit, and whether they'd be able to repair the spine, as well as hoping for at least some ballpark figures of time and money involved in having them do the repair. I have the right silicone to seal cuts, though it may leave an unsightly scar since I don't have pigments. That said, I've been pleased with how my home repairs to the vaginal tears have turned out: not perfect, but not too obvious either. In the meantime, if anyone wants to make me an offer to take her off my hands and fix her yourself... I'm listening, and would definitely consider it.
Private Island Beauties / Re: All new Doll
« Last post by Patrick PIB on Today at 03:10:46 PM »
 Yes, we have 4 faces for the Spinner right now.  Nice of you to notice! 8)
I'm just finishing an oral version of this "Jazmine" face. Should be ready in a few days.
Folks said they wanted lightweight, less cost, big wait to receive we are.
This doll is a joy to play with. No sweat involved!
Thanks for checking us out. Now, back to the China show...
 P ;D
The Tipsy Barstool Inn / Re: Keep your hands off the help.
« Last post by Z-Dr on Today at 02:02:38 PM »
I'm surprised she doesn't have a face print

Maybe if it was a cookie factory instead of a pizza kitchen?
300$ USD, shipping included.
Maintenance / Re: Oh shit.
« Last post by Ray Rentell on Today at 12:54:47 PM »
If there offering grab the offer with both hands, its a bastard horrible job to tackle yourself, I know, been there done it !
RealDolls / Re: Tina
« Last post by Ray Rentell on Today at 12:52:37 PM »
And you had time for photos ...! :o

With this lovely lady,that would of been way down on the list of things to do. :D
Sinthetics / Re: The Devil Is In The Details
« Last post by Ray Rentell on Today at 12:49:31 PM »
Amazing how a new doll brings the photographer out in people, what a great set of a very lovely doll.  :thumb:
Maintenance / Re: How to easyly implant pubic hair (tutorial)
« Last post by BisexualBetty on Today at 12:37:37 PM »
Hello! I'm new here and I know this thread is old but I am sure that nail glue (for false nails) is the best glue to use if you want to use glue. It is also vey cheap on ebay, but to dip a needle in it you have to have a very small cup, smaller then a bottlecap, and drip in a little at the time cause it dries very fast. And nice job Bullingdon!!
Sinthetics / Re: The Devil Is In The Details
« Last post by Ceej on Today at 11:36:31 AM »
Red sure looks good on her.....She sure likes to tease!
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