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ODC has the correct stance on this subject where other sites have it completely wrong.  It is common sense if you think about it.  Evil comes in with semantics and compromise which is not part of this community.  ODC is making doll great again since 2009.
This subject is nothing new and AFAIK most, if not all, the major doll sites, do not allow younger dolls to be placed on their site.  Maybe some might be more lenient than others.

Though ODC is fully owned by Ourdoll1, it is still considered a private forum open to the public.   He created the rules of ODC and entrusted the enforcement to the Moderators.  This subject has the potential (however big or small) to get him into trouble with the law and if taking down some pictures keeps the forum safe from that then so be it.  If he wanted, he could shut the entire site down forever for no reason whatsoever and NOONE here could do a damn thing about it.

He's trying to make a place where we can all admire our dolls and talk about our hobby.  Sorry if a few pesky rules (written or not) get in the way.
The Art Gallery / Re: Stephanie Photos August 2017
« Last post by incred on Today at 12:20:10 AM »
Ceilidh is the original Home Wrecker  ;)

« Last post by PassionDolls on Today at 12:13:37 AM »

General Discussion / What is this doll?
« Last post by chaosninja7 on Today at 12:05:33 AM »

It says Onahole, but I've search Onahole and I didn't find this specific doll. Any help?
TPE town / Re: Kim's Place 金
« Last post by crazycajun on Yesterday at 10:25:51 PM »
From April and Me both! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,  to both You and Kim!  I Remember when she arrived! She is as beautiful as that day!

The Art Gallery / Re: Stephanie Photos August 2017
« Last post by Stephanie Doll on Yesterday at 10:16:35 PM »

TPE town / Re: Kim's Place 金
« Last post by coralsheep91 on Yesterday at 10:13:34 PM »
Kim came to live with me one year ago today.

We had nice quite evening at home after she opened a few gifts.

She ask why I have butter and cheese on my potato and hers dosn't.

She was not amused at my comment of her putting on a few pounds.

After dinner we watched a movie.

I think I watched her more than I did the movie.

She is such a little fox.

I will do her one year review in the next few days.

It is getting late and tomorrow in Thanksgiving so, it's time for bed  ;D

Muscle Beach / James Donghai bringing Pumpkin Pie to Thanksgiving
« Last post by monitorep on Yesterday at 10:04:02 PM »
James wanted to do something different so we finally went outside to do his pumpkin who is having pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving?

Muscle Beach / Re: Santa baby - Andy wishes everyone a happy thanksgiving
« Last post by crazycajun on Yesterday at 09:32:47 PM »
And a very HAPPY thanksgiving to you too Andy, and to akira-fan!  Oh, and to EVERYONE! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
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