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Ruby 13 / Re: Hot Rod Devil Ruby #1
« Last post by citadelfox on Today at 07:21:31 AM »
That is one HOT doll! Is she still available?
The Art Gallery / Re: Chrissy's gone for a walk!!
« Last post by Ray Rentell on Today at 06:32:54 AM »
Now thats a well made photo, set dressing and photoshop ...grrrrrr ,nice.  :thumb:
The Art Gallery / Re: 10 Top reasons why Tracy is so fuckable
« Last post by Ray Rentell on Today at 06:31:15 AM »
Great GIF of a very f**kable doll .

As an aside, the way the light moves in the background would appear how long it took to make, a great deal of patience for the photographer.  :thumb:
The Art Gallery / Re: Chrissy's gone for a walk!!
« Last post by Alottahope on Today at 06:25:48 AM »
Nice DL! A cheetah and a cougar together! Don't see that very often!  :laugh:
The Art Gallery / Re: 10 Top reasons why Tracy is so fuckable
« Last post by Alottahope on Today at 06:22:30 AM »
Thank you guys! I really appreciate the good word! Hey fitz. She is a Sinthetics B1B with Alicia head. Their web site list the rest of her specs.

YKW - i arrive LA this thursday, maybe you PM me your mobile phone number, still interested into the trade you offered, just my partner is not very in. BUT might i have a other idea - lets talk in LA or Vegas about it!

@all - meet her at 1103/Artist Hall!
TPE Marketplace / SMdoll 170cm C cup
« Last post by Smdoll-jack on Today at 03:32:52 AM »
please feel free contact me:
or link if you want more information
Height : 170cm  

Weight : 34kg

Breast : 72cm

Waist :45cm

Hip :75cm

Vagina Depth: 17cm

Anal Depth : 15cm

Oral Depth:13cm

Muscle Beach / Re: Too cold for photos
« Last post by akira-fan on Yesterday at 11:46:01 PM »
Here are some of the photos I took after coming back from Wal-Mart this afternoon. The quality is a bit poor (though I tried correcting the color a bit), but I doubt the zoo was really asking for publicity on this kind of forum:P

I may upload some more pictures tomorrow - some of them might even be good. :o But, this is enough for right now.
General Discussion / Re: Great Films You've Never Seen
« Last post by Stephanie Doll on Yesterday at 08:54:17 PM »

'Flashpoint' 1984

I'd never even heard of this gem until I saw it tonight. It's a great film with an amazing cast and twist ending that makes 'The Usual Suspects' seem like the 'Teletubbies.'

Kris Kristofferson and Treat Williams star as two Texas border patrol agents in roles they were born to play. They two honest lawmen frustrated by all politics and problems of the southern border. Drugs pour in and illegals are smuggled and enslaved by their fellow Mexicans.

One day they find a jeep in the deep desert with a skeleton that's been sitting there for 20 years and $800,000!

Kristofferson rationalizes that only criminals would have $800,000 and whatever happened, happened 20 years ago so the money and the man have been long forgotten. Turning the money in as evidence would be useless since the crime was also long ago forgotten. The only other clues they find are two disconnected phone numbers, one to the Dallas PD and the other to Washington DC. The Texas newspapers from 20 years ago don't mention any major crime involving $800,000.

The very next day Kristofferson and Williams are teamed up with a mysterious federal agent Kurtwood Smith whom leads them on a drug smuggling raid which almost gets them killed.

Soon their whole department is turned upside down. Agent smith is mysteriously appointed their new director, men in black a swarming the desert and find the jeep with the corpse which is guarded by military soldiers with M16s. Locals start being murdered with silenced guns and even their fellow border patrol agents are being professional killed. What the hell is going on? Clearly this isn't just about $800,000.

Kristofferson and Williams know they're next to be killed but still can't figure out what could possibly be going on.

Even after the climactic shootout when Kristofferson going to collect the money he hid he screams in frustration, "Why? Why?"

It honestly would have worked even without the surprise ending but the twist is so gutsy even if I had put the clues together I still wouldn't have guessed they'd actually do something so bold. Even the final clue is something only 5% of viewers would even understand the significance of. Most people probably left the theater scratching their heads.

The Art Gallery / Re: Chrissy's gone for a walk!!
« Last post by noquiexis on Yesterday at 08:24:52 PM »
     Chrissy is just fabulous in that leopard print! Nice shot!  :thumb:

     "Can a leopard change his spots?"
     "Yes. He just gets up from one spot and moves to another!"

8) 8) 8)
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