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TPE town / Re: Tips and advice
« Last post by Milky Way Dolls on Today at 07:53:51 PM »
One of the main issues with TPE are flat booties. They get flat sometimes during shipment and because of the doll storage in the box.
TPE town / Tips and advice
« Last post by Polaroid on Today at 07:37:58 PM »
I not got a TPE  but I am considering one now that others have chimed in. I have a few questions that I think others might be interested also.

What clothes are best with TPEs?  I hear cotton is good but is polymers costumes bad or just with dark colors? How about other fabrics and what to avoid stains? What type of clothes are best not to leave dents or always loose?

What about wigs and do they stain also? Is there a wig material that best or do you use a skull cap?

Is there a good way to pose that less stress on joints  and how is the skeleton ? Is the standing option cause tears on feet and what best way to stand a doll?

Any others advise from owners that I missed or you think is worth mentioning?

Thanks in advanced.
The Art Gallery / Re: Ready for the Beach!
« Last post by crazycajun on Today at 06:45:01 PM »
I am really trying hard to learn. It amazes me how you think you are doing well, then you get home and look at them in a more unhurried and relaxed setting, then you see all of the mistakes that you made. It drives home the saying that "You look, but do not see"!
I have some more things in mind, just have to find the time!
General Discussion / Re: My second childhood
« Last post by Stephanie Doll on Today at 06:00:13 PM »

My owner remembered seeing some episodes when he was a kid. The whole premise for the show is downright silly on SO MANY levels.

He revisited it last summer for some cheap laughs and was horrified to discover it's a PHENOMINAL DRAMA!!! He was literally brought to tears in several episodes and is truly ashamed to be a man.

Sometimes the strangest of premises can make the best stories. It's truly original. Certainly there's nothing else to compare it to. Not even the original Beauty and the Beast fairytale.

General Discussion / Re: My second childhood
« Last post by noquiexis on Today at 05:14:25 PM »

     There are some who never grow out of their first childhood! A lot of the movies and TV shows that I linked here were not made for children. When you consider the time, work, and expense that went into the making of these films, it is easy to see that the makers have targeted a much larger audience. Not every adult has children or grandchildren, but they enjoy these productions as much as those who do.

;) ;) ;)
Dolls in General / Re: Benefits of owning a love doll?
« Last post by noquiexis on Today at 04:58:00 PM »

     Welcome to Our Doll Community! You started off right by asking the advice of doll owners, rather than listen to the claims of the manufacturers. We are not trying to sell you anything. You might look  here for an introduction to the doll hobby. The scope of the post is limited, but it will give you an idea of what we do.

     Doing your homework is the best way to find the doll that will suit your needs. Some are quite heavy, and all are expensive. There are those who bought a doll, then discovered that it just was not their cup of tea. I suggest looking for a 'starter' doll - as inexpensive as possible, then maybe moving up to the doll of your dreams. The Auction Block is where you can find used dolls for sale. That could cut down on the initial expense. Dolls can be hygienically cleaned much easier that living women. Buying a used doll is not much different than marrying a divorced woman (if the doll has no major repair issues).

     Check out the gallery for consumer pictures. There are albums for just about every doll on the planet. Changes of a wig or makeup can make the same doll look very different. Good hunting and good luck!

;) ;) ;)
An interesting concept, if AI is self learning why indeed should they not learn to care, sadly we always see the negative violent scenarios.
Probably because it reflects how a lot of humans see the world .
The Art Gallery / Re: Ready for the Beach!
« Last post by Ray Rentell on Today at 04:24:31 PM »
What Ceej said, what an adventure and great photos, looks like the girls had a wonderful time.

Dont think a lot of people realise how much planning , lifting and posing goes into a session like this  ...bravo..... :thumb:

Now you and the girls have a taste for it we need more.
The Art Gallery / Re: Ready for the Beach!
« Last post by Ceej on Today at 03:02:01 PM »
One of these days I will figure out how to get the really good shots, like I see on this forum!

These ARE really good shot!   :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:   Photo stories like these are the best!
I read a fan fiction a short while ago that took on this topic in a very interesting way. The fiction the show was based on was  'Terminator, Sarah Connor Chronicles'. The questions posed were not just can you love a robot (Cameron), BUT also can robots love us? (John).

In this it was fairly clear John did love Cameron, even though he knew what she was and had seen her torn up / down to bare metal. He didn't care.

It also showed Cameron's side. In this case, she had attained free will and was no longer a slave to her programming. Cameron developed into a true AI. She still wanted to protect John. She still wanted to be near him. She didn't like to see him hurt or sad. Cameron gave good reasons for this. John helped repair her when she broke and had brought her back at risk to himself after she 'went bad'. Because he did what he could for her, she did her best for him.  In the end though, she admitted she could not love like humans did.  It was kinda like like the Meatloaf song "Two out of three ain't bad"
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