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rules for the Auction Block
« on: November 25, 2010, 12:12:17 PM »

1 ) Dolls or Doll related items only, No Cars, Boats or Live Animals. 

2 ) Items For Sale must include recent pics, damage or repairs, and details such as head/body/year made. A gallery can be provided if necessary. Here is how to post pictures:

3 ) Please keep the discussion focused on the Sale of the item please, No thread hijacking.

4 ) Please inform the staff of a Sale so the thread can be locked upon completion

5 ) Shipping details. IE Pick-up Only, Domestic Only, Etc...

6) No begging for a free doll


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Helpful Hints for Doll Salemanship
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2011, 03:56:51 PM »
Helpful Hints for Doll Salemanship

     Without some basic information, your doll would be a "white elephant". People would not know what they might be buying! Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you would buy this doll based only on the information provided.

     These are only suggestions to aid in the sale of a doll. They are not to be construed as superceding the rules stated above! It would be beneficial to prospective buyers to know these statistics:

   skin tone
   makeup (eye liner, eye shadow, if blush is applied)
   lip color
   eye color
   type of eyebrows (real hair or painted)
   type (style) of fingernails and toenails
   tattoos or beauty marks (if any)

   extra eyes (if any)
   pubic hair (if any)
   extras faces or heads (if any)

     You should also include information about wigs, wardrobe, or accessories that might come with the doll.

     You should state whether or not you have a shipping crate. If pickup or delivery is local, no crate may be needed.

     If there has been damage, and that damage has been repaired, include pictures of the repair only. Pictures of the damage may put off prospective buyers. If the doll needs repair, then this should be clearly stated in the post. If the repair was accomplished by someone other than yourself, this should be stated.

     Lastly, you should state whether you would accept the return of you doll, and how many days this offer is in effect. In most cases, all sales are final!

     Most people sell a doll because they need to or because they want to upgrade to another doll. In this case, there may be no opportunity for a buyer to change his or her mind. If shipping will be of some distance, you may opt to deduct shipping from the refund of the doll. This should be stated during negotiations for the sale.

     If you would feel more comfortable selling through a third party, this should be stated in the post. Details can be worked out during negotiations for the sale. You should never deal in cash without a third party to act as witness for both sides. Even then, a signed receipt would be beneficial.

     These are only suggestions to aid in the sale of a doll. They are not to be construed as superceding the rules stated above! Please keep in mind that Our Doll Community is not responsible for any sale or purchase details. We wish success and happiness to both buyers and sellers!

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Re: rules for the Auction Block
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2017, 05:09:58 PM »
"Leaving it to the imagination" is highly overrated.

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