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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #30 on: January 13, 2010, 03:44:29 PM »
I could hardly believe it myself! I would love to go there. I expect they get lots of geeks with cameras doing the Elfen Lied tour. Maybe they even do guided tours... (If not, I guess that's a  'business opportunity' for an English-speaking Japanese entrepreneur. :) )
Quote from: punynari Tokyo or Shinagawa station, get on the Yokosuka line. A ways past Yokohama station, you will come to Zushi Station. If everyone on your car gets off and leaves for a different car, follow them. Many times your train will start heading back to Tokyo, requiring you to get off and catch a different train the opposite direction. 2 stops from there is Kamakura station.

At Kamakura station, transfer to the Enoden line and get off at Enoshima station. Follow the crowd at that point or just walk to the ocean. You will see the 2 bridges fairly quick.

One photo I saw shows a sandbank connecting the island to the mainland, parrallelling the bridge. When the tide is out, no doubt. So Lucy swimming across is not so far-fetched, even with that hefty whack on the head. Maybe. (Anyway, you can drive the proverbial coach and horses through some of the details. It does not detract from it.)

Another Wikipedia page (manually translated from Spanish):

Elfen Lied location: Sasuke Inari shrine 08  (actual art inset)
click thumbnails at upper right for: Kamakura train at Gokurakuji station, and Elfen Lied location Gokurakuji sta. (actual art inset)

Elfen Lied location Gokurakuji sta. 05  (actual art inset)

(Sorry if the above links are not quite right. My original links all ended up linking to one photo...)

Gokurakuji station on the Enoden line on punynari's blog (more)

View from steps to Jyojyuin Temple, Kamakura

Jyojyuin Temple, Kamakura in Google Maps
-- A ways along the coast from the island. You can see the steps in the satellite image.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #31 on: January 14, 2010, 02:05:17 AM »
ahh, the steps...
ALot happened on those steps  8)

I bet you're right, Everhard, an Elfen Lied tour guide would probably rake in a few yen.  I'd be inclined to go there myself.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #32 on: January 14, 2010, 05:50:43 PM »
You know where Lucy and Nana (I think*; am dreadful at remembering names) had their first big fight, with Lucy lifting huge rectangular stones and things into the air to drop on Nana?


* Edit: Yes, Nana. Diclonius number nine. Nana is Japanese for nine.
Er, no. Apparently, Nana is Japanese for seven. Nana is Diclonius number seven. Duh!

See the previous photo: View from steps to Jyojyuin Temple, Kamakura: Go to the large view of the image and there is what looks like a cemetery to the right of the steps (dead ahead of the people walking down). I reckon that is the place. Plenty of trees for the girl in brown (the human girl living rough with the little dog) to be thrown into by Lucy.

Update: I am right. In the overview to episode 4 (spoken at the end of episode 3 -- see my subsequent post) we get the following: "On the land of the dead, a horrible banquet of blood and tears is served."

Lucy artwork on this games forum

Web page with photos of people dressed up like anime characters
(this one is Nana)


Eighth scale Nana figurine complete with Director Kurama's tie (worn as a head-band) -- removable by the look of it. (Edited: I deleted the display of the image because it is a bit too large to be regarded as a legitimate thumbnail image; thus costing the other site some bandwidth...)

Nyuu/Lucy figure

More photos of both figures on one of PBShelley's web sites.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #33 on: January 16, 2010, 11:20:05 PM »
Hey everyone!!!! Just wanted to bring to your attention
that the Independent Film Channel (IFC) which is broadcast
on cable or Dish TV is once again showing the Animie series
Witchblade on Monday evenings from 11pm to 12am Eastern
U.S. time (8pm to 9pm Pacific Time). They will be showing two
half-hour episodes starting January 18th and every Monday
evening after that. The series is dubbed in English.

Take care & Enjoy!!! litlluvr, Yoshe, And when she is ready... Amiko.

UPDATE... As of Monday, Feburary 1st it looks like IFC is
                  once again messing around with it's scheduling and
                  it looks like they have stopped showing Witchblade!!! >:(
                  I think they were only showing it as a promo for a
                  video game that had a female warrior in it that looked
                  like the lead character.

                  It's becomming more appearant that I should just watch
                  Animie on the web. Cable TV doesn't take it seriously to
                  keep a series on a schedule.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #34 on: January 19, 2010, 04:02:28 PM »
Everhard, with the popularity of Elfen Lied, I am surprised that the series has not been ressurected, a movies hasn't been made yet.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #35 on: January 20, 2010, 03:47:04 PM »
Everhard, with the popularity of Elfen Lied, I am surprised that the series has not been ressurected, a movies hasn't been made yet.
I was just thinking the same thing. Real actors in the exact same locations, even the same camera angles. It would be awesome! (The research institute would have to be done in a studio, as would some other indoor scenes.)

This post on an anime forum has photos of the voice actors. It seems to me that at least some of the character's faces are based on real people too...


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #36 on: January 20, 2010, 08:10:24 PM »
Here is a nice performance of the ending theme song by the artist who made it :D


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #37 on: January 21, 2010, 05:24:19 PM »
That brings the song to life. Despite the total contrast, musically, from Lilium, the lyrics of Chieko Kawabe's song really fit the story.

Meanwhile, I found a couple more items:

Somebody's theory about why Nyuu says only 'nyuu' (with short musical intro... his theory is displayed as text on the video.) Sounds reasonable to me.

Music set to excerpts from Elfen Lied (uncensored; the too-dark video I have seen part 2 online does not seem to show Bando's left eye being stabbed. I have the CD set on order. Hopefully the image is clearer on that.)

I reckon you need to watch the series several times over for it to make sense. (Might just be me; I was never any good at following a story with flashbacks and other references.) I thought I found a fault: When Lucy breaks out of the containment chamber she hums Lilium quietly (and out of tune) as she walks towards the blast doors that she opened somehow. But but how could she know the tune yet? Ha! Well, she learned it from Kouta's music box eight years previously...

This thing has immense depths. Together with Chobits, it is about the best motion picture (animated or real) I have ever seen.

At the end of every edition (except the last) after Chieko Kawabe's ending theme song there is an overview of the next edition spoken with the male voice choir version of Lilium (the so-called saint version) playing in the background. The English translations of these summaries are so bizarre I suspect the original is in a more elaborate variant of Japanese than is normally used. (I read that there is a formal style of Japanese used in some situations. When the emporer announced the surrender at the end of World War II on public radio, a lot of ordinary people in Japan did not understand his hyperbolic phrasing.) Could the narrator be doing something similar here? It is not random junk either. For example, in episode 12 we get "The boy started the ritual to dissolve the seal on his past that he himself had once closed." Anyways, here is what I found:

The first five have alternative titles on another site, which otherwise largely agrees with the remaining titles:

1 Encounter (or A Chance Encounter): (No summary, because it is the first episode.)

2 Cleaning up (or Annihilation):
The hunter, the hunted.
The situation takes a sudden turn, and is reversed.
Pure action led by unwavering instinct.
A purity that exists to please.

3 In the Innermost (or Deep Feelings):
Already love is beginning to show in a cruel manner as an eternal agony.
In a world dominated by the fruits of despair where one can only imagine focussing on one thing; imitating sorrow.

4 Collision (or Attack):
There was no need for a significant motive.
All it took was an order from above.
On the land of the dead, a horrible banquet of blood and tears is served.

5 Reception (or Receipt):
Within the confines of memory, two people nearing death.
Rejecting a scene of carnage, a world of despair.
What awaits the cowering girl at the end of her journey? The light that one would expect?
Or darkness?

6 Inner Feelings (or Innermost Feelings):
Anxiety and relief.
Suffering and gentleness.
Incessant overflowing mixed feelings.
A contradiction in quality.
Only one thing can have that meaning.
Comprising of memories of past times that are washed by the pouring rain.
Memories that, before long, will be quietly washed away.

7 Confrontation:
Existence is losing its value.
Alive or not, it doesn't matter.
Just a tiny, restless soul.
As such, encountering people who rather inflict pain than putting an end to it.
With unwiped tears on her cheek, the girl transforms into a monster.

8 the Beginning:
And then, betrayal.
The sin of those who watched.
A girl singing the rightful song of mercy.
And then the apparition that is the source of the sound is planted within her.

* Blade? That's what it says...  :-\

9 Reminiscence:
The sound of a ceasing rotation.
However, eternity puts the gear on track.
The light of self purification that wanted to shine, even though it could not conquer the profundity of her personal darkness.
What kind of a meaning did that memory carry for her?

10 Infant:
Men abandoned their own humanity for the sake of those not human.
After this act, all that remained was their craving for death, yet death could not be attained.
An eternal hell of regret.

11 Complication:
Summoned by the cursed cry of a newborn, the childish demon makes her descent.
Knowing the meaning of happiness, a girl takes a stand to protect it.
In order to cut asunder the corruption of everything, a boy binds the hands of the beast.
Everywhere the preparations for the banquet of blood are progressing steadily.

12 Quagmire:
The boy started the ritual to dissolve the seal on his past that he himself had once closed.
The agonized cries of people wounded by a lethal weapon play the music for an infernal ball.
The dancers in the ball are revenge, damnation, sadness, and those dancers who keep their love to themselves.

13 No return:
As prayers are now left unanswered, penitence has no more meaning.
Even with love of mutual affection and compassion, can there only be fear in the darkness?
That is the song of warmth and elves, like a fleeting song of sadness.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #38 on: January 23, 2010, 05:34:46 AM »
Oh Jeez, Everhard, you got Nicky humming "Lilium' again..... :laugh:


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #39 on: January 23, 2010, 12:51:57 PM »
Wow, I had no idea that series was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo popular. I enjoyed it, but I didn't see it in quite the same light. I'll have to watch it again at some point.

I've got Witchblade (both anime and live action versions) and I really should watch it one of these days. Come to think of it, I have a lot of amine that I need to watch.
Dude! Look out for that.......    tree.  That had to hurt.

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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #40 on: January 24, 2010, 06:19:23 AM »
Yes, Bel.  Elven Lied is one you have to watch a few times to catch everything (and the meaning behind it) to fully realise all that goes on.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #41 on: January 24, 2010, 10:06:46 AM »
See the comments after Lilium - DVD menu Version (still image) for how people get carried away with all this! You might want to click the 'Show More Comments' link at the bottom, or even the 'View All 402 comments' link... (On the other hand, you might not!)

Somebody reccommended I watch Time of Eve. I watched the first four editions (I think)--up to where the metal robot is in the cafe--but it just does not grab me. I expect the dialog is all very pertinent to the issues around artificial life, but without any action to tingle the nerve endings, it falls flat (for me). The 3-D backdrops are good though.

This whole art form is new to me. However, I notice there is a small section of manga in my local bookstore (next to fantasy and sci-fi). It even got a mention on BBC Radio 4 late last year in one of those highbrow general knowledge quizzes. (You know; where they are all familiar with the tiniest detail of Shakespeare, but even junior school science is utterly beyond them. I exaggerate...) It was just a question about what the two forms are called, is all (Japan-created cartoon humans with huge eyes, often containing adult content, and the animated equivalent). One guy answered quickly and got it fully correct, as I recall.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #42 on: January 24, 2010, 10:53:27 AM »
I didn't know Elfen Lied is based on an actual location. I liked that anime. My other favorites are Ah My Goddess and in the movies it's Ninja Scroll and Ghost in a Shell. So many concepts in The Matrix were taken directly from GITS. Steven Spielberg bought the rights to GITS, btw.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #43 on: January 24, 2010, 11:02:00 AM »
And of course the depiction of Lucy's immunity to bullets when she sits in the elevator during her break out (in the first episode) is an exact copy of The Matrix.

It strikes me as interesting that Elfen Lied--a study of what can happen when people try to replace parts of of the human race with 'improved' types, along with mankind's inhumanity switching instantly to the opposite--was created in Japan, has a German title, and was first translated into German. Among the several themes it looks at is the damage done by the culture of unquestioning obedience to 'orders from above'. Both nations gained a reputation for brutality in World War Two, partly as a result of that culture.

Also, many comments on Youtube are in Spanish, even in the English language videos. Here is a Spanish example (based onthe last episode). Although Spain was neutral in WWII, it was a fascist dictatorship largely put in place by the German Nazis initially.

I find that interesting, is all.

I found an Elfen Lied topic on . (It has adverts and it triggered my popup blocker.)

"He say you brade runner." (The Japanese woman in Blade Runner.) And she say "Dicronius": Elfen Lied Manga chapter 13 page 4

Off-topic: Reminds me of a compendium of anti-evolutionary psychology articles I read (a while ago, needless to say). The guy who wrote the intro mentioned the use and abuse of the 'just so' story in evolution arguments. Referring to a bit of work originating in Japan, he said it might best be described as an "Ah, so" story. Which just about summed up the tone of that book...


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #44 on: January 27, 2010, 10:13:41 PM »
OH. My. GOD! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS???? I thought that this topic was being passed over and that nothing was happening to it! DAMMIT! A thorough discussion of my favorite (and first) anime going on and I MISSED IT?!?! Not to mention all else here  :o

Everhard, excellent job on your reportage, from your initial viewing to your unearthing all kinds of tidbits! Thank you for your contribution, it's awesome! Of course, being an Elfen Lied fanatic from the start I already have uncovered most of the things you've shared, but seeing them again brings back those warm 'n' fuzzy early days of my anime exposure since I wanted to know EVERYTHING about it!  I'm thrilled that you were able to come to appreciate the medium and hobby. Oh, and Chobits too! Now all that remains is to get you to watch Rozen Maiden and its sequels Ouverture and Traumend, heh heh heh...  (RM is more about the ball-jointed dolls, but also about the magic that dolls can provide...)

I even found a gorgeous Lilium template for the Portal Page of my website  8) (For the curious: ) (Oh, and for the anime-hungry, go from that page to my Blog, Alastor's Reflection, for more anime-related posts; the "Anime Link" on the Portal is not-yet active.)

The end-of-episode-quotes I hadn't seen before, but I had caught on to their purpose as I watched it (and I've watched it over 10 times); thanks so much for reprinting them as I never had seen them in print before  :)

When I have time I'm going to go and re-read these posts following my last one; there's been too many survival issues to deal with here for me to have had much time to return to my forums in the past weeks. And I appreciate everyone's contributions to this thread as well as Everhard's; way to keep it going, I'm awed  ;D

By the way, regarding the Elfen Lied figurines, I paid a "go-between" to place my orders in for those limited edition figures of Nana and Lucy/Nyu, and will post pics up when I have time. They were only limited to ~1000-1500 units, and if ordering both figures they came with alternate faces/accessories! I doubt that they re-issued them; they were going for big bucks on eBay within the first week of their release, having sold out their pre-orders  :o

Anyway, ta  :)
~PBShelley, Lily, Eden, and Pennie