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Katy's song PT 1
« on: November 27, 2011, 09:36:42 PM »
   On Saturday morning Katy woke up.   

   That was the only way she could describe what happened with her limited experience.  For a long time now, she had been aware of the world around her.  Her eyes could see, her nose smelled aromas (including Jake's farts), her ears heard every sound and her skin felt the slightest sensations.  The pink robe Jake had put on her felt soft and comfortable.

   Katy scanned the room she knew so well.  Before her was Jake's bed, the place where Jake paid such wonderful attentions to her.  The dresser, the night stand, the closet door that was never fully shut, the corner where his dirty clothes gathered until he did his weekly laundry, she knew all this very well.  She was hanging on her stand with her pink robe over her, and the red wig that Jake loved to see her in.

   Wiggling her feet, she let out a giggle, then giggled again from the sheer joy of being able to make the sound.  Bringing her arms up, she wiggled her her fingers, and made motions just to see and feel the movement.  Remembering a cute movie scene where a girl did an air dance with the help of ghosts that she'd seen while sitting beside Jake, she began to move and sing.

   “Shake, shake, shake, senora, shake you body line!  Shake shake shake senora, shake it-all-the time...” Katy sang happily as she danced in place.

   Katy began making her own moves just to keep dancing.  Her singing turn into laughing as she found she had developed a side to side sway.  She let out a “Yaaahoooo!” as she swung her feet to the side on purpose to see how far up she could get them.  Her joyful sounds turned into a yelp of surprise as the stand tipped over.  Katy crashed down into the computer table with her stand.  Somehow, she became unhooked and landed on the floor. 

   “Uhoh,” she said as she got up.  The stand had knocked the monitor over, but other than that it didn't look like any damage was done.  She got the stand stood up, and things back in place on the computer table.  As she was putting the keyboard back in place, she noted she was leaking a clear fluid.  Inspecting her right hand, she found she'd torn her little finger open.  At the tear, a strong sensation filled her damaged finger.  She didn't know what this sensation was, but she didn't like it.

   Katy pushed the rip closed and looked for the repair kit.  Jake always used the repair kit when something happened to her.  Going to the closet, Katy let go of her finger to pull the light blue box off the shelf.  “Oh darn!” she whined as she leaked onto Jake's clothes.  Quickly she went back to the computer table and opened the box.  Using a piece of plastic wrap, she wrapped up her finger to stop the leaking while she tried to figure out how to fix herself. 

   Katy had felt Jake fix her, and she knew he used that little white tube, as well as the cup to mix up the stuff in the small bottles.  She spread the things out and frowned at them.  She knew what he did, but had no idea how to do it herself.

   “OK, the tube is used for my fingernails, so it should be good for fingers too!” she concluded.   She unwrapped her damaged finger, and tried to open the tube.  The cap wouldn't move.  Gripping it tight in her left hand, she turned hard on the cap.  Finally the cap loosened, it broke off.  The grip she had on the tube made the fluid squirt out onto the keyboard.

   “Oh no!” Katy cried she looked at the mess.  Running over to the pile of dirty clothes, Katy snapped up a sock and wiped up the glue from the keyboard and the tabletop.  She then wiped off her hands, and realized she was still slowly leaking, and getting more stuff on the things she was trying to clean.
   “Oh darn!” she whined.  Not knowing what else to do, she re-wrapped her finger in the plastic wrap, then used the now sticky sock to try and clean up the mess.  All she was doing was smearing it around.

   She was missing something.  She'd seen Jake clean, he had a rag and water.  Yes! She had to go find some water.  Across the hallway was the bathroom.  Katy went in and found long rags for drying on a rack by the shower, and short ones for cleaning.  She pulled off a moist one.  She saw another thing she would need, the bar of soap.  Mimicking what she had seen Jake do, she turned the shower on, got the rag wet, soaped it up, then ran back to his room and scrubbed all the sticky stuff off the keyboard, table, and on the chair where she'd leaked.  Once she was satisfied everything looked presentable, she put the cleaning rag back and took a drying rag to dry everything off.

   A far as she could tell, everything was OK now.  The computer table looked normal, and her finger was still wrapped up.  She put the drying rag back, folded neatly in place, then thought about what she should do now.

   Katy went out to the living room and saw the TV.  If Jake wasn't on the computer, they would watch TV or a video game.  Katy knew what the remote was, she turned the TV on, ready to sit down and watch one of their favorite movies.  All she saw was a woman behind a desk telling about what was happening in the world.  She pushed buttons, the pictures changed, then she held the wrong one down and the TV became so loud she couldn't bear it.  Wincing, she pushed another long button, but that only changed the channel.  She turned it off. 

   “Better wait for Jake,” she mussed, and put the remote back in it's spot.

   Looking down on herself, she noticed her pink robe was stuck together in places with same the gloppy mess as had been on the computer table.  She took her robe off, put it in the dirty clothes pile, then picked a tank top shirt and a plaid shirt to wear.  Wandering around Jake's place, she noticed one room she had always been curious about.  Jake went into the 'kitchen' to make himself food.   Wouldn't it be wonderful if she made some food for him?  By his routine, Katy knew Jake would return soon.   

   From watching TV, Katy knew how to make food.  She looked around the kitchen recognizing things she'd seen on TV.  Opening the refrigerator door, she discovered drink and bottles, but no food.  Checking out the cupboards, she found a box that had a picture of macaroni and cheese on it.   

   “Jake likes this!” she said happily.  Looking at the box, she noticed pictures on the back.  The picture of the microwave oven showed putting the food in the box into a bowl, then putting it in the oven.  Opening cupboards, she found colorful bowl.  She had trouble opening the box, so she used a knife and chopped it open.  She dumped the contents into the bowl, then put it in the microwave.  She shut the door and pushed some buttons.  The microwave came to life and hummed.

   “I'm making Jake's lunch, he will be happy with me,” she sang with a little hip-shake dance as she found a glass, then looked in the refrigerator for his drink.  Seeing a bottle of 'Yingling', she took it out, then tried to figure out how to open it.  Trying to push the cap off hurt her thumb, so she banged it against the edge of the counter until it came off. 

   Katy held the bottle over the glass and poured.  At first, it looked just like one of those commercials on TV, then the foam rose fast and spilled over.  She stopped pouring, but the foam still erupted.  She sat the bottle down to go find a rag to wipe up the beer that was now all over the counter and dripping onto the floor, and noticed the air was getting foggy.  She sniffed, it was smoke.

   Suddenly, an obnoxiously loud pulsing and screaming noise filled the room.  Katy covered her ears and tried to find out where it was coming from.  She did see smoke pouring out of the microwave.  She opened the microwave door, but that only made it worse, so she shut it.  The noise was intolerable!  Katy ran from the room to escape the screaming sound.

   “Hey, Jake you got a problem, get this door open!” someone yelled from outside. 

   “What did I do?” Katy whined.  Terrified Jake would know she ruined his lunch, she ran back to the bedroom and shut the door.  From the other room Jake's voice rang out.  “Hey!  Who's in here?  We're gonna friggin kill you!”

   “I didn't mean it.  Please don't kill me!” Katy whined and searched for a place to hide.  He would find her if she got in bed, or if she managed to get back on her stand.  Looking about frantically, she ran over to the dirty clothes and buried herself in the pile, curling up as small as possible to hide.  She had just gotten her head covered with a pair of Jake's pants when the bedroom door opened.


   Jake stood in his bedroom gripping the bat as he searched for the intruder.  There was no one here.  He then noticed what was missing.  “Oh.... no, not Katy!” he said weakly.  He ran over and looked by the bed, then the closet.  In a vain hope someone was pulling a prank, he searched the apartment. 


   The smoke alarm quit wailing as Bob got the kitchen windows open and got the ventilation fan going.  Jake came in and spat, “Some asshole took Katy!”

   “You're kidding,” Bob said weakly.  “Someone stole her?”

   “Damn it!” Jake said as he punched the refrigerator.  “Why not the TV, or the stereo.  Why'd they have to steal Katy?”  Shaking, he wiped his face with a hand.

   “OK, calm down, let's call the cops...”

   “That won't get Katy back will it?” Jake said sadly.  He dropped the bat and wandered in to sit in the living room.

   Looking around, Bob said, “It really doesn't look like a break-in.  All your windows are shut, and the door was locked.  You didn't happen to leave the microwave on, did you?”

   Jake looked up at him.  “Yeah, and I hid Katy on myself,” he said sarcastically.   

   “Good point.  Look, let's just call the police.  Katy isn't exactly easy to hide.  If someone took her,  then someone must have seen her.” Bob reasoned.

   “And everyone will know I've got a doll,” Jake said with a huff.

   “Hey, do you want Katy back or not?” Bob asked in an irritated tone.

   “Who knows what he'll do with her?” Jake asked as he waved an arm at the kitchen.  “Some asshole comes in, drinks my beer, makes a fire in the microwave, and steals my doll.  How fucked up is that?  He'll probably destroy her.”  As Jake spoke, tears came to his eyes.

   Bob sat down on the couch and said, “All the more reason to call the police.”  After a pause, he asked, “You don't have anything illegal here, do you?”

   Jake shook his head as he stared at the floor.  “I .... saved years to get Katy.  I .... dreamed about her for so long.  Once I had her, she was my .... everything.  This is so not right!”

   Bob nodded and said, “I can't argue with you about that.  So, you won't call the police, huh?”

   “And tell them what?  Someone broke in and left through shut windows and a locked door, carrying a full sized doll over their shoulder?” Jake asked.

   “OK, you have a point.  So if no one broke in and you didn't leave the microwave on, what happened?” Bob asked in thought.

   “I have no clue,” Jake said with a heavy sigh.

   They sat in silence for a moment, the Bob tipped his head to the side.  “What's that?”

   “What's what?” Jake asked, deep in his own misery.

   “I thought I heard a woman crying,” Bob said as he looked towards Jake's room.

   Jake frowned at him, then listened.  Bob was right, soft sounds of weeping were coming from his room.  Jake got up and motioned for Bob to stay quiet.  Creeping to his room, Jake listened closely.  At his door, he clearly heard the soft sobs.  He got down on the floor and looked under the bed.  Nothing.  The sound was coming from over by his pile of clothes, which seemed to have gotten larger and now contained Katy's robe.  Slowly, Jake went over to the pile, and noticed it rising and falling with the hitches of the sobs.  Carefully reaching out, he moved Katy's robe and asked, “Hello?”

   “I'M SORRY!” Katy screamed in a wail as she lurched back into the corner.

   “GAHHH!” Jake screamed as he backpedaled with flailing arms to trip and land by the bed.

   “I didn't mean it, I only wanted to make you lunch,” Katy said in her racking sobs.

   “Katy?” Bob asked wide-eyed as he stood in the doorway.

   Face covered in tears, Katy sat with her arms drawn up to her chest as she cried, “I only wanted to be like those girls on TV, and to make lunch for my Jake.  Please, don't hurt me.  Jake I'm so sorry!” 
   Jake sat gapping at her.  His mouth moved a few times.  He finally got out, “Katy .... Is that you?”

   “Wow, talk about a Twilight Zone moment,” Bob muttered as he stared at Katy.

   “I just woke up today, I didn't know,” Katy said in a whine.  “I'll try to do better, I really will.”

   “Katy, it's ....OK,” Jake said as he crawled over to her.     

   Looking at him with large puppy-dog eyes, Katy whispered, “Please don't hate me.”

   Jake shook his head and hugged her.  “I don' t believe it, you're alive.  You're really alive.”

   “You don't hate me?” she asked in a timid voice.

   “No, I love you Katy, with all my heart.” Jake said as he petted her hair.

   Katy threw her arms around him.  “Ohh Jake, I'll do better I promise.”

   Bob cleared his throat and said, “Look guys, I'll leave you two alone.  I'm going to go back to my place and check on Sally ..... just in case.”


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Re: Katy's song PT 1
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2011, 11:42:01 PM »
Wow, that's an excellent story. I loved the ending!!!!  ^-^
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Re: Katy's song PT 1
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2011, 12:31:45 AM »
That was great! 

The only thing that would have made it better would have been a few pictures to go along with the story.....

I would like to see a weekly story with Katy and Jake.

Loved it.

Oh, Layla has a question,  how many minutes did Katy set the microwave for?


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Re: Katy's song PT 1
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2012, 01:59:51 PM »
Loved the chemistry between Jake and Katy...The first story of the series amazed me...Hopefully the sequels will be even better. :)
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