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Katy's song PT 4
« on: December 01, 2011, 09:09:03 PM »
   Jake made the phone calls as Bob constantly checked the e-mail. 

   “Valerie was taken last night too?” Jake asked.  He listened and said, “Yeah, both Katy and Sally  had come alive.  Did you notice anything, say like a strange pale light? ...... Just asking.  ... OK, let me know what you find out.  Good luck.”  Jake hung up and said, “Valerie had come to life, now she's missing also.”

   “So are Angela, Jennifer, Roxy and Ayami,” Bob said as he looked at the reply e-mails.  “A couple guys still have their 'living dolls'.  I told them to run and hide.  Rob has gotten his guns out, and he's ready to shoot.  Jake, this is getting bad.”

   “Any activity on the forum?”

   “Just bullshit, and the PM system is down.  I've got a few contacts on skype, but all those guys already lost their dolls.  From what I can tell, all the dolls that have been abducted for the last two nights have only been ones who have come to life.  The guys with inanimate dolls still have theirs,” Bob said as he scrolled down the screen.

   “Any clue where they were taken?”

   “Nothing.  They just vanished.”

   “Whoever it was took Katy right out of bed while we were sleeping.  I don't think humans did this,” Jake said as he thought about the strange light beams he'd seen.

   “So, Sally was kidnapped by aliens?” Bob asked with a sarcastic chuckle.

   “Who knows.  From all the shit we've seen the past couple weeks, I'm not ruling anything out,” Jake stated. 

   Bob stood up and motioned for Jake to follow.  “I have a friend who works for SETI, let's go see him.”


   “Please calm down,” The creature said as it spread out it's four thick tentacles to keep Katy and Sally from running to the sides.  Looking at them with it's dark gray eyes that held no irises, it touched it's large dark burgundy colored head that reminded Katy of a light bulb.  It's neck didn't have a head on it, rather the neck widened out evenly into a head, with points for nostrils and a slit mouth under it's large gray eyes.  From the shoulders – or where shoulders should be, two set of tentacles made up it's arms.  It also stood on four tentacles tipped with three digits each.  The thing was chin high to Katy, and very ugly.

   “In your natural form, you appear as I do,” the creature told them.  “Once you mate, your children will return to their natural form.  That is why we created you, to continue our species.”

   The repulsive idea of having sex that THING drove Katy's voice.  “There is no way I will mate with you.  You stole me from MY mate, take me back, NOW!”

   “I don't look like that,” Sally said in a weak voice.

   To Katy, the creature said, “You will be inseminated if you do not mate willingly.”  Turning it's head to Sally, it said, “You are our species, Sally.  The human you were with when you awakened is a carbon based life form, incompatible with you.  You only bear the human form because you were made  in that shape.  The humans on this planet allowed us to animate the organic silicone in your bodies, which is what brought you to consciousness.  It took some time, but the constructed bodies you were formed with, changed into living tissue. You are silicone based females created to save our species.  Once we have collected our females, we will continue our journey.”

   “We're never going to see our loved ones again?” Katy asked weakly.

   “I do not understand what you speak of.  Earth and it's organic silicone was your birthing chamber.  Now that you are functional we are collecting you.  Once we finish our harvest, we will proceed on our way, and leave the Earth behind,” the creature said.

   “I watched a bad movie like this with Bob once,” Sally whined.

   “Wait, you said the humans .... like my Jake, let you make us?” Katy asked.

   Waving a tentacle, the creature said, “That is correct.   The ruling humans agreed to let us make females in exchange for technology that they need.  It was a fair exchange, both sides benefit.”

   “So Jake let you take me?” Katy asked in disbelief.

   “No, the one you refer to as Jake would have fought us had we not collected you during your sleep cycle.  He is very upset that you are not with him.”

   The shock of being in this place was wearing off. As Katy listened to this creature, her anger at  being stolen from her bed was rising to replace the fear.  In a growl she said, “And I am very upset to find myself here and not with him!”

   “You belong to us, not him,” the creature stated.

   Something in Katy snapped.  Launching herself off the wall, she jumped up and kicked the creature in the face as she screamed, “Like HELL!”

   Taken by surprise, the creature flew back from Katy's assault.  Tentacles flailing, it landed on it's back.  Katy grabbed one of the tentacles and pulled hard, dragging it off the floor.  The creature cried in surprise as she spun it to lift it off the floor, then let it go to fly into a wall.

   As the creature dropped to the floor, Katy grabbed Sally by the hand and yelled, “Run!”

   Katy and Sally bolted out the doorway and into a semi-circular hallway.  In the room the creature was screaming out in a high-pitched noise.  Not knowing which way to go, Katy bolted off to the right to get away from that thing. 

   Fleeing blindly down the hall that curved to the left, Katy noticed another creature come out carrying cylinders in it's tentacles.  Not wanting to be captured again, she angled toward it and landed a flying kick to it's chest before she ran on.  The creature flew back into the room with a surprised cry.

   “How do we get out of here?” Sally asked as she ran beside Katy.

   “I don't know, just .... run!”

   They came to another doorway where three women who also looked like they were ripped from their beds were coming out of a room, escorted by a creature holding a half circle object.  The creature turned just as Katy ran up and kicked it with the full force of her run.  The half circle device shot lightning bolts into the ceiling as the creature hit the edge of the doorway with a solid crunching noise.  It slipped to the floor and didn't move.

   “Thank you!” a brunette cried, and ran up to hug Katy.

   The naked, busty blond said, “Yes!  Thank you, that thing was shocking us to make us do what it wanted us to.  It said it was going to and keep us as sex slaves and make us have fugly kids!”

   “Fugly?” Katy asked.

   “Fuckin-ugly, like them.” the blond said.

   Sally picked up the half circle device.  “What is this?”

   “Some kind of weapon, let me show you,” the brunette said, and took it.  “Watch, here's how it works.”  Holding the center of the device, she pointed the tips down the hallway and squeezed it.  Lightning bolts shot down the hallway, blackening the surfaces it touched.

   “But how do we get out of here?” Katy asked.

   Looking at them, the brunette said, “I think there are more of us here.  I recognized Stacy here from her pictures on the forum,” she said as she motioned to the blond.  Nodding to the Japanese girl, she said, “This is Ayami.”  Studying Katy, she said, “You must be Katy .... and Sally, right?  I'm Valerie.”

   “So they are taking all of us who were dolls?” Sally asked.

   Stacy counted on her fingers, then said, “That could be a lot.”

   “Well, we can't just stand here or they'll catch us,” Katy said.

   “Right, I'll go first,” Valerie said as she held up the lightning weapon.  “The red button on the side opens these doors.  Katy, you take the left side, Stacy, you take the right.  Open doors as we go. Sally and Ayami, keep a watch out behind us.  Let's go free our friends girls!”


   Jake sat on a stool beside Bob in a lab at the University.  Across the table, Bob's friend Steve shrugged and said, “I can't help you. We where shut down.”

   “Shut down?” Jake asked.

   “Yeah, you know, equipment bulldogged, lights turned off, some suit packing a gun told us to leave.  He was accompanied by a few other gorillas who were more than happy to bodily throw us out,” Steve said heavily.  “Once we were out, chains went on the doors and guards came.  They were nice enough to take us by army truck and drop us off on the main road,” he ended in a sarcastic tone.

   “Damn,” Bob said in a breath.

   “What's bulldogged mean?” Jake asked.

   Steve raised his hand, made a fist and brought it down.  “Main Power instantly disconnected.  You don't just cut power to sensitive electronic equipment!  It really screws with computers and memory.  Even if we did get back in, it's possible our equipment is ruined, our programs lost.  Fucking assholes destroyed the project.”

   “Why?” Bob asked.

   Steve got up, throwing his arms in the air.  “Don't you guys get it?  They were afraid we'd find something.  I think that if we were still running the radio telescopes, we'd be hearing whatever it is that the government doesn't want us to hear.  I think we're being visited, and it's being kept secret.”

   “So the aliens could kidnap Katy and Sally without anyone knowing.  That would explain why the forum acted like that, our own people were keeping all this secret.,” Jake said as he eyed Bob.

   “You mean, aliens are abducting people and the friggin government is helping them?” Steve asked wide-eyed.

   “Looks like it,” Bob said.

   Jake cleared his throat and said, “OK, we know someone took Katy and Sally, how do we find them?”    

   Steve held up held hand and said, “OK, ok, hold on.  The older listening station wasn't touched, so the bandwidth has to be in the gigahertz range that the new station was listening for.  We still have the prototype telescope, and if the aliens are close, we don't need a long range device to hear them.”  Hopping off his stool, Steve motioned for them to follow.  “Come on guys, I have an idea.”


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Re: Katy's song PT 4
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Oooo, what's going to happen next?
great work, keep it coming.  ;)
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Re: Katy's song PT 4
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 :o :o :o :o :o.........waiting for what happens next.  ^-^
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