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Katy's song PT 5
« on: December 08, 2011, 05:50:10 PM »
   “Haiiiiiii,”  Katy screamed as she burst into another room where a tentacle creature held a frightened girl doll.  Her 'Yahh!' came as she jumped up and kicked the shocked creature in the head.  As the creature tumbled away, Katy grabbed the girl by the hand and ran out with her.  In the doorway, Valerie stood with her half moon lightning weapon.  The creature got up to see Katy run out the door with the girl.  The instant they were clear, Valerie squeezed the handle of her weapon, which filled the room with cracks of thunder as lightning danced.  Sally shut the door as the creature inside wailed out a scream.

   They moved down the hall now with fifteen girls. Valerie let them at a fast walk with Stacy beside her, who now had her own lightning weapon she had retrieved after Katy had kicked the previous owner into a wall.

   “How long is this hallway, we must have gone in a circle by now,” Sally asked.

   “Oh no,” Valerie said and slowed, holding an arm out to the side.

   Katy saw the same thing.  The hallway ahead of them was filled with creatures blocking the way.  Several held multiple lightning weapons in their tentacles.

   One of the creatures raised his four tentacles and called out in a commanding tone, “Enough of this!  Put your weapons down and cease your violence.  You cannot leave.  If you do not stop we will be forced to hurt you!”

   “Ohhh,” Stacy whimpered and put her lightning weapon down.

   “Don't give up!” Katy yelled, and snapped the weapon up.  Pointing the weapon in front of her, she squeezed the handle as she charged the pack of creatures with a scream of defiance.  Flashes of lightning whipped out in front of her like snakes, lashing into the crowd.  A few fell quivering.  The ones in front with lightning weapons moved to shoot back, but were hit with bolts themselves as Valerie joined Katy in her charge.  As Katy closed, she jumped up to kick two creatures at once, sending them tumbling back into the others.  The action dropped Katy on her butt.  She pointed to shoot again, but Sally and four other girls charged past her and into the creatures with their own war cries as they kicked and punched.

   Confused and panicking, the creatures that could, turned and fled.  Others who still had their senses curled up into balls of tentacles and let out tortured cries.

   “If these are females, I don't want any!” one creature cried between it's tentacles as it tried to press itself deeper into a corner.

   Katy noted that ahead of them, the creatures were retreating up.  Stretching their tentacles, they grabbed ceiling and pulled themselves up through holes.  Katy raced to the holes, but they were shut before she could reach them.

   “Hey, girls, gather around here, we have prisoners!” Valerie called.

   Katy looked back to see a line of creatures huddled against one wall as a line of angry girl dolls glared down on them.  All the lightning weapons had been picked up, and all were pointed at the cowering creatures.

   “Now show us the way out, or fry,” Valarie commanded.


   On one end of the roof of the university lab, Bob stood holding the cone antenna up.  Wearing a  boom mike and headset, Bob was in communication with Steve and Jake.   Jake held another antenna up at the other end of the roof.  Mid-roof, Steve sat over the receiver.

   “Here we go,” Steve said as he watched the screen.  “OK, Guys, point to north, triple zero on the compass, 90 degrees on the angle.”

   Jake pointed his cone up, watching the level and turned so he was facing due north by the compass on the antenna.  “OK, got it,”

   “Got it,” Bob said in Jake's earphones.

   “Come down to 85 degrees,” Steve instructed.

   A few degrees at a time, they scanned the sky for whatever signal Steve was looking for.  Jake moved his antenna and held it, then moved it a bit more again.  He was thinking they were wasting their time, when Steve became excited.

   “We got something!  OK, five degrees left to 095!  angle 45 degrees,” Steve called out.

   Jake moved his antenna, then not long after, Steve had Bob move only his antenna a few degrees, then had them both move up a few degrees.  Jake then moved his antenna only a single degree to the right.

   “What is it?” Jake asked.

   Steve said, “Guys, listen to this!”  A hum sounded, then a strange voice said, “... and our incubation was a failure.  We are going to return the test subjects to you, we have no use for them.  It must be a phenomena of your planet that causes such violence in whatever species is cultivated here.”

   “What is that?” Jake asked.

   “It's coming from the east, by my calculations from fifteen miles away, roughly twelve thousand feet up,” Steve said breathlessly.  “The voice patterns range far from the normal spectrum of human voice patterns.  The aliens are friggin here!   Wait, drop down three degrees.... three more ... OK, yes ... they are landing!”

   “Where?” Bob asked.

   “Just outside town, the old ball fields if I'm right.  Let's go!”

   As quickly as they could, they grabbed their gear and raced down through the building.  Piling into Jake's jeep, they tore off towards the old ball fields.  Steve sat in the back holding one cone antenna to guide them.


   Katy stood by Valerie and Sally, holding a lightning weapons on the creatures against the wall in front of them.  To the sides, other girl dolls watched the hallways to be sure no creatures tried to sneak up on them.

   A sad sounding disembodied voice said, “Please refrain from violence, we are submitting to your demands.  Our ship will contact Earth's surface in a few of your minutes.  Then you may leave.”

   “And you won't try to steal us again?” Katy asked.

   “What would be the purpose?”  The voice asked.  “We need females who will produce offspring for us.  Although you were made up of the same chemical structures and compounds as we are, it is clear that you are a product of Earth.  You have violent tendencies that are counterproductive to the propagation of our species.”

   “What did he say?” Stacy asked.

   “We're not suitable for making babies with them,” Sally stated.

   “Oh, good,” Stacy replied.

   Katy tipped her head and asked, “Why go through all this trouble to have us made and kidnapped.  Why not just grow your own females?”

   “Our original plan upon leaving our planet was to create females as we traveled through space.  Too late, when we were beyond the point of no return, we discovered that cultivating live tissue was unsuccessful with the material we brought.  Our life cycles are nearing the end, if we to not repopulate our ship with young, then our mission will fail.  Eventually, our ship will drift through space lifeless.  We will be no  more.” the voice explained.  “Earth, and growing females here, was our last hope at survival.”

   “Wait, why couldn't you just have females made to resemble you?” Katy asked.  “If you brought us to life, then why not just have .... girls with tentacles made for you?”

   “That would not matter.  If we could find humans who would help incubate them, they would still turn against us,” the voice said.

   “Now hold on!” Katy said loudly.  “For intelligent beings, you sure are stupid!  Looks DO matter as well as how you treat us.  If I did look like you, then I think I'd be happy to see you.  I'm not human, but I look human, and Jake, a human man really loves me.  THAT's why I want to be with him.”

   There was silence for a moment, then the voice asked, “Why would appearance be important?  Females are only for breeding the next generation.”

   “You're as dumb as you are ugly!” Stacy yelled.  “We're NOT just for breeding!  We're companions to our men.  Yes, we have sex, but we do many things together.  We appreciate being with each other.  I'll admit Harry is great fun in the sack, but so is going for a drive with him, dinning with him, just siting down to watch a movie with him.  Whatever I do, I want Harry to be there with me.  Harry feels the same.”

   “She's right!” Valerie yelled.  “If you ask the people who made us, to custom make females for you, I am sure they would.  You'd have females who would understand you , and want to be with you.”

   “And the humans would incubate them for us?” the voice asked.

   Katy wondered what he meant, then she realized what he was talking about.  The time when she could sense things, but could not yet move.  “Hey, Ugly, during the incubation is when we developed out attachments.  Mine was Jake.  He cared for me, he paid attention to me.  He showed me that I was the most important thing to him.  Why can't you do that yourselves?”

   “That would take much of our time,” the voice said.

   “Yup, they are stupid,” Sally said with a sigh.  “Look, Ugly, if you want any female to be with you, you HAVE to show her attention!  It's a two way street, bud.  I'll bet your first attempt at females failed not because of materials, but because you treated them LIKE objects, so they never woke up.”

   “It's up to you, but I would think spending time with your females is much better than letting your race cease to exist,” Katy added.

   “We have no experience in that area,” the voice replied.

   “Then we'll help you,” Katy said.  “But first, I want to get back to my Jake.”


   Jake hauled the jeep off the road and into the parking lot of the ball field.  In the back Steve had put his antenna down and was watching the large disk descend.  The craft settled down to take up most of the ball field.  Jake drove through the fence and stopped by first base, a few yards from the edge of the craft.

   “Holy shit, that's big,” Bob said as he gapped at it.

   “Wooohoooo! We got our first close encounter!” Steve yelled in joy.

   Jake's mind was on another track.  “How do we get Katy out of there?” he asked as he got out and looked for a door into the craft.

   Above them a bright slit opened.  A panel of the craft slowly dropped to show it was a ramp.  Interior lights flooded the field as the ramp lowered.  Jake went up to the ramp and looked in.  From a platform, several semi-clad women stood holding half-circle objects pointed at things that reminded him of a few oblong octopus. 

   “Jake!” Came a cry.  Katy dropped her lightning weapon and ran down the ramp, breasts bouncing, and arms open wide.  Jake ran up and they met in a tight hug.  Upon seeing Bob, Sally also ran down to meet Bob in a hug, and smothered him with kisses.

   “Yeah, real live aliens!” Steve said, eyes shining as he watched the octopus creatures.

   Behind them, a line of black SUV's pulled up to shine their headlights on the ramp.  Overhead, a helicopter arrived to put it's spotlight on the jeep.

   A loudspeaker announced, “Attention, visitors, do not leave your craft.  Humans, stop hugging the aliens and walk to the vehicles with your arms in the air!”

   Jake pulled his shirt off and helped Katy put it on.  “Oh great, the government is here to help,” he grumbled.

   Steve turned to the line of bright lights and yelled, “Idiots!  Those are women who were kidnapped!  The aliens are inside!”

   “Separate now, or we will be forced to shoot!” the loudspeaker commanded.

   Valerie and several other girls pointed their lightning weapons at the headlights.  “Then we will shoot too!  We will go home, or die trying!”


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Re: Katy's song PT 5
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Poor little tentacled aliens!  :(  All they want is to get some offspring!  ^-^
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