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Katy's song PT 6
« on: December 15, 2011, 08:32:11 AM »
   On the ball field, an large round alien ship sat with the ramp down, facing a line of black SVU's that bathed the ramp in their headlights.  Between the SUV's, black suited men pointed their guns at the ramp.  Atop the ramp, a line of semi-clad women pointed their crescent moon shaped weapons at the men.   In between, Jake stood holding Katy tightly to him.

   “We will get to go home, or die trying!” one woman roared.

   One of the octopus-like tentacled creatures came down the ramp, frantically waving his tentacles.  “NO, stop!  No one shoot, no one shoot!  Enough violence!”

   “You tell him, Ugly,” Katy said.

   “Everyone hold!” the loudspeaker announced. 

   A man in a black suit came out from between the vehicles.  Walking stiffly, he came up and stood on the end of the ramp.  Pulling out a badge, he said, “I am Mr. Smith, in charge of Extraterrestrial affairs.  Who is leader here?”

     A door slid up, and a thicker creature came down the ramp.  It passed through the line of weapon bearing girls with an, “Excuse me”, and went down to stand before Mr. Smith.

   “I am leader.  Apologies, Mr. Smith.  We have discovered our situation is more difficult than we had planned for.”

   Scanning the line of girls, and noting the couples holding each other, Mr. Smith asked, “What are your intentions, Leader?  Do you want us to take your .... failed attempts off your hands?”

   “You better put that another way,” Valerie warned.

   The leader looked back at her briefly, then returned his attention to Mr. Smith.  “That female is correct, it is not simply a matter of disposal.  They are not suitable for us as breeding stock. However they are intelligent beings and have made some interesting proposals that will allow us to make proper breeding stock.  We will not be able to take them when we leave, however.”

   “What's this about making breeding stock?” Steve asked.  A pair of black suited men appeared to haul him back toward the line of vehicles.  Steve kicked and yelled the injustice as they dragged him away.

   Mr. Smith folded his hands in front of him and asked, “What do we do with them?  They aren't human, how can they live on Earth?”

   “We have been!” Katy yelled.  “Until I was yanked out of my bed, me and Jake have been living quite happily together.”  Waving an arm at the leader, she said, “If it wasn't for Mr. Ugly here and his gang kidnapping us, we would STILL be living together, knowing nothing about any of this.  Why can't we just go home?”

   “Yeah, let us go home!” another girl yelled, which was followed by more cries of, “We want to go home!”

   Spreading the tops of his tentacles out, the Leader asked, “Is that not an option?  In our observations, although these females extract different nutrients from the organic sustenance on Earth, they do consume the very same material to maintain their bodies.  I would also suggest that if another one of our colony ships needs assistance, they would be most beneficial in further incubation attempts to prevent the errors we have seen.”

   Mr. Smith stood in thought for a moment, then walked up to Jake.  “This woman with you, you know she's not human?” he asked.

   “Nope, she's not,” Jake agreed.

   “You know you can't possibly have children with her, and you have no idea how long she will live?”

   “Right again,” Jake agreed.

   Shifting his gaze to Katy, he asked, “And you know these people made you?  That they are your true species?” Mr. Smith asked as he waved a hand at the leader.

   “That's right,” Katy said, and hugged Jake tighter.

   Mr. Smith eyed them, then said, “I see.  You're in love and there is nothing that will stop you from being together.”

   “You got it,” Jake said.

   Mr. Smith nodded, and walked back to the leader.  He scanned the line of girls and said, “In the spirit of cooperation, we'll accept these women into our society under the condition they register as legal aliens.  The paperwork will show them from coming from different countries, of course.  No one is to speak of extraterrestrials or anything that happened here.  Is that understood?”

   Stacy took a few steps forward and said, “Fine by me, I just want to go home.”

   “Hey, Mr. Smith?” Bob asked.  When Mr. Smith turned to him, he said, “You know, me and Jake know the people that make the dolls that these .... ummm, extraterrestrials turned into living girls.  I bet we could be a big help to them in getting some made for themselves.  And frankly, I, at least could use a better paying job.”

   “Yeah!” Sally said happily.  “And we could teach Mr. Ugly how to treat girls.  They are rather clueless.”

   “Mr. Ugly?” Mr. Smith asked.

   “They are our own species, so helping them would be the right thing to do,” Katy added.

   The leader looked at them and rubbed his head with a tentacle.  “This is very odd.  You damaged our ship, hurt our crew and made terrible threats to get away from us, yet now you are willing to provide assistance to us?”

   “Welcome to the world of females,” Bob said with a chuckle.


   Jake slowed the 21 foot box truck as he approached the roadblock.  “Hey, Katy, we're here,” he said.

   Katy pulled her tank top down in place and sat up beside him.  “No more relaxing boobie-rubs,” she said with a huff.  “Oh well, we'll be home tonight, right?”

   “Oh yeah,” Jake said with a grin.

   Stopping at the roadblock with the sign saying 'Bridge out', Jake showed the soldier his identification. 

   “Cargo?” the soldier asked.

   “Ten boxes of formed material for our guests.  Wanna see them?” Jake asked.

   The soldier shook his head with a wince, and said, “No, god they are ugly.  Move along.  Remember, no more then ten miles an hour.”

   Jake nodded to him and crept along.  As they approached the washed out bridge, he watched eagerly.  This never failed to amaze him.  Just before the truck rolled over the edge of the broken bridge, a light curtain appeared to span the gap.  The truck rolled over the light curtain as if it were solid concrete.  Once they reached the other side, the light curtain winked out. 

   “I never get tired of seeing that,” Jake said.

   “Like other things you never get tired of seeing?” Katy asked and lifted her shirt just enough to expose the lobe of her breast.

   “Oh, those are much better,” Jake said with a grin.

   Katy shifted closer to him. “I wonder how Sally is coming along with teaching Mr. Ugly to interact with women?”


   Sally stood by the tentacled creature as it held the tentacles of the silicone doll.  “No!  You have to speak to her, not at her,” she scolded.  Bending down, she petted the bare, round head of the doll as she spoke softly.  “Hon, he does care for you, he just doesn't know how to show it.  He needs you to help him understand.”

   “This female does not reply, why... OUCH!” the creature said with a wince as Sally slapped him in the back of the head.

   “She can't reply yet, but she does know we are here.  Stop being a scientist and start being a lover, or else she'll never wake up!” Sally growled at him.

   Eyeing her with his featureless orbs, he asked, “Lover, as in mate with this female?”

   “It wouldn't hurt,” Sally grumbled.

   “For what purpose?  There is no chance of producing.... Ouch!” the creature winced again as Sally gave him another crack in the head.  “Will you please stop hitting me?” it cried.

   “Will you please listen?” Sally retorted.  “Sex is not only for making children, it is also for giving comfort and showing your female that you care.  It is also a lot of fun, if you let it be.”

   Tapping his tentacles on the doll's tentacle arms he said, “I shall try.”

   “Just do it. You have to show her you really want her,” Sally coaxed.


   The first female creature woke up when Bob, Sally, Jake, and Katy were having lunch on the ship with a couple of their tentacled students.

   “Success, success!” a creature cried as he came in, holding the tentacles of a female that hurried in beside him.  “We have success, we are saved!  The first breeding female has come to life!”

   The female curled back with a tentacle and in a whip motion, popped him in the back of the head.  “I am not just a 'breeding female'.  I am your mate,” she said.  Everyone at the table stared at her.  The female looked at Sally and said, “That is how you teach him, correct?”

   The table erupted in laughter.


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Re: Katy's song PT 6
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 :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I love a happy ending!!!!  ;D
I've never met a Doll I didn't like!!!