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Bel Dolls of Days Gone By
« on: March 07, 2012, 07:04:29 PM »
There has been some discussion recently in chat of our doll histories, and the dolls we previously had. All told I have had  7 silicone dolls through out the years, two of them were torsos.

So I decided to post a selection of pictures of my previous dolls.

I apologize that the pictures are not currently in chronological order, much less in doll order. That is something I will try to remedy in time.

First up was Angelina, a Cyborgasmatrix Flat Back test Torso that I got brand new in July of 2003.

This torso was amazingly squishy and jiggly with a truly lifelike feeling to it in the boob department. Those are the biggest doll boobs I have ever seen and they were amazing! Something of a fourth entry if you will (if the doll had come with three to begin with). The COM torso/doll was patterned off of real life model and actress Pandora Peaks. Sadly, I am one of the very few customers who ever received their torso from COM. They had severe production and delivery problems.

If you are thinking about ordering one of their products (if they are even in existence any more) I would recommend that you do not make said purchase. The odds of not getting your product are very high.

Ultimately, I sold Angelina in the summer of 2007.

Next up was Honey:


Honey was a 1ST-PC Nichole Torso that I purchased from RainGirl in October 2005. In the first picture you can see how under filled her breasts were. From what I understand, this is actually quite standard from 1ST-PC, which is a shame really. But if you know me, then you know that I like big boobs on my dolls, and I could not let this stand! In the second picture, you can see Honey after she received a proper filling. Those boobs and her butt were nice and full and buoyant!

Initially, when I received Honey, her critical areas were very stiff and not a whole lot of fun to play with, save for her under filled boobs. But Thankfully in a few weeks she had softened up a lot and was a joy to have sexy time with. Every once in a while, I think about getting a torso again just for the simplicity of use. I wouldn't get a 1ST-PC, but a torso of some variety.

Honey gave many nights of awesomeness and glory! But as with all 1ST-PCs she began to fall apart, and need more and more repairs. Her boobs almost immediately began to sag, and look deflated. So at one point, much more gel was added. Sadly, the rate of sag/deflation was almost equaling the rate of fill I was giving her. And the silicone that encased her breasts could not cope with the added volume/weight. The sagging only accelerated. One night during some sexy time, my thumb pierced her right breast (left facing in the picture above). After repairing it, it was at that point that I decided to see how far I could inflate them before they burst.

This was a point of no return decision.

I have a few pictures of the results, and though they looked huge (a plus then) and round, they did not look pretty or evenly round like they had before I had that initial accident with my thumb and the doll breast.

Under NO circumstances should you ever fill a doll's breast with air. It is an incredibly risky move that is likely to end in disaster. Air is a wily filling agent, and will seek out the weakest point in its containment structure, and work to escape. Though Honey did not suffer a rupture from the air fill, her breasts were never the same.

During that experiment, I determined that I could surely fill them with gel to that size, but they would self destruct under the newly increased weight.

Eventually, I sold Honey for just a few dollars to let someone have something at all. I also sold her in the summer of 2007.

Next up was Asheni, who was a full body 1ST-PC Nichole (see a trend here in body types?). I also purchased her second hand from someone whose name escapes me now, but I am pretty sure he went on to get a RD B5 of his own, and if I were to see the user name, I would remember it. She arrived in November 2006.


True to 1ST-PC form, she arrived under filled in her chest and butt as well. Her entries were also so stiff as to be all but unusable. Fortunately, much like the last time, time softened her up perfectly, and she was a joy to play with.

Taking my very valuable lessons learned from Honey, I filled Asheni's breasts and butt up to where I thought they should be filled. But this time I ignored the size greed, and did not fill them as I knew they could be filled. But believe me, the temptation was there, to take them almost as far as they could go, but not quite.

As is typical of 1ST-PCs, she started needing more and more patch jobs. Each time we would do anything together, cuddle, much play time, she needed a repair of some sort. But as she was my only full body doll, I made do with what I had.

Ultimately, I would end up selling her in August of 2008, also for very little money to someone who just needed something of a doll.

Finally, my current last doll of days gone by was Valarie. Valarie was a Real Doll Body 5 Face 14, who was very much the spiritual sister of Dottie. I won't post her pics here, because her pics belong in the Real Doll section. Valarie was special because she had a HIME joint which made her hips very mobile.

I loved Valarie, but something just didn't click between the two of us. There were plenty of amazing times with her, and lots of good pictures too, but something just wasn't there.

I ended up selling Valarie in December 2010. At the point where I decided to sell her, I had 3 full size silicone dolls living in my relatively small house. The Sinthetic Body 1H had just been revealed as to exist, and Matt K made a very convincing sales pitch to me in my own house (he happened to be there on a repair trip!)..... Ok, he just showed me a couple of pictures and I plunked down the $$$ for a down payment right there.

But I was at my limit for dolls, and had to make space. It was with much sadness that I sold Valarie, but also with much joy that I did it to welcome Ginger, my first Sinthetic doll into my family. Valarie will always have a special place in my heart and I do miss her terribly. Perhaps some day, I might order her clone from Abyss, in platinum silicone. Who knows?!

One final note. The breast gel that you can purchase from 1ST-PC should be avoided AT ALL COSTS! In roughly 7 to 9 months time, it will return to a liquid state, which can spell disaster for your doll. At that point the liquid/gel will feel awesome, but it will be an extreme liability. I would recommend using the gel from Factor 2.
Dude! Look out for that.......    tree.  That had to hurt.

Sophia - Miss Feb Boy Toy+; Amberly - Lovable Doll B2 (Yvette head) shares a body with Kara (Alicia Head); Ginger -  Sinthetics B1H+ (Celeste Head); Ki - Sinthetics B2D (Alicia head). These two Sinthetics dolls also share Emma (Celeste head), Danielle (Tawney head), Yuki (Kimiko head) and Freja (Willow head) between themselves; Esmeralda - RD Hybrid Samantha Saint Body+++ (Jessica Drake head); Unnamed Passion Doll 163cm with unnamed Penelope and Bambi heads.


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Re: Bel Dolls of Days Gone By
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2012, 11:45:28 PM »
Interesting to see the older dolls. I guess I end up being a collector to the point that it should be thrown out, but still repair and hang on. Ceilidh's body is to that point.

I have a Teddie Babe that is like new, but sits in my attic in her box because of no interest. 

The only doll I bought, fixed up, and sold was Jenny; a B2 F14.


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Re: Bel Dolls of Days Gone By
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2012, 08:33:18 AM »
interesting read bel thanks