Author Topic: The Doll Light Zone #24 : The Genie -PT 1  (Read 1952 times)

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The Doll Light Zone #24 : The Genie -PT 1
« on: August 18, 2012, 05:38:16 PM »
 Doll Light zone :  The Genie

   Scene : A man in ragged clothes digging in a dumpster.  He holds up an empty can, sniffs it, and tosses it aside to keep digging.  His beard is long, as is his tangled hair.  As he finds returnable bottles, he puts them in a bent up, old shopping cart.

   Narrator : Meet Jake.  A man down on his luck, eeking out an existence on the back streets of Anycity.  While some had everything, then lost it, Jake never had anything to loose.  From an orphanage, he took to the streets, surviving however he could.  Jake is sure that this will be the only life he ever knows.  Let's follow Jake as he receives a little assistance from :
 The Doll Light Zone.

   A pair of youngsters sneak up beside the dumpster.  As Jake digs in, they pick up his cart and tiptoe away wearing smirks.  Jake pulls out a crumpled soda bottle, and notices them.

   “HEY!  That's MINE!”  Jake yells.

   The boys laugh and run.  As Jake chases them, they drop the cart laughing as they race around the corner.  Jake can't stop himself in time, and trips over the cart, sending his bottles bouncing everywhere.

   “Danm kids!” Jake snaps.  He rights the cart and picks up his bottles.  Seeing a small bottle jammed in under a stair, he reaches in and pulls it out.  It's a small plastic bottle filled with some kind of peach colored fluid with a thin 'squirt' type nozzle n the end that is tipped with a red cap.  He frowns at it, and is about to put it back, when he notices a sparkling from within.  Holding it up, he catches  another tiny flash of light from within.  Thinking it may be worth something to someone, he places it in a good pocket of his torn shirt.

   Jake gets his bottles collected.  Before anyone else can try to steal them, he pushes his cart to the recycling center.  He turned them in and gets some money.  Jake heads to the church for lunch and pays fifty cents for a 'donation'.  He then heads down to the home center.  In back, he digs through the garbage and finds a nice big piece of plastic covered cardboard. 

   “Hey you! Get out of there!” a man with a red home center apron yells at him.

   Jake turns and holds up his prize and asks, “Can I have this?  You're throwing it out anyway.”

   “Get out of here before I call the cops!” the man roars.

   Jake leaves with his cardboard at a jog.  He goes down the back alley a ways.  Panting, he looks back.  No one is chasing him.  He takes his prize home.

   Jake's 'home' is a collection of wood and cardboard against the wall of an old factory.  A few pallets covered with cardboards make up his roof.  They also get soaked with the rain.  Jake pulls off the worst one and lays his brand new plastic covered cardboard on.  Shuffling a few bricks, he gets it held in place.

   Jake feels something in his pocket as he leans against his shelter.  Reaching in, he finds the bottle from this morning.  Looking at the thick fluid as he turns it upside down, it reminded him of that sealant he'd seen.  The stuff was sticky, and prevented water leaks.  Excited about the prospect of having a roof that didn't leak, he tries to pull the cap off.  He pulls and grunts.  The cap is stuck on.
Seeing the nozzle end screwed in place, he unscrews it.  It's stiff, but he gets the bottle open.  He holds it to pour the goopy stuff onto his roof.

   The pinkish-tan substance begins to come out, then erupts into a cloud.  Jake yelps and backs away to trip over his campfire cooking ring as the cloud grows.  He covers his face, fearing it is some kind of toxic gas.  The cloud pours down the front of his shelter, and stops.  Before him, it begins to solidify into the shape of a woman. 

   The woman wears a harem costume with a bra and panties of gold with a blousy and sheer see-through shirt and long skirt over them.  Her long dark hair was braided down to the middle of her back.  Bending over in a deep bow, she says, “What is your wish, Master?”

   Jake stared at her.  He rubbed his eyes, and stared again.   “Wha.... who are you?” he asks in disbelief.

   “I am the Genie of the bottle,” she says with a smile.  Pointing to the bottle that laid on his new plastic covered roof, she says, “You opened the bottle, you are my Master.  You get three wishes.”

   That gas had to be toxic.  Jake figured he was in some kind of hallucination.  Well, he may as well enjoy it.  “Can you seal up my roof?  I get wet when it rains,” Jake explains.

   The Genie looked at his shelter and frowned.  “That's all you want?”

   “It would be great if you could do that,” Jake says.

   “How about a real house?  A car, money?” the Genie asks expectantly.

   Jake shrugged and says, “I live here, I can't drive, and if any of the thugs or gang-bangers see I got money, they'll take it.”

   The genie stared at him.  “Just say the word, and I'll take you someplace where they can't hurt you.”

   “The police station?” he asks.  Shaking his head, he says, “Not there, they treat me bad too.”

   The Genie lets out a huff.  “OK, grab my bottle.  I'll show you someplace safe.”

   “I'm not going to the police station,” Jake says firmly.

   “NOT the police station,” the Genie says with a huff.  “Come on, pick my bottle up.  I can't touch it.”

   Jake gets up.  He moves closer to her to get the bottle, and begins to notice she looks really nice.  Her eyes had those long, cute eye lashes, and her bra was filled out very nicely.  Great hips, long shapely legs.

   Seeing how he was looking at her, the Genie asks, “Is there something you want?  All you have to do is wish for it.”

   Jake picks up the empty bottle.  He expected to see a mess on his new plastic roof, but there was nothing there.  “Wishin' don't make it so,” he says with a grumble. “I've learned that lesson well.”

   The Genie raised an eyebrow at him.  Hands on her hips, she asks, “Are you saying I can't do my job?”


   “I'm a Genie, I give wishes,” she states.  “Now, WHAT do you wish for?”

   Cracking a grin, Jake says, “I'm liking this dream.  You can really make my roof not leak?”

   Throwing her head back with an “Arghhh!”  The Genie grabs his hand.  “How about a NEW house?” she asks.

   “Yeah!” Jake agrees.  “I seen this guy that found himself a whole storage container, one of those metal ones.  Something like would be really nice!”

   Jake's surroundings change.  He was no longer at the factory, but inside a house.  It was a living room with a polished hardwood floor, nice furniture, and one of those big tall clocks that had a pendulum. 

   “Isn't this better than a box?” the Genie asks as she raises her arms to the sides.

   Jake's eyes grow wide.  He bolts for the door.

   “Hey! ... where are you going?” she cries.

   Jake pauses at the door to say, “This is someone's house!  We'll get arrested for being here.  If you got sense, RUN!”

   As Jake runs out, the Genie appears in front of him on the sidewalk.  Holding her hands out, she yells, “STOP!  This is your house, if you want it!”

   “No it ain't!” Jake replies, and runs to the side.  He makes the sidewalk, then looks around.  He was in a nice neighborhood.  The kind of place that people called the police when they saw someone like him.  He bolts for the back to keep from being seen.  The Genie runs after him.  Jake runs along side the high wooden fence to keep out of sight.  He see it goes all the way around the yard.  He was trapped.

   “Jake, will you stop and listen?” the Genie cries.

   “At least no one is home,” Jake says as he frowns.  Seeing a pool, he goes over and takes his shirt off.  Sitting down at the water's edge, he dunks his shirt in, then wrings it out.

   Tipping her head, the Genie asks, “What .... are you doing?”

   Jake washes his face with the shirt, then dunks it again.  “Chance to clean up,” he explains.

   “You've got a bathroom!” the Genie cries, pointing to the house.

   Jake eyes her.  “That's not my house, lady.  I told you, someone's gonna catch us here, then I WILL be at the police station .... in handcuffs!”

   The Genie grabs her head and lets out a moan.  A grin then comes to her face.  “Jake, you're right, this is my house.  You can stay here as long as you want,” she says.

   “Your house?” he asks, eyeing her suspiciously.

   “Yes, unless you want it.  Then I'll give it to you,” she explains patiently.

   “Why would you do that?”

   Clenching her teeth, she growls, “BECAUSE, I'm a Genie.  I made this house for YOU.”

   “So, I can use your bathroom?  A shower would feel great.  I can wash my clothes too.”

   Letting out a sigh, the Genie rubs her forehead and says, “Will you please wish this was your house?”

   With a shake of his head, Jake says, “Wishin' don't make it so.”

   Wearing a look of rage, the Genie lifts her arms.  Jake cries out as he's lifted in the air then lands in the pool.


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Re: The Doll Light Zone #24 : The Genie -PT 1
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2012, 08:31:07 PM »

     Thank you another installment of

The Doll Light Zone

     This eagerly awaited, much anticipated addition to your series came just at the right time!  ;D

8) 8) 8)
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Re: The Doll Light Zone #24 : The Genie -PT 1
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2015, 07:11:50 PM »
Absolutely great! I like the way the two realities insist on denying each other!  :laugh:
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Re: The Doll Light Zone #24 : The Genie -PT 1
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2015, 11:40:32 PM »
I love this whole series.  Highly entertaining!   :thumb:  I would really like to see the talented photographers/artists here at ODC create photo-sessions to illustrate these stories.  Maybe there are some people willing to collaborate on that type of project, if the authors are amenable.  I can imagine Genie so vividly and I know someone out there could make that image happen.   :)