Author Topic: The Doll Light Zone #24 : The Genie PT 2  (Read 1531 times)

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The Doll Light Zone #24 : The Genie PT 2
« on: August 18, 2012, 10:45:43 PM »

   Jake awoke in his shelter.  Stretching out with a yawn, he wears a smile.  “Great dream,” he says to himself.  “Man, that girl was really cute too.  I'd really like to have a piece of that.”

   “Do you wish to have me?”

   Jake stiffens at the voice,.  He looks to see the Genie sitting cross-legged at the foot of his pallet and cardboard bed.  Letting out a yelp, he scrambles up and asks wide-eyed, “Who are you?”

   Regarding him with a hand on her chin, she says, “Your Genie.  You poured me out of my bottle, remember?”

   Jake rubs his eyes and blinks.  “You were in my dream.  You took me to someone else's house.”

   “No,” the Genie says in a smooth, irritated tone, “I took you to YOUR house, but you didn't want it.  I can't keep making it real if you don't wish for it.”

   From outside, a rough male voice called, “Hey old man, you in there?  We heard you got some returnables.  How about paying the rent?  Or do we take your shithouse apart?”

   Jake looked out the doorway with fear in his eyes.  “No need for that.  I got a buck fifty,” he says as he digs into his pockets.

   “Don't tell me you're going to pay them,” the Genie says with a frown.

   Digging out his money, Jake nods.  “Yeah, otherwise they'll break my place apart again.  I really wish they'd go away.”

   “WISH GRANTED!” the Genie says in a strong tone.  She waves her arm.

   Jake eyes her then holds his money up as he goes out to pay the men.  No one is outside.  He looks around and asks, “Where did they go?”

   The Genie appears beside him.  “You wished them gone.  I made them gone.  Two wishes left.”

   Startled by her sudden appearance, Jake recoils.  “How do you do that?”

   “I'm a Genie.  I can give you that nice house too.”

   Jake searches the area again.  “They'll be back.  I better get moving,” he says.

   “They are gone,” the Genie says again.

   “You don't know those guys,” Jake says firmly.  “Russ wouldn't pay up, so they had his place towed to the dump.  That van couldn't move, but it was nice and dry on the inside.  I don't know what happened to Russ, I heard they planted him over in the river bank.”

   “They are gone.  They won't be back,” the Genie insists.  Forcing a smile she asks, “What is it you really wish for?  I can give it to you.”

   Jake eyes her.  “You really made those guys go away?”

   “Yes.  You wished for it.  I made it happen.”

   “Where did they go?”

   “You don't want to know.  No one returns from where I send them.”

   The way she spoke send a chill up Jake's spine.  “You're ... not going to make me go away, are you?” he asks fearfully.

   “You are my Master,” the Genie says with a bow.  “Even if I could send you there, I'd have to go as well.  I serve you.”

   Jake noted her cleavage as she bent over in her bow.  This girl was pretty, but also scary.  Hearing 'serve', he realized he was hungry.  “Hey, wanna go get something to eat?” he asks.  “The church is open, and I still got some money for a donation.  Not that it's needed, but they give me food, so I give them what I can dig up in return.”

   “The church?  Why not a restaurant?”

   “They charge WAY too much,” Jake says with a chuckle.  “Besides, I doubt they'd let me in.”

   Eyeing him, the Genie sports a smile and says, “That's easy to fix.  Just wish to eat for the rest of your life for free.”

   “I already do,” Jake replies.  “Like I said, a donation isn't needed...”

   “I'm talking REAL FOOD!” the Genie yells at him, making Jake recoil again.  “Make your wish, and you'll be able to walk into any restaurant and eat all you want for free!”

   Shaking his head, Jake says, “That don't work.  Bobby tried the eat-and-run thing.  He's doing six months up in..”

   “He didn't have a Genie!” the Genie cried at him. 

   “I don't want you doing time for me, either,” Jake replies.

   Holding her hands up, curled up like claws, the Genie glares at Jake.  “You ... IMBICILE!  All you have to do is wish for it!” she cries.

   Stepping back from her, Jake quietly says, “I, should get going if I'm going to catch breakfast.  You can come too,” he adds with a nervous smile.

   Face flushed with anger, the Genie follows him. 


   Jake got his regular breakfast of oatmeal and orange juice.  He sat down with the Genie sitting beside him.  The workers eye the scantily clad woman, as did the other patrons.     

   Sitting across from Jake, Old Bob waves a fork at the Genie and says, “Hey, where'd you get the hooker?  I didn't know you had that kind of cash.”

   “Not a hooker.  Her name's Genie,” Jake replies.  Leaning closer, he adds, “She's scarier than she looks.  It would be best not to mess with her.”

   “Kinda like a man-eater thing?” Bob guesses.

   “She made the collection guys disappear.  POOF, they were gone.”

   “The tough guys?” Bob asks.  He gives the Genie a grin and says, “Good work, lady!  You must be a tough one!”  To Jake he asks, “Where'd you find her?”

   Jake shrugs, then turns to the Genie and asks, “Where did you come from?”

   Seeing all the men drooling as they eyed her, the Genie mummbled, “Can we go someplace else?”

   “Right after I eat.  Aren't you hungry?” Jake asks.

   “I lost my appetite.”

   Jake finished his breakfast as the Genie tried not to touch anything.  Once he was done, she followed him out.

   Walking down an alley as he scanned the dumpsters, Jake asks, “So where did you come from?”

   “I was originally made as a full sized doll.  Something ... I don't know what, happened.  I was put in that bottle.  I know what I can do.  Who did this to me I can only guess.  I do know that once I fulfill your wishes, I'll go back to being a doll.”

   “So, you're not real?”

   “I'm real, just not human.”

   Jake eyed her.  “So, you'll be all stiff and won't be able to speak?”

   The Genie shrugs.  “All I can tell you is that you opened my bottle, so I am yours.  I granted you one wish, you have two to go.  I would like to think that you'll keep me after you get your wishes.”

   Spying a promising dumpster, Jake looked in.  It smelled too bad, like there was a body in there somewhere.  He closed the lid and moved on. 

   “You don't have to dig through garbage cans any more,” the Genie says firmly.  “Just wish for what you want.”

   “How about a decent dumpster,” Jake asks as he looks in another one that is filled with only cardboard pieces.

   “How about something much better?” the Genie asks firmly.  “Jake, you could have your own castle if you wanted it!”
   “What would I do with a castle?” he asks as he eyes her warily.

   “LIVE IN IT!” she growls.

   Jake scratches his head.  “Naw, then I'd be too far from the church to get my meals.”

   The next dumpster Jake looks into, his feet fly up over his head and he falls in with a yelp.  The lid slams down.  Balling her fists, the Genie cries, “WHY ME?”


   In the back room of a small store, an older man looks at the bum and says, “You sure?  This guy Jake and his broad are the ones who took out my collection boys?”

   “Yes sir, I heard him talking with Old Bob about it,” the ragged man says confidently.  “Jake's got his place behind the old factory over on west ave.  So, can I get the reward?”

   The man holds up a pack of ten dollar bills.  “If you're lying, it will be your ass.  You can't run far enough to get away from me.”

   The ragged man nods quickly.  “I'm telling the god's honest truth.  I know better than to lie to you, Sir.”

   The man tosses the pack of bills at the bum.  The bum catches them, nods a thanks, and leaves.