Author Topic: Where to get repair materials for your doll. Country specific  (Read 2782 times)

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Ok, you may have only come to the doll world recently or you may be an old hand ,this thread is for finding the materials needed for repairs and alterations..

To start, always approach the manufacturer first, all offer repair packages from anything for repairing splits, recores , boob refills and makeup etc.
You may find these packages to be expensive and if your willing to search these items are available elsewhere

Often materials mentioned may hard to find , most threads mention products that are to be found in North America.

As the title says this is country specific, I shall start it off for the UK ,do feel free to add your links to suppliers, if you do please make a heading saying where you are.
It will help others in the same location to get links.

We would all appreciate it if questions about these items or products could be put in a new thread to keep this one only for links to products in your own country.

United Kingdom/Great Btritain

OK, if your in the doll world for any time you will of heard of Smooth-On products.
Bentley chemicals are a UK supplier, well worth a browse through there site..
Bentley Chemicals now have a branch in London, at Feltham .

If you fancy sculpting something , the most famous one is this , a good start, theres clays, tools, mold materials ,everthing you need.

As for things like glues, cleaning chemicals and almost anything else you can think of I use Ebay.
I will give links here but as its Ebay they come and go, ones I have used all have been very good.
(if link does not work tell me and I will alter it, thanks.)

Links below where added on May 9/2013

For acetone, d-limonene and almost any chemical under the sun , all posted to your door, easy.

These people offer Sil-Poxy , some Smooth on products and a lot of other very interesting stuff for casting etc.

Mineral powders for tinting silicone

Things like nuts and bolts, tubing , metal or plastic, rose joints  and almost anything else you need its a simple search on ebay..

For silicone glue alternative to Silpoxy, good from the folk who have used it. for silicone glue E41 available in the UK from Silex mail order.

The only product I have not found here is a supplier for the general repair silicone glue as mentioned in threads, GE silicone supreme, if anyone knows of a vendor here please let me know.
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Re: Where to get repair materials for your doll. Country specific
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Hi Ray, you might be interested in this supplier in the UK as well.  They are called PS Composites:
They sell all sorts of moulding products as well as silicones and sculpting materials, mostly for the special effects industry.
They have an interesting article on painting silicone:

For adhesive I have been told that 'Wacker Elastosil E-41 works really good and I found this supplier in the UK:
I have not yet tried it, but plan on giving it a test run on my next surgery.  This is the only company in the UK that sells it!  Could be a good alternative to the GE Supreme, as its not available to us in the UK.

The Wacker Elastosil E 41 does work and stick platinum silicone very well.


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Re: Where to get repair materials for your doll. Country specific
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Usually manufacturers web pages contains distributors or resellers list.

E.g. Smooth-On... (Outside USA)


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Re: Where to get repair materials for your doll. Country specific
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In Canada. Specifically Ontario. They ship all over. Even State side I think.

Sculpture Supply Company.

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