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brand new to the world of dolls
« on: November 27, 2016, 10:49:55 AM »
i didnt know where to post this so i picked here..hope thats cool

first HELLO all..I just found all these lovely angels about 3 days ago..already hooked and wanting one ;D
been doing and still doing research on what to get and who to get it from..So far I'm going with the 140cm Kimber A-cup from 1am
All the photos i find all have the same 3 heads( none of which i want) and big to huge breast..dont get me wrong hour-glass figures are awesome
I just want petite,but not "toy small" (80cm really!?!?) any info from someone who has that Kimber body would be of great help..and if there are photos with
any of the heads i will list please share me figure out who comes to stay with me..

MY Dream doll: :D
                       BODY:   :-*

                                 HEAD CHOICE 1 (so far this is the one I'm gonna order with her)
                                  HEAD CHOICE 2 (freaking sexy as hell) :drool:
                                   HEAD CHOICE 3 (not sure how this one will look on body)

                                    HEAD CHOICE 4 (she looks like someone,but i cant put my finger on it..pornstar i think)

                                                                                      any advice would be greatly appreciated