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Introducing ... Mackenzie (DS145)(sKayla)

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Howdy everyone...

OK, nearly two months ago I adopted a DS-145 with two heads (Nina & sKayla).  Unfortunately due my busy work schedule this introduction is well over due. And now it's time to formally introduce you all to Mackenzie...  She a DS-145 standard body with the sKayla head. And is one of two personalities that share the same 145 cm body. The other being her younger sister Mynina (Nina)..  Mackenzie sports the Yellow (Asian) skin tone with brown eyes and long jet black hair. She's approximately 4' 9" tall and weighs a mere 44 lbs.  Now Mackenzie has sort of a sophisticated personality. She can seem a bit sarcastic and snobbish at times. But she also has a fun wild side to her as well.. She is very smart and quick witted  and can almost predict your every move...  And although Mackenzie's personality is a bit sophisticated she can also be rather flirty and free spirited with her body.. Quite often you'll find her either skinny dipping in the pool or sun bathing on the patio... And she also loves wearing lingerie around the house. More times then once I've found her in something that would have classified her as being completely nude...  :twisted: She has a hot little body and loves modeling in front of the camera.. Be for warned!! If you take blood pressure pills. I recommend taking them now. Mackenzie doesn't hold anything back.. So without further ado. Here is Mackenzie!!!

Oh Yeah did I mention that Mackenzia likes to bare it all!!!!

Stay tuned for Mackenzie's next set
Check out her complete album here:


AWESOME!!!  She looks ready for action!

Looking forward to more pics when you get the chance.

Have fun!!

What a stunner! Love the pose on her back with her feet in the air. :thumb:

Ray Rentell:
And very nice too, these DS dolls really are lovely and poses really well. :thumb:
Look forward to hearing and of course seeing more when time permits 


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