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And there should be more people like you sharing their extended knowledge to the community, you obviously understand these materials properties well, I thank you for correcting me on that and will modify SEO content accordingly, you do not have to apologize!

Yes initially JY was an agent for WM, but has now set up their own factory, it has been quite a while actually. Both dolls skin tone have slight differences which is why we separate JY and WM heads and bodies accordingly when you customize your own doll on our website.

Yes this industry evolves fast, new generation of dolls are coming soon, this is where speaking English, French and Chinese help us to prevent misunderstandings between the factories and our customers, as well as to guarantee the most competitive price. Browse among more than 200 gorgeous models from WM Dolls, JY Dolls, Climax Dolls or create your own doll 100% custom from head to toe!


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Finelovedolls web page seems very professional, and very easy to navigate. There are no reports anywhere saying anything negative about Finelovedolls.
I am about to order a head from them, just waiting for some answers regarding if it will fit on a Entity doll body, brown color.
If the head is as beautiful as they promise, and exactly as the picture, I'll make sure to post it here on the forum.

I bought a body and a head from KNETSCH on Aliexpress, on Black Friday sale. Body was wonderful! But head didn't look like the head I ordered at all, and I was very disappointed. I need a realistic beautiful head for my doll
and I hope Finelovedolls can provide me with that