Author Topic: BRAND NEW!! Danny Doll: White skin; Blond, Ginger or Brunette + Gifts (FOR SALE)  (Read 270 times)

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Brand New, Danny Doll made in Cyber Skin 100% (non toxic material),
148 cm, 35Kg, metal skeleton for longer duration.

Gifts incluted:
03 Wigs (Blond, Red hair and Dark hair) All 3 included!
01 Little shower for cleaning and maintenance
01 Neutral soap SexCleaner
01 Talcum powder for conservation
01 Aqua Lub - Lubrisex .
01 Vibrating device
01 audio device (screaming) for even more realistic sex!

Available for worldwide shipping! From Brazil.
For further information, pictures and more visit our website or send us an e-mail.