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Re: Doll Sweet posts deleted
« Reply #30 on: November 15, 2017, 08:30:59 PM »
Well, there you have it...

With that said, they say there is no such thing as bad publicity......

I had never seen this doll.........

That little tummy sure looks soft and sexy!

What a little Fox!

At the risk of being off topic, that whole doll looks soft and sexy! :drool:
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Re: Doll Sweet posts deleted
« Reply #31 on: November 16, 2017, 09:10:23 PM »

However, on top of that, ODC has now an openly hostile policy. Excerpt from a posting by 'Ceej' from yesterday:

[…] this forum is for doll owners only […]

I am a doll owner, but…

Manufacturers and Vendors are kindly asked to post only in the TPE Marketplace.

…I am a vendor, too. Stupidly one with a preference for silicone dolls.

But the explicit policy is now that a manufacturer or vendor for silicone dolls is not allowed to post anywhere.

So that's it, signing off.


First off, splitting TPE Town into 2 forums, one for doll owners and one for manufacturers was done due to multiple requests, by multiple members for just such a change!

Members have been complaining for a long time about posting a thread in TPE town, only to see it pushed off of the first page by distributors posting about their latest doll (often the same doll offered by everyone else). We thought we got a handle on this when we asked the distributors to not keep making new threads, but just add to the current one. But alas, the sheer number of new distributors has overwhelmed that fix. Also, this is not the first time someone decided to post repeatedly on a forum so that when a member click on it, all that they see are posts from the same person. Yes, we considered that spamming then, and it was handled either by condensing multiple posts into one, or by loading up the trash bin. This action is not without precedent. We botched it this time. Oh well, sorry we're human.

This forum is first and foremost for the buyers of dolls, not the manufacturers or distributors. Anyone can join and try to peddle their wares here, free of charge, but no one is going to come in and ruin it for the members. This site is to promote the doll hobby and doll ownership. The people that we support with our hard earned cash need to show a little bit more courtesy to their customers.

It has always been our policy that manufacturers could post in other forums(not those of other manufacturers, though) using personal accounts. This was handled by a simple PM to management. We've allowed members to have Doll Accounts, so that their doll could "speak" to the forum. These multiple account requests are reasonable, and are handled reasonably. So long as no one abuses the privilege there are no problems. So any distributor, who is also an owner, can participate as both, so long as they don't use that account to try to undermine other companies.

Hopefully that clears up the reason why we split TPE town into two forums.

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Re: Doll Sweet posts deleted
« Reply #32 on: November 16, 2017, 09:38:29 PM »
     Mahtek posted while I was writing this. Some of our comments are similar, but not the same.

     Very few manufacturers or vendors have their own board on this forum, and for good reason. This is a hobby forum for those who either have dolls or are interested in getting one (or a few). This is not a sales floor where vendors have unlimited free advertising. They can use their own websites for that.

     Although mistakes were made, and apologies given, Sandro went off in a huff. If he wants to use this forum as a vehicle to sell dolls, he should accept those apologies and move on. If he wants to continue on this forum as a regular member and doll owner, he should do the same.

     The TPE market is overflowing with vendors trying to out-spam each other to get their products seen. It got to the point where the owner and management team split the "TPE Town" into those two boards. Regular members' posts were drowning in a sea of commercial advertisements.

     By the way, chewing out the owner and management team of any forum is not a good way to sell dolls, even if those people made mistakes. Are any of them not human? Are they completely flawless? If they make attempts to right their wrongs, are they not deserving of some recognition for fixing those mistakes?

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Re: Doll Sweet posts deleted
« Reply #33 on: December 01, 2017, 01:42:56 PM »
I disagree. A website on its own is not enough to keep a company successful. They need other medias and forums to show their dolls and products. I am not saying that this forum should be flooded with advertisements but it's quite natural and normal that they feel like posting photos in their threads to advertise them. It's a good way for lurkers to discover new dolls and help them in their choice.

I appreciate the efforts manufacturers make to be part of this forum and even if they are here for seliing their dolls, they also communicate with customers and it's reassuring for people interested in dolls.