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Tense moments of waiting in for that box arrival plus box opening fun

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Ray Rentell:
Well, never used to look forward to Mondays when I was a wage slave but this Monday will be different.
Not only am I gloriously retired now but UPS say my 30kg box will arrive tomorrow (Monday)
No fault of DS or UPS, it has taken longer for her to travel from China than it did to make her, those naughty Chinese shipping agents !
So, time to set the alarm clock, tidy up the house, make sure there's a nice clear space to bring the box into.

And then the really exciting bit ....the box opening of a brand new doll

And at this point in time to thank Sandro for putting up with all my special requests and questions but most of all for a really easy smooth process of ordering.
He handled all my special requests, the money processing ,custom's,import duties and shipping straight to my door, a completely trouble free and pleasant placing of an order.

Highly recommended is Sandro.... shameless link

And of course all those people in DS far away China for making her.

So roll on Monday ...

I'm tickled to see you so excited!!  :)

Looking forward to seeing pics of her when you get the time!

Also I don't know what body and head you ordered so will wait with baited breath to see what you chose. :whistle:

Best of luck for tomorrow.  :thumb:

Ray Rentell:

--- Quote from: FlashGordoll on December 03, 2017, 07:37:21 AM ---Also I don't know what body and head you ordered so will wait with baited breath to see what you chose. :whistle:
--- End quote ---

Now if I told you I would have to kill you.........  :laugh:

Only Sandro and DS know what's on order, I like keeping y'all in the dark.

And I'm tickled pink as well Ceej, this is only my second  new doll  :)

Congratulations, Ray!

Wow, a brand new doll! For so many years you've been taking on other people's dolls, trying to put them back together. This must be a wonderful feeling!

Happy Honeymoon! I can't wait to see the pictures of her!

Mahtek & his Ladies


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