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Doll bath/shower safety
« on: December 07, 2017, 09:45:46 AM »
     This topic was inspired by the discussion at The future of TPE. My thoughts were too far off-topic to continue there. I also collected several topic links here, as these inspired my thoughts. Credit is due to those who thought these up first.

     When considering the ideas linked here, be careful to not put too much weight on the top row of tiles in the bath or shower.
   If you use climbing gear, take this off after your doll is safely in the tub or shower.
   Clean, dry and powder your doll while in there, then re-attach your support system before removing her or him.
   You can always touch up the powdered areas once your doll is safely out of the cleaning area.
   Do not powder nipples or other painted areas, as the powder may be abrasive.

Webbing sling to hang up doll without neck bolt
Odd question, but has anyone thought about using an engine hoist...?
Repelling harness
Shower Stand
Cargo Bar On Sale!
Doll Shower I-Beam

     There are multitudinous* reports of humans falling in showers, bathtubs, or while getting dressed or undressed. Some of these accidents have resulted in injury or death. Regardless of the support system for dolls, there should be an attachment somewhere high on the doll that would provide a safe support while not allowing liquids to enter the head, neck, or body of the doll.

     MechaDoll once had a plate on top of the head with a welded anchor to which a support could be attached. RealDoll instituted the use of the neckbolt / backbolt. Many manufacturers followed suit. Free-standing dolls have long been the dream of doll enthusiasts, but those have the same potential for slips and falls as their human counterparts. A secondary support system would provide for greater safety for these dolls, with minimum impact to the existing skeletal designs.

     For dolls without a built-in support system, a climbing rig used with a winch or crane (see links above) will help you get your doll safely in and out of the tub / shower without injury to your doll or your back.

     For dolls that have a neckbolt, backbolt, or heater port through the skin and not hidden under a wig, a simple plug may be constructed from the repair kit for that material. (Do NOT mix TPE and silicone. They do not play well together!) This plug should be flush with the skin so that it does not show easily in photos. It will also help keep liquids from entering these holes.

     To make your own plug, get a simple casting kit from any hobby store. Play-Doh might be a less expensive alternative. Just be careful to not permanently plug up the hole while inserting the material for the casting mold armature (the form used to make the mold).  A toothpick or pipe cleaner inserted into the casting material might serve as a handle to remove the material after it cures.

  Step 1 Make the armature using the hole to be plugged as a model.
  Step 2 Thoroughly clean the hole in your doll after removing the armature. Check the hardware inside the hole, too.
  Step 3 Use the formed armature to make the mold for the finish material (TPE or silicone from your repair kit).
  Step 4 Use the mold to cast the finished plug that will go into the doll.
  Step 5 After the material is cured, put a small amount of lubricating material on the end of the plug that will go into the doll first. This should aid in removing the plug later without you making fingernail gouges in the flesh of the doll.

* mul·ti·tu·di·nous [mùlti td'nəss]
1.  very numerous: very great in number 
2.  full of variety: including many parts, items, or features 
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Re: Doll bath/shower safety
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2017, 12:34:11 PM »
Good information as a doll can get very slippery once water hits them!  :thumb:
just imagine the ambulance crew trying to keep a straight face...  :-[ :-[

I usually sit Brynn on a step stool for washing and towel dry her before attempting to pick her up.

Protecting the entry points such as the neck is imperative to avoid damaging your doll and premature replacement.


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Re: Doll bath/shower safety
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2017, 05:50:18 PM »
Don't bathe her if she has had beans and hotdogs for dinner...

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Re: Doll bath/shower safety
« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2017, 02:20:22 PM »
Great tips, Noq!

Camp: Beans and hotdogs.  :P

For Alexis, my TPE 156cm companion who has the standing option (three threaded bolts under each foot), here is what I do when preparing her shower..
By the way, Alexis has no support bolt in her back or neck, and does not need a harness.  She stands pretty much like a regular person.  However, as always, I plan each move and prepare whatever items I need in advance.

1. Layout extra towels outside of the shower area I will need afterward to pat dry her.
2. Place hard, rubber mats at the far end of the bath tub area--opposite from the shower head--where Alexis will stand.  (These mats give the metal doll feet bolts something to rest on versus the ceramic / slick surface of the bathtube.)
3. Lay down a few wash cloths on top of the mats to provide further cushion for Alexis' feet.

1. Before transporting Alexis, I make sure her feet bolts are screwed out to maximum length to support her weight.
2. Carry Alexis (using a sort of heimlich maneuver stance) into the tub area and place her feet carefully on the mats. 
3. I then bend her forearms at the elbow so her wrists/palms face outward, approximately shoulder level.
4. I allow Alexis to lean forwards so her palms rest on the shower wall for support.
5. Turn on the shower, having ensured the spray is pointed down towards her rear--far below her head/hair area.
We then begin to shower together. :whistle:

Once the shower time is over, I pat down Alexis to dry her working from her shoulders down.
1. I get out of the shower, place a few towels on the floor, then lift/move Alexis via heimlich maneuver on to the towels to do final drying, working down her legs, etc. 8)  (I also make sure she is leaning against the wall--still with her palms facing outward--to provide a third point of support.
2. Eventually I'll transport Alexis back to her bed--via heimlich maneuver--and then lightly clean the feet bolt areas with a soft cloth and maybe a Q-tip or two.
3. Before we call things done, I'll screw in her feet bolts so they are under the TPE material, and I'll slightly point Alexis' feet downward so when I cover her with sheet/blanket, that weight does not directly press on her toes.

Here's to good clean fun! :cheers:

SimonDC and Alexis


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Re: Doll bath/shower safety
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2017, 08:56:22 PM »
I have one of those bath/shower chairs and have wall mount and hand held shower heads. Dolls never actually sit in water. The chair also greatly assists in getting them in and out from a lifting perspective.

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Re: Doll bath/shower safety
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2017, 07:32:09 AM »
Well I just found the ceiling joist and screwed in a vine eye...its only one small hole which can be filled when no longer reqiured

Then the good old faithful lifting gear and she ready for a nice shower for both of us.

Nothing quite like getting in there with the chosen doll and soaping them up in the shower.

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