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SSD Customer Service
« on: December 10, 2017, 11:47:41 PM »
I'd just like to leave some feedback about Hopefully this is the correct section.
Before I became a reseller I bought about $5000 worth of dolls, heads & accessories from SSD. I can't say that it went smoothly. But please read on:

My first purchase was a WM170. Isaac was my salesman. The doll arrived in good condition and in good time, but the configuration was wrong. Eyes, feet and fingerbones were not configured correctly. The doll I received had finger bones which broke almost immediately... this was especially frustrating since I didn't order it will fingerbones, I specifically ordered "no fingerbones".

HOWEVER: and this is a big however, the salesman Isaac fixed the problem by ordering me a new doll--at the factory's expense--and it was shipped to me a few weeks later. Gorgeous doll. I still have it. It's still in like-new condition.

I ordered three heads too I think. They arrived without issue. Isaac is very knowledgable and helped me out by suggesting a few popular models, like WM head #122. Wow, she's really beautiful.

I was so heartened by the stuff I was buying from Isaac and SSD so I ordered another doll, a 6Ye 150 (I think) with loose joints, which is also still in like-new condition except for the head, which I used for bocce ball. Something about that head pisses me off, but I digress. The doll came inside a special flightcase with wheels and a lock. The flight case was damaged in transit. Bummer. It had been packed by a knucklehead and the areas where the wheels attach to the case suffered damage. Argh!

HOWEVER: and this is a big however, the salesman Isaac fixed the problem.

Do you see a pattern developing?

Websites want you to think they're the factory--it seems simpler that way--but they are not. At the risk of sounding like a mansplainer: the customer orders the doll from the reseller, the reseller alerts the factory and the factory ships the doll directly to the customer. Sellers rarely, if ever, have even a single doll in stock--they're all (well, most) made-to-order.

Factories mess up orders ON THE REGULAR. Wrong configuration this, wrong that configuration that... and they sell dolls they know break easily. The fingers on the WM170 for instance. DS's infamous insert cavity tear is another. Then the reseller is left trying to pick up the pieces; managing upset customers is hard enough, try dealing with the factory's salespeople, who regularly refuse to honor the factory warranty, and blame the customer, even though they're fully aware that the flaws or breakage is their own fault!

Further complicating matters is the simple fact that shipping these products costs practically as much as it cost to make them, so be prepared to bargain! In the case of my flightcase, Issac suggested I fix the case myself and he would send me a doll head, which he did, and we'd call it even, which we did.

Isaac is a man of his word. How often do you find that in this business?

I believe the shipping rate vs. production cost is why the customer's warranty request goes unheard so often. Hey folks, if you can't get a resolution, that's what Paypal is for: let them decide who is at fault.
Don't let the factory run roughshod over you -- again, their default position is to blameshift. You should also know, if you accept delivery and your doll is flawed you are on the hook for return shipping, which can be very expensive. Sorry, more mansplaining.

My point is: if you're going to order a doll, order it from someone like Isaac at SSD because he's seen it all, he's great at his job, and he knows how to deal with the brands and/or factories... and--in case your factory warranty needs to be honored-- he will fight for you if he believes you're in the right.

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