Author Topic: Repairing damage to large surface + tension (TPE, WM doll)  (Read 153 times)

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John Handcock

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Repairing damage to large surface + tension (TPE, WM doll)
« on: December 30, 2017, 05:49:44 AM »
Hello Board,
I am an inexperienced doll owner in need of some expert advice. Unfortunately, due to an accident during an attempted repair to my dolls intimate area, there is now significant damage to the area between her crotch and her thigh (see image A).
The surface layer on both sides had been stretched and ripped (see image B) and I attempted repair it by adding extra TPE paste. Unfortunately I underestimated the tension in the material and how the solvent would affect it.

She's a WM doll made from TPE.
Is there any way to fix my mistake and restore my poor doll?

A: This is the damage I caused.

B: This is the damage I attempted to repair.

C: Here's an overview over the sad state of affairs.


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Re: Repairing damage to large surface + tension (TPE, WM doll)
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2017, 02:14:20 PM »
I sorry for your doll's injury. I have not done any TPE repairs, but what I have seen from factory repair video's is a "glue" that basically melts the TPE back together. However this wont help in your situation.

I would look here; and contact Sandro from Doll Studio.


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Re: Repairing damage to large surface + tension (TPE, WM doll)
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2017, 08:24:14 AM »

I don't have a TPE doll but from what I've read the factory repair solvent is only good for melting a cut back together.  Unfortunately for the kind of repair you have, that solvent stuff will always cause even more damage to such areas because they are stretching and melting at the same time causing even more destuction.

The link Incred gave is about the only stuff that might have a chance to repair some of the damage.  I'd imagine it will be very tedious work though.

(For future reference) What causes such areas like this to crack up and tear?

Areas like the crotch, armpits, inner elbows, back of knees (any part of a TPE body that stretches a lot) Especially the crotch, need vaseline treatment to replace the oils in the TPE to prevent it drying and cracking when stretched.  Also best to never leave the TPE doll with limbs in a stretched position, always returning her limbs to a neutral position after use is essential practice to keeping the doll in good order.

There's a useful topic here by coarlsheep with lots of links and discussion about care, maintenance, repair, etc:

Anyways.. sorry to hear about your troubles and please read through all those links to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible.


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Re: Repairing damage to large surface + tension (TPE, WM doll)
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2017, 03:09:08 PM »
This very difficult for do success.

It possible for smoothe areas when they in compress position with hot spatula, or back of hot spoon. (near 200 degrees)

If insert same color then it possible for snip off TPE from corner edges for get spare TPE if need to melt extra material in repair.

Best regards

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