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SOLD!!! YL148 Allura the Vampire
« on: January 10, 2018, 12:20:14 PM »
For sale: YL148cm with Allura head $950 shipped

Fixed Vagina
Standing feet
Big, super-jiggly boobs & butt
Removable, poseable tongue included
Wednesday Addams outfit included
Purchased directly from YL in October of 2017

Display only, never used for sex.

A few minor issues.

*Her Wednesday Addams outfit stained her arms, torso and buttocks. After one application of TPE cleaner she is almost 100% restored. See pictures below. I used Incred's stain removal method posted here (

*Her left hand has finger wires in the thumb & pinkie only. The others were removed because they were twisting.

*Small--very fixable--abrasions on right wrist and elbow. See pictures.

Some photos below (Note: the white crud you see isn't man-paste, it's TPE cleaner!)

The picture directly above was taken before the stain removal process had begun.

$1600 to $1800 retail on multiple sites. Yours today for just $950

Here is my review of this very same doll:

I purchased an Allura doll from YL a couple of weeks ago and I'm so happy I did. The financials and deliverables were a no-hassle, pain free experience and when I unboxed the doll, just day before yesterday, I was so surprised by her one-of-a-kind figure I briefly thought I was sent the wrong doll. I had seen the photos, and they're nice, but they don't do Allura justice. She is a sexy, snarling little fireplug with the bounciest bosom I've ever encountered on a doll. Her legs are thick and stout and her spine has the most-desirable case of scoliosis known to man. The curvature of her backbone allows her big round butt to stick out like a Robert Crumb wet dream. When I looked over her shoulder and and first laid eyes on it I literally said out loud, "Whoa."

Allura is short but strong-feeling from the beautiful sculpting of her physique. Her lack-of-height is a big plus for me - I'm exhausted with hauling 168s and 170s around so upon seeing Allura stumpiness and thick gams I thought I was in for another double hernia, but Allura's center of balance is so spot-on it makes her easy to move around: no flailing limbs!

All the praise above is enough to warrant a purchase but the thing about Alura that really sticks with me is the sense of fun baked into this product; Halloween shouldn't simply be a gore-fest, it needs to be horrifying & fun and this doll delivers on both counts. Unlike a lot of dolls these days Allura doesn't suffer from the "1000 yard stare," instead her seemingly glowing amber eyes follow you about the room like a haunted portrait from the Haunted Mansion. Nothing too terrifying she just looks like she wants to have a good time, and maybe that would include biting off your vonschtucker... you know, for fun.

Allura's skeleton is well-conceived & hefty but easy enough to move about as long as you're willing to get physical. And she holds a pose--many of which I've never even tried with other dolls-- like a champ.

I'm happy to have Allura as an unique & exciting member of my collection. And even though this posting probably reads like I am a shill for the manufacturer, I was not paid in any way by YL, in fact, this is my first experience with their products... and I can't wait to go back for more!


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Re: SOLD!!! YL148 Allura the Vampire
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2018, 02:19:14 PM »
Another one bites the dust! I might have to quit my day job and start selling dolls for a living  ^-^ Thanks ODC & ODC readers!

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