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Asian Dolls / New doll from EX-Doll (Doll Sweet parent company)
« Last post by Strangelove65 on Today at 08:48:40 PM »
On The Other Site, there was a posting about a new black doll from EX-Doll in China, the parent company of Doll Sweet. To say it is a knockout is an understatement. It is the most realistic face I have ever seen on a Chinese doll, and to me is better than all but a couple of the Realdoll faces. It even has freckles and shading, and far more detailed facial sculpting than usual for DS. The new head is displayed on a black (DS Brown shade) example of the 158 Plus body also sold by DS, so the doll could be duplicated of you wanted. Of course, the head may be used with any of the larger bodies (158, 160/161, 163, 167). No need to trespass.....check out the doll at the EX-Doll website:  One can hope that the sculpting talent and detailing shown in this new doll will eventually find their way into other Doll Sweet products, perhaps as options. There is no sign of the new "Tyra" on the DS site, and I'd guess the fact the head is probably based on the supermodel Tyra Banks means that it might have copyright problems in the US, unless they got permission.
The Art Gallery / Re: Sandy's vacation pics
« Last post by Aikagi000 on Today at 07:41:03 PM »
ooo nice pics ceej. very sexy!
The Art Gallery / Re: Please welcome Tauniana to the forum (Pic heavy)
« Last post by Aikagi000 on Today at 07:29:07 PM »
THOSE BREASTS!! YUH-MEH!! oh and cool shirt too. Great shoot ttnlbtpd, love the posing. Her lip gloss is poppin'! More importantly though, THOSE BREASTS  :drool: :drool: :drool:!!
Maintenance / Re: Sinthetic 1H neck and knee repair
« Last post by Aikagi000 on Today at 07:19:41 PM »
Damn sorry to hear about this Everhard. I hope what ever repair you decide to do works out for the intent. Good luck!
Thankfully I haven't had this issue toooo much. Most of the stuff I get for V are styles that I find sexy and flattering in general.  I'll say 99% of her clothes fit it's just a matter of tailoring it to wrap around her massive rack. My issue is that a couple of the things she's had earlier on I've gotten better versions or replaced. thankfully it's not much. perhaps a dress a shirt and some other things.
TPE town / MOVED: New Website Now Up! (Red Room Dolls).
« Last post by ourdoll1 on Today at 07:07:17 PM »
Topics Depicting Fraud / Re: Scam sites
« Last post by ourdoll1 on Today at 07:06:22 PM »
We got aanother one

Again, Buyer beware!!!
Maintenance / Re: Sinthetic 1H neck and knee repair
« Last post by Camp on Today at 06:52:34 PM »
Never forget that we are the beta testers for Doll manufacturers.

We are the R&D people.

Dolls have come a long way in the past 10 years, but we are the ones that are helping them along.
Maintenance / Re: Sinthetic 1H neck and knee repair
« Last post by crazycajun on Today at 06:45:35 PM »
Dam, I guess even the high end doll have health issues!   :'(
Muscle Beach / Re: new beach goer (coming soon)
« Last post by crazycajun on Today at 04:12:41 PM »
I don't know about that, I have found that you need to be careful about what you blame on a doll, especially if they find out. They have their ways of paying you back. I know April has her payback ways and moods. But she is somewhat spoiled! LOL!   :-*

As for as the camera, I have not really seen a doll that doesn't take outstanding photos, even I can manage to get a decent one every now and again!

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