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Dolls in General / Re: What's the attraction to silicone dolls?
« Last post by crazycajun on Today at 08:30:46 AM »
  Thank you Lance Romance for the kind words, we all here at ODC try to help our fellow doll enthusiast. There is a lot of information here for sure, contributed to by a lot of people, both seasoned and new. Dolls at the end of the day are like any other important thing or person in your life, they either click with you and you with them or they don't. The only way to find out is to get one and see where it goes. One thing that does seem to be clear from what I have noticed by reading literally hundreds of posts is that the vast majority of people both men and women that are curious enough to take the plunge and obtain a doll whether new or used end up loving her/him dearly and very few regret the decision!   :cheers:
The Art Gallery / Re: Rain Coat
« Last post by Ray Rentell on Today at 08:23:48 AM »
well that looks better than the playboy set.... fantastic session, well done Carleigh and of course Incred  :thumb:

Out of interest how much does  Carleigh weigh if thats not a rude question?(sorry Carleigh )
Dolls in General / Re: What's the attraction to silicone dolls?
« Last post by Lance Romance on Today at 08:12:10 AM »
Saddad- I'm going with a fixed vagina as it seems that it is more realistic-looking and feeling from what I've read. I don't mind the more complex cleaning process. You'd still have to clean the anal area- no inserts there.
Crazy Cajun- thanks for the very informative answer. I knew it couldn't be looks that made Silicone better for photography than TPE. I've learned more from your posts than anyone else I've read. I hope you know how appreciated you are by newbies like me. Thanks for being here for us newcomers. You save us a lot of time and money and prevent some big mistakes.
TPE town / FetVeil is now open
« Last post by FetVeilShop on Today at 04:45:27 AM »

We are a relatively new sex shop offering sex dolls. Drop by and browse through our collection. Ask a couple of questions. Say hi. We welcome all with a knowing smirk and a slap in the behind. See you there!
TPE town / Re: Milky Way Dolls
« Last post by Milky Way Dolls on Today at 04:26:04 AM »
Something not every day seen. Meet Joyce 110 cm.

The Art Gallery / Rain Coat
« Last post by incred on Today at 02:57:30 AM »
I had been planning on recreating this shoot from a Playboy Centerfold shoot of Miss April 1981 Lorraine Michaels for some time now;

I did take some liberties in getting a clear yellow rain coat because all I could find was a clear coat with yellow trim.
I did get a clear umbrella, and clear yellow boots too  :D

I also changed the set a bit too by starting outside by my neighbors fence. I did have to wait until late afternoon when the sun was behind trees, and the neighbors were away  :whistle:

It was interesting getting Carleigh to the fence. I am surrounded by neighbors so I blocked the view from the road with both cars, and the view from the back is blocked by the garage. However I still had to get her to the fence from the house. The neighbor in back still had a view of the house. So I had to bring Carleigh out from the bulked which was low enough so they couldn't see.

I also used a hose for the rain. This way my camera doesn't get wet  :thumb:

On with the shoot;

Now moving the shoot to inside as it was getting dark out. You can also see the back neighbors house. Fortunately there is a short fence, and her and her friends had gone from the back yard.

I also found out that the baby powder had washed off her and it all ran into her boots. Of course when she emptied the boots
the powder showed up the next day when the water evaporated;

Since it was getting late I left her there to continue the next afternoon;

Bonus stereogram;

This will give you an idea of where the shoot was. The red circle is where she stood;

« Last post by PassionDolls on Today at 01:39:38 AM »
Penelope the pornstar is back  :P :P :P :P :P

For more images and info please visit Pornstar Dolls - or

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The Workshop / D's doll teeth tonge uk
« Last post by Robotsexdoll on Today at 01:17:06 AM »
Hi can anyone make me a tong and teeth for a d's silicone doll no silly price
The Auction Block / Re: For sale : Brand new high end wigs
« Last post by Robotsexdoll on Today at 01:14:22 AM »
Hi have you any wigs left for sale of got a d's silicone doll I like two of them
General Discussion / Re: My second childhood
« Last post by Ceej on Today at 12:31:05 AM »
Speaking of second childhoods.... KA said, I don't think my first one is over yet  :P

Lately I have been enjoying these old skits. Its fun sharing them with Sandy and seeing them through her fresh eyes.

Jim Henson and Frank Oz worked so well together!

And one more just for fun.
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