Author Topic: 2016 Realdoll Body A (new style), Laila Face, Tan  (Read 84 times)

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2016 Realdoll Body A (new style), Laila Face, Tan
« on: May 20, 2017, 03:17:26 AM »
2016 Realdoll Body A (new style), Laila Face, Tan
Platinum Silicone
This is the newly refined Body A with skin texture, more athletic midsection, gel in the boobs and butt, duracast hands and feet for resistance to wire pokes.

Asking price: $4000 plus any PayPal fees and shipping

Shipping limitations: United States. I'd give priority to local pickup, but I do have a non-original box it was shipped in to get to me. It cost a little over $300 to ship to me.
General location: Southern USA
Less than a year old
Damage to item:
-Small tear above insert location.
-Nail polish stuff (whatever it's made of) wearing off.
-The previous owner told me the skeleton ended up too close to the surface on one arm, resulting in some metal pushing through at one elbow. He recommended not bending that arm past 90 degrees as not to make anything worse. He said it happened in shipping from the factory. Nothing has gotten worse while I've had it, just a couple little visible spots of elbow right beneath the surface.

Repairs made: I put some clear silicone on the elbow spot just to prevent any further damage, but you could always cut it off and put properly-color-matched repair material on it.

Includes a variety of original accessories and two sets of eyes: Tech Optics dark brown, and the original blue. Also I'll include the wall mount hanging hook I made if you want it. It uses a painted 2x4, lag bolts and a hook to hang from two studs spaced about 15" apart in my case. You could potentially drill additional holes for different stud spacing.