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The Workshop / Re: Eye lashes
« Last post by Mahtek on Today at 02:00:11 AM »
Here's a little tutorial to help you.

I got uppers and lowers at

Yup, there is such a place.  ;)

I use black RTV Automotive silicone. no color mixing required.

Mahtek & his Ladies
TPE town / Re: Climax doll is coming
« Last post by ClimaxDoll on Today at 01:56:11 AM »
160cm Plump figure

RealDolls / Re: Lilith
« Last post by Stephanie Doll on Today at 12:31:17 AM »
Thank you for sharing so many detailed pics. My man had his doubts about Body F but no more!

Classic Body 3 was by far his favorite. Now that it's been retired he needs to plan for the future.

I would honestly call Body F a mix of Bodies 3 and 5 with a bigger butt.

GREAT LEGS! It's nice to see some long legs with some meat on them in the thighs and calves. Many dolls have legs on the more slender side.

The bigger butt seems to be the sign of the times. My man prefers smaller butts. Body F's isn't too big.

He was worried that the boobs were too big. Yes there is such a thing as too big. Especially with dolls. Because the breast can't conform into a bra like real breasts, many of the bigger boobed models can't achieve perfect cleavage in clothing.

The breasts look spectacular in your photos! It would be great if you could show us what kind of cleavage she can achieve in clothing.
Maintenance / Re: Need help with 2014 PIB GND broken wrist
« Last post by Doc Brown on Today at 12:22:03 AM »
Very pretty!
RealDolls / Re: Classic Rewind.
« Last post by Stephanie Doll on Today at 12:09:46 AM »
Now we're expecting to see some Classic Real Doll girl on girl action.
The Art Gallery / Re: Construction EVERYWERE!!!
« Last post by Stephanie Doll on Yesterday at 11:51:10 PM »
What time does Sandy get off?

Can I watch?
The Art Gallery / Re: Cooling off in the hot days of August
« Last post by Camp on Yesterday at 11:45:54 PM »
That's so cool you taught Sandy how to piss into a water fountain  :laugh: :thumb: :whistle:
Maintenance / Re: Need help with 2014 PIB GND broken wrist
« Last post by Dollicious on Yesterday at 11:44:41 PM »

She is waiting to see what can be done for her. Looks great always. :drool:
Sinthetics / Re: Introducing ... Caroline (2A) (Yuriko)
« Last post by Camp on Yesterday at 11:42:02 PM »
After reading that...

I need a cold shower.  :drool:
The Art Gallery / Re: Stephanie Photos August 2017
« Last post by Stephanie Doll on Yesterday at 11:25:37 PM »

In order to not violate the no simulated bodily fluids policy, these are the links to the next photos on Deviant
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