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Why don't these spaceships land in my back yard??? (Ponders)   
I used to think it was the pool so I got rid of it.. Damn and they still don't.. >:D

If Tweeter needs more DNA I would be more then happy to oblige..And may I say that Tweeter has the nicest legs of any alien I have seen yet :drool:.. And I've seen a few.. :-\   

Great job on this Ceej.. I like "Tweeters" outfit on this one! :thumb:
General Discussion / Re: Racing Fun
« Last post by incred on Today at 05:25:16 AM »
Nice DL  :thumb:

Those type of cars are a little different than what I see race. Maybe dirt vs, asphalt or the series? I see here in the Northeast the Whelen Modified Series;

The Late Ted Christopher
The Small Doll Mall / Re: Smart Doll
« Last post by SimonDC on Today at 05:10:34 AM »
Beautiful dolls!  Just discovered Smart Dolls from looking over Alexis' Twitter feed. 
Appreciate you all already covering info on these dolls.  On my radar now!

SimonDC and Alexis
Sinthetics / Re: After 5
« Last post by balc on Today at 01:54:23 AM »
Major congrats! She is just amazingly gorgeous.

You really are a very lucky guy!
Muscle Beach / Re: Advice on male doll aesthetics
« Last post by grenouille on Today at 01:51:25 AM »
If the sculptor is an heterosexual man then the priority is to sculpt the face not according to his heterosexual tastes for female beauty but respect the rules of male beauty which the male doll community favors. In order to make a perfect male head or a perfect male body, it's best to base the sculpt on real male models. They are the BEST examples on what's attractive in a male face. Never invent a male head coming from your imagination, otherwise it will lead to a female face or innacurate beauty.

Here are what makes a head masculine in the main lines:

_ Flat and taller forehead with a prominent browbone (women have a smooth and small curved forehead)

_ Bigger, longer nose coming from a brow bone

The main problem with the leo face is its size, it's on the small side so it reminds us of a woman's head shape. It's rounded, small and feminine.

The male nose is longer than the woman's nose:

Men have slightly squarer and wider chins:

As you can see above the chin is square and the jaw is square and the jaw line is much lower than on a woman's face. You can see also the hollows of the cheeks joining the chin. That's easy to sculpt and make the head masculine.

Male eyes are not rounded !!!  they have smaller eyes but wider eyes than women:

As you can see male eyes are wide but in a narrow shape. I mean you won't see a lot of the white of the eyes ball, it's like the eyes are half closed. Women's eyes are more rounded, more winged, more open then male eyes. Keep that in mind.

Now you know all the important main features of a male head, you can analyse the face underneath showing a summary of the features.

This model has wide but rather closed eyes. A flat forehead. A square chin and jawline and his face is on the long side rather than a rounded small female head. His nose is long and rather big. He doesn't have big catlike cheekbones.

All these features are masculine features. There are general guidelines to make a face masculine but you can choose any type of male model in Google and sculpt from what you see. It won't look like the model in the end, but as you followed the rules, it will look successful.

As a male beauty specialist, You can always send me a private message for me to help you in the sculpting process and giving you my opinion on the sculpts. I have a good eye on finding what's wrong or look off and most importantly what's looking handsome.
BoyToys / Re: Introducing ... Laura (BT4) (Sky)
« Last post by balc on Today at 01:50:53 AM »
Fantastic news!!! Can't wait to see pics of this gorgeous girl!

And the new doll addition to your digs- ha!

I will stay tuned-  Balc
General Discussion / Racing Fun
« Last post by Doll-lover on Today at 01:02:53 AM »
A couple pictures I took while testing a race car I helped put together. The 92J is the one I work on.

Sinthetics / Re: After 5
« Last post by Ceej on Today at 12:24:17 AM »
Ohhh man! that blonde "snapper" hair is GORGEOUS!!!!
Dolls in General / Re: OK, new doll just what do I do??
« Last post by noid88 on Yesterday at 11:50:36 PM »
I followed the honeymoon guide and took 2 days to wash, oil, powder, wash oil powder again. I did notice there was a good amount of "residue" left in the wash basin from doll when I washed it.  What is frustrating is the amount of contradicting info out there about doll care!

Anyway, I'm off and running, thanks!
General Discussion / Re: Dollstock
« Last post by Begog on Yesterday at 10:06:46 PM »
Mine is clean, but I checked. Thanks, DL.  :thumb:
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