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Mechadolls / Re: Introducing ... Sophie (Mechadoll) (Sophie)
« Last post by Smoke on Today at 03:23:18 PM »
Congratulations Nova! :thumb: And welcome beautiful Sophie! :drool:

Mecha's are truly well made dolls if you ask me. One of the  things that I love about my Tori are her beautiful blue eyes. (Among other's)  I'm sure you will agree that the eyes are stunning!  95DD's should be hours of entertainment.

Have fun and enjoy the honeymoon! ;D
Ruby 13 / Re: Ruby in light skin tone
« Last post by Mike Tango on Today at 03:21:32 PM »
Ok so order is done, payment is done...waiting time begins !

Here are some pictures about my order. Note that I have modified the first picture, to be more white, like the skin tone that I want, and have more wider light pink areolas.

This is the head (but will be in light skin tone)...yeah, I know...a fantasy....  :whistle: :

And the make-up, with blue eyes :

I am open to comments ! ;)
Mechadolls / Re: Introducing ... Sophie (Mechadoll) (Sophie)
« Last post by Feguro on Today at 02:59:12 PM »
Congrats. Happy honneymoon.
This red lips looks magic.
Mechadolls / Re: Introducing ... Sophie (Mechadoll) (Sophie)
« Last post by Euchre on Today at 02:50:57 PM »
Welcome to the MD club Nova, she's a beauty!
General Discussion / Re: Who has non-doll site socialness?
« Last post by chaosninja7 on Today at 02:36:53 PM »
No Social Media here. You may want to use caution disclosing too much of your doll hobby to others.

I do not care what others think about me I am unique, and there will ALWAYS be haters and the ignorant. I am a free spirit and I will not let the opinions of other hold me back of being myself. If they can't see the light of being an actual human being to others, then they can piss off. If we as Doll'ers want to be accepted we need to stop being anti-social about having doll's and actually have a strong voice, rather then being shut in's and keeping to our selves. And by that I mean simply stating that you have a doll if someone talks about it (outside of the internet). Hell I myself would probably start a group that promotes Dolls everywhere, ACTIVELY.

PS... This rant was not directed to anyone in particular, just the Doll communities in general. If I am wrong do please feel free to PM me.
4Woods / Re: Lilica and Yurica Doll Story / 4Woods
« Last post by Mike Tango on Today at 02:25:17 PM »
Beautiful kit of panties and bra. Like it.
4Woods / Re: Lilica and Yurica Doll Story / 4Woods
« Last post by fred01 on Today at 02:07:43 PM »
Thank you  :)

Sleeping Lilica... :D

Mechadolls / Introducing ... Sophie (Mechadoll) (Sophie)
« Last post by Nova-1 on Today at 02:07:15 PM »
Hey Everyone,

I have some very exciting news! This past weekend I drove up to Mechadoll and pick up my beautiful Sophie..  She is a standard model, Special Edition Sophie with a medium tanned skin tone..  Her customized features are..  Blue eyes, Deep Rose Red lips (LVR7), Moderate style make-up (MQ3), French manicure and Double D breast size (95DD)..  The total wait time from placing the order till pick up. was approximately 84 days..  Which is 2 months 23 days..  To be honest that's actually quite remarkable!! Especially when the closet US competition in lead times is currently at 18-20 weeks or more..   Kudos Mechadoll!!  :thumb: Communication however is their down point.. The best method of contact I found was just to sent them an email..  It still takes a while to get a response. But you do get one eventually..  That's my experience anyways..  You just have to be patient when it comes to communicating with them..  As for my Sophie.. She is everything I asked for and then some..  She is sure nice and soft in all the right places.. And to be honest I can't resist giving those wonderful Double D's a squeeze every time I walk by.. 

Anyways, since we are just a matter of a few days from Christmas..  And because Sophie is somewhat considered a Christmas present to myself..  We decided to do a few quick pictures of her getting a little holly jolly..  :D So with out further ado.. Here is my newest lady.. Sophie!!!  ^-^

Ruby 13 / Re: Ruby in light skin tone
« Last post by Mike Tango on Today at 11:19:57 AM »
incred, can you let me know where you found the garter belt on your tan TPE doll on your pictures ? I really like it.
Ruby 13 / Re: Ruby in light skin tone
« Last post by Brash on Today at 09:39:15 AM »
I have a great photo series I did with a light toned Presley
I'll find it and put it up
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