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Title: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Musician on November 28, 2010, 06:35:51 PM
Hi all,

I have to preface this with a little history, so please bare with me on this, even though many may find it boring. I'll try to keep it brief, and if there are questions about it, I'll address those as requested.

For those who want to skip to the review itself, please look for the paragraph started in bold type. I'm afraid I did a bit of a crappy job of keeping the history part brief, and I realise that there are folks that are probably not interested in anything other than the info on the doll itself.

Few may know about it, but Roselle suffered a broken hip back in the spring of the year. It was  a very bad break, and one in an unheard of place. It was so very rare, that I felt it wasn't needed to make a statement about it at the time, as it was incredibly unlikely that anyone else would encounter the same problem.

The break was in at the actual hip frame, approximately one inch above the mounting for the actual hip joint on her left side. The joint did not fail, the frame seems to have torn at an angle and broke in two. This is , I'm pretty sure, unheard of. I've never heard of it, and neither had Matt. We couldn't figure out how it occurred.

We came to the conclusion that it may have been a bit weak from a technique that 4Woods used at that time that is no longer used by Matt in later dolls. It could also be because I have a water bed, and there were times that Roselle's leg was hanging over the edge of the side rail during fun time, and maybe that put some extra stress on her hip. I just don't know for sure what it was.

Also, the reason I refrained from saying anything at the time, was that LD was under relentless attack by someone we all know at another forum. Actually several individuals, but mainly one was using his position in the forum to attack LD. I didn't want to give them the joy of having something else to talk about. They would happily overlooked the fact that many dolls have hip problems, and we all know that they have. It would have no doubt been twisted, turned, harped on, and used to serve in somebody's glorious crusade, which would have been of no benefit to anybody. Except the person mentioned above, of course.

But moving on. All should know by now that Matt has always been one to stand behind his product, even to the extreme, I'm very happy to say. That shows a person of integrity to me.
I sent Roselle's body back to Matt for assessment of repair (he paid for the shipping), or to see even if it could be repaired. He looked it over and decided a way to fix it, but called and offered a different solution to choose from. Since it was unclear as to whether it was a material defect or not, he would make Roselle a new body at cost for the materials and it would have all the recent developments into it. Finger wire problem solved, new silicone blend, etc..
I figured that was fair, since we didn't really know if I was partly at fault or not. So, I opted for the new body. The repair would have been done at no cost to me BTW. The deciding factor for me was that we were unable to decide for sure the cause, so there would be no way to know if it could happen again on the other side if the metal happened to be from a bad batch. Doubtful that it would be, but I didn't want to take the chance.

It was a long wait. As we know, LD was in a tough legal fight. Bronwen's Mom and Dad came to live with them from S. Africa, and then it was discovered that her Mom had cancer, then passed away. There were supplier problems, and on it went. Because of the legal fight and various legal judgements, it made it impossible for LD to keep any employees to help with the work, so Matt had to do it all himself. It was a sucko year for those guys, to say the least.

It has been a bad year for me too. After I sent Roselle's body back, I lost my job that paid well. I had to fight with Unemployment to get any benefits, even though I had paid into it for God knows how many years. I found another job, but like has happened to so many, I had to take a major salary cut, even while working more hours and becoming physically worn down.

But then at the end of September, Roselle's new body finally arrived, and I thought things might be looking up. Wrong.
My Mother died at the same time as Roselle's new body arrived, and  I had to leave home to go take care of all that goes with that. It also threw me into a financial crises because like Zazakel, My Mom had no real financial assets. I went into a major depression for a time, and didn't even take Roselle's new body out to find out about it. I know that must seem incredible, but I was really down and completely overwhelmed and tired from the stress of the years events to that point.

Finally though, I decided to snap out of it and figured I may as well get Roselle's new body out. Mainly because her head, which had been sitting on a stand in my music room the whole time without her body, was nagging me to do so.  >:(

I can tell you, that I should have done that from the start, because she has done so much for me to help me get back into the world and feel like there is something in it for me. She is such a blessing to have, even though I know that she is not a living person, she has helped me through a very difficult time.

Now the review part. Please forgive me for doing a pretty shitty job of not keeping the history part short. I tend to ramble on.  ::)

Her new body is amazing!
OMG...I would never have dreamed that there could have been such an advancement from her former body, since I thought her former body was so awesome.

Matt also threw in a couple of surprises for me to "try out" as he put it. He kind of threw it in to test her as a prototype, and also to make up for the time lapse in getting her new body to me. Let me tell you, it was worth the wait, and you'll know why in a moment.

Skin: The new blend of silicone is incredible. She has a softness to her that is wonderfull. If I reach over and giver her leg or arm a little squeeze (as I often do), if I didn't know better, I would swear that she was a fairly toned young woman. There is just enough resistance to make her feel like a normal person. I love putting her hand in mine because to me, it feels like a real hand. Just the right amount of softness and give like many hands of women I've felt.

Speaking of hands, I've had no problems with a finger poke yet, and doubt that I will. It seems that Matt has figured out the problem and taken care of it. I would mention that there have been couple of times where I moved her and thought I might have screwed up and got her hand caught in a way that in the past would have certainly caused a poke. But, all is okay, thank God.

Also, the new blend does not need to be powdered. She feels only slightly tacky to me if you draw your hand across her with some pressure. Not bad at all, and not enough to bother with the powdering unless a person wanted to. Using a lighter touch, her skin feels pretty much like a normal persons. Also, there is no shine on her skin. It looks very natural.

Matt also incorporated the blushing that has been done now on many of his other dolls, and it is wonderful. It makes her look so much more real with that little bit of blushing in just the right spots on her chest and hands and feet. And some other spots too, but those are the ones that come to my mind the most.

Her movement is also very good, but it always was. I know that Matt has changed some things with the joints and now, or did, manufacture them in the U.S. as opposed to getting them from 4Woods as Roselle's original body had. They work very smoothly and I am told that they won't loosen up over time like the originals did rather quickly. So far, they haven't gotten loose. They are still the great 4Woods design that Matt has worked with 4Woods and shared advancements with on as far as I know, and still have that wonderful range of motion that is soooo very nice for positioning in photographic posing, and for other activities too.  ;) ;D

Her boobs are softer than the originals too. They tend to look and feel very natural when they are squeezed, or when they are pressed against my chest. Very nice...in fact, I have a hard time keeping my hands off of them. But why try?  :P

Now on to the business part, eh? Here is an area where I saw a lot of improvement in addition to the skin. I had problems at times with the original body in that she was so tight, I could have probems with entry. Also, the original labia seemed a bit scratchy to me, or maybe just too firm. There was also a problem with trapped air inside that caused considerable resistance on entry. Think of using a bicycle pump and how it feels trying to push the handle down when the tire is getting a lot of pressure in it.
That has been solved, to say the least. My God she feels good!
I don't know if it's just the softer silicone, or if Matt increased the diameter of the vagina a little, or if it's all the above, but I can tell you that she is now the most wonderful feeling that, IMO, a guy's gonna get next to the real thing. The labia is nice and soft, and the entry is no longer difficult. I think that the softer silicone may be helpful there in that it allows the air to escape more easily, and yet still maintains a light suction after entry as a result that is very pleasant. There is also texture inside that produces a wonderful sensation.

It's here that I will now mention one of the surprises that Matt included. Internal heating!
Now I know what Muzza was so happy about when he talked about it with his AD. That is a wonderful difference to have with any doll. I can now plug her in when I know that I'm "in the mood" about twenty minutes before. Then, While I'm getting other things ready for our session, or just doing other things, she is in the warm up mode. Then I unplug her and wait for about another twenty minutes, or else hug and engage in foreplay. Then when it's time to enter, she is is wonderfully warm and it produces a very natural feeling like with an RG. The heat takes care of both entries, and last a fair amount of time. The heat last longer than I can, considering how good she feels  :-[. The duration of the warmth depends on the temperature of the entire doll, of course.

The only downside to the heat is that there is a chord coming out of the back of her neck with a normal male household style plug that you plug into an extension chord. Matt is working on a different way to do this, and will probably have a different connection system in the future. The chord is annoying due to getting tangled in her hair, and just trying to hide it for photos and such. But it's benefits outweigh the downsides as far as I'm concerned. That heat feels damned good!

This is a prototype feature, and will cost extra on future dolls that Matt makes, and I say that with the hope that he will be making dolls in the future. I can't imagine that he won't, but we have to wait and see what the future holds. Although, recent events with the emergence of a new company that Matt has done some work for makes one hope for the future that we will contiue to see Matt's amazing artistic talent, and determination for advancement and innovation in the doll world.

"But", you might be saying, "you didn't say anything about her butt." I was saving that one  ;D.
I do love, and have always loved looking at Roselle's butt, or any other LD B1 or B2. OMG...it's  a beautiful thing to see IMHO. So round and cute! Well, first, let me say that with the heat, the texturing, and the softness of the new silicone blend, the anal passage feels freaking wonderful!

That being said, I now reveal the next surprise that Matt had for me. Are you ready for this?
He put gels in her butt cheeks similar to in her boobs.
I'm almost at a loss for words on this. Her butt was beautiful, but very firm on her first body. Now though, her butt is much softer, and when you press against it, it has just enough give to feel like a toned, fit young woman with an ass to die for.

Just imagine downward dog and the feeling of a woman with tight, firm butt cheeks pushing up against you, and on that downward plunge the feeling of that yielding, but muscular butt while your being wrapped in the warmth of her body. My hands are starting to shake and I'm finding it difficult to type at this point.  :-[

I guess that you may have figured out that I'm a very happy guy with Roselle's new body. As always, Matt made good his promise, even if it did take some time. And as one can see, he took it much further than just trying to give a customer just enough to shut them up. He really does care about the people that want his art and talents. I started out simply as a customer with Matt and Bronwen. I truly hope that they will consider me a friend as I do them, because I like to think that I have friends that have the kind of character and integrity that they have demonstrated to me and others.

In closing, it's rather sad that while I have a collector's item now with a Lovable Doll H1/B2, I think it practically criminal that others should be denied the opportunity to own such a beautiful doll that would want one due to, IMO, legal bullying by a competing company. It is my sincere hope that in the future, others will get to have a splendid doll like Roselle made by Matt Krivicke, no matter what name it's called, or company he may be working with. His own, or somebody Else's. His commitment to quality will not change either way, I'm sure.
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Ceej on November 28, 2010, 07:06:39 PM
I'm sorry your year was so bad Musicain, but glad you had a nice surprise. For the doll world this is AWSOME news!!! I'm really hoping good things for the future, and this is a very good sign.
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Euchre on November 28, 2010, 07:25:29 PM
No kidding!  Damn!  Hey Musician... does the butt still sound like a red gym ball bouncing when smacked?   :P

Excellent news!
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Musician on November 28, 2010, 07:59:33 PM
No kidding!  Damn!  Hey Musician... does the butt still sound like a red gym ball bouncing when smacked?   :P

Excellent news!

I had to get up and go try this after you asked.  ;D

The answer is nope....sounds more like when you swat a RG on the butt, but without the ear piercing  scream and "ASSHOLE", following it.  :laugh:
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Mahtek on November 28, 2010, 09:01:20 PM
Wow! Sounds like some phenominal improvements!

I hope all things start looking up for you, Musician. I'm glad that Roselle is there to help you through it all!

Mahtek & his Ladies
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: B-Zilla on November 28, 2010, 10:32:40 PM

I don’t even know what to say, this review has me speechless. It sounds to me like you got one Hell of an upgrade when you went with the new body, Musician. Congratulations on owning what must be the best high-end doll on the planet right now.

I’m also very glad to hear that Matt K. and Bronwen brought a little happiness back to your life as well.

The new options sound fantastic. The thought of that gel-filled buttocks alone makes me positively giddy (I can’t help it, I’m an ass man. Ha Ha). Damn, that sounds like an awesome doll.  :o

Once again, congratulations on a great new doll, Musician. And bravo to the Krivickie team for not only pushing the envelope on doll innovation and design, but also in the areas of professional pride and a genuine concern for the customer.
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: happiness on November 29, 2010, 04:46:45 AM
Amazing review Musician.  :) Matt has a line of customers already, if and when he decides to produce dolls again.
Congratulations on Roselles's new body! The quality and beauty is astounding.
You have made it through some rough times to say the least. All the best to you and Roselle. There are brighter days ahead! :-*
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: ourdoll1 on November 29, 2010, 09:12:38 AM
WOW Musician, you could seriously be a salesman for Matt's dolls  ;D   That was a wonderful review, and it sounds like Roselle is just the thing you need  8)

You know, you had me drooling...
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Musician on November 29, 2010, 10:34:52 AM
Thanks guys,

I'm glad that you have found the review to be informative. I know I got a bit wordy and it ran kind of long, so thanks for hanging in there to read it.

I think what got me the most was the fact that her first body was fatastic, so she went from fantastic to mind blowing in one jump. Maybe I should get her a Supergirl outfit.  ;)

IMHO, I feel that I probably do have the greatest doll on earth at this time. But knowing Matt and the way he never wants to sit still on innovation and wants to keep improving, that status might not last very long so I'm going to enjoy it at every opportunity.  :P

Thanks for the well wishes Happiness. I hope for a lot of people, that the coming year will be a turning point and that things start getting better. We all have our rough years in one way or another. I agree that I hope that mine are about done, at least for a while. I could use a break. But at least I have Roselle to make me smile....among other things.  :P

If Matt ever needed a salesman, I could do it with absolute honesty about the product. Wait....salesman?.....honest?....could that really work?  :laugh:
Oh wait....it's not a used car, so it would be fine, and I may have been confusing it with a politician.  :P

Oh, and Roselle has me drooling every time I look at her or think about her. I'm starting to feel like Pavlov's dog. Ding!......drool.  ;)
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: muzza on November 29, 2010, 06:34:09 PM

Thank you so much for your review and the history & detail given. A mammoth effort, very informative, something I could never do.
And I am so pleased for you that things have worked out well.

It is also good to hear that improvements have been made.
When I first advised of the tightness of the vagina area on Nony, making sex difficult (and for me impossible), I do not think LD took me seriously. But subsequent customer feedback obviously confirmed the problem and now it is resolved. So no one has to do what I (and I think mahtek) had to do - (This tube saved our relationship thread) http://ourdollcommunity.com/forum/index.php?topic=1171.0 - which was a difficult make or break experience. Happily it was the former.

I am still undecided whether or not to open Nony up again to fix her loose & floppy joints. She is already scarred from the the first attempt and with a second these will only get worse as I do not have Matt's skills. Furthermore I do not know what exact configuration to make the nuts and bolts to prevent a repeat of the loosening. With Nony performing satisfactorily now and as I do not photograph her as much these days it seems an unnecessary surgery.
But I do worry that the looseness (totally floppy) will significantly increase the possibility of breakage as you experienced despite the skeleton being the more outstanding among all my girls.

Anyway, hope you don't think I have gone too far off topic.
Roselle is a fine, beautiful doll and now even more so. Congratulations.


Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Dollicious on November 29, 2010, 07:56:41 PM
She sounds like an outstanding doll now. Enjoy the improvements they sound wonderful. I would like those improvements for Shannon, but with the year I've had that won't happen. This year just gets worse for me. It was hard enough to find a job and now with this surgery it just tide my hands to even be able to look. Even when I finally can get home to the girls, now I can't even lift them  :'( I am happy for you and Roselle.
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Mahtek on November 29, 2010, 09:35:40 PM

Perhaps you could attend the 2012 AVN? For the last two years, I've had the opportunity to become one with my inner Carnival Barker at the LD booth, perhaps you could join in the fun?  :)

"They are the "Where's Waldo?" of dolls! Everytime you look you find something new and cool!"

Mahtek & his Ladies
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Camp on November 29, 2010, 09:52:40 PM
Musician, Thank You for this time-line of your adventure.

And, Congratulations on Roselle's new Body. Matt is an amazing guy.
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Knighthorse on November 29, 2010, 10:36:07 PM

Im really very happy to hear that you like the advancements that I had made in the time between your 1st Roselle body and her replacement. I always hate to hear when bad things happen and being that I do stand behind my product when something goes wrong, I am happy that I am able to make it good in the end. It was quite fortuitous that I was able to try some things on Roselle to have you test and I am really ecstatic to have read your review seeing that it all seems to have worked so well. You were in a very unique position being that you already had some experience with my dolls and I was thrilled to have you be the one to get feedback from. It was very unfortunate that you had to give up poor Roselle for so long but I had hoped that the combination of advancements and a couple of prototype enhancements would have made her worth the wait. I apologize that wait was so long but very happy that you have her back and have had time to get reacquainted with her.

Thanks to everyone else for your wonderful support and great compliments. Take care,


Matt K.
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: joeyjoey on November 30, 2010, 01:23:29 AM
Hay Musician buddy!

WooHoo!  Congratulations Man!!!!!!!  She's back!!!!

That was a great post.  Thanks for presenting the whole time line and all the excellent detail in your review of the new body!  May you've got me so jealous of you!  That is SO COOL!  8)   

Reading your post, there was no doubt in my mind that Matt was going to go 'above and beyond' the call of duty and knock your socks off!  That's just the way Matt is, as you know!  Matt is such an amazing person.  If he's anything, Matt is dependable, honest, and true to his word.  I know from personal experience because when Sara Nikita has a little problem, Matt was quick to take her in and make the adjustments no questions asked.  Matt stands behind his creations 100 percent.

Musician, you are ONE LUCKY GUY!!!!!   Congratulations my friend.  Enjoy your 2nd honeymoon!

Can't wait to see some new pictures of the 'new and improved' Roselle... you know, when you finally get your strength back!  ;D

Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Musician on November 30, 2010, 05:50:41 AM

I think that all of us fortunate enough to have an LD owe you and Nony a large debt of gratitude for having the courage and pioneer spirit to take the plunge on the first customer produced doll, and then provide feedback to Mat so that he could tweak and adjust and make an even better doll. I still think that Nony is very hot to look at, and I love your pics of her and the rest of the girls.


I'm so very sorry to hear about your plight. I know you've been going through this for some time now with the job search, then the surgery, and then I saw that you put Shannon up for sale, and I know that has to break your heart. You were one of the ones I was thinking of when I said in an earlier post that there has been so much hardship for so many good people this year, and I hope that it gets better for all of us. I really hope things turn around for you soon.

I've wanted to go to the AVN for the last two years, but wasn't able to. Maybe I can give it go for the 2012 event. I know I can't go this year, but it would be great fun to meet up with you and the rest of the gang and light the place up! Maybe by then, Matt will have another something going and we can get the posse together and round up a bunch of customers for him. Head 'em up, and move 'em out!   Raw...uh...silicone!  ;D

I must confess. I don't like the improvements you wanted me to test. I freakin love 'em!
Yes, it was a tough wait, but I suspect that anyone who has one of your dolls would agree, that after having one of your dolls for even a short time, one day without them is hell. They make their place in your heart very quickly. But with the improvements, I feel like I made out like a bandit on this, even though, as you know, I was heartbroken that something had gone wrong after I had been trying to be so tender with her. But, It worked out, and Roselle says that she likes her new bod better too.

Also, just to make sure it's clear to all, I knew that even though it took some time, there was always communication, and I was never left in the dark. I also knew that there was good reasons for the delay, and I always got the feeling that it bothered you and Bronwen just as much, if not more, as me. Not a bunch of hype or double talk.

One thing I forgot to expand on in the review that I feel is important to mention. We all know from not just words, but your actions that you stand behind your work (damned rare these days). I just want to express my gratitude to you for your excellent business practices. You could have just said, "Oh...it broke?" "Well, you must have done something wrong...and it's your problem, not mine". I just want to say THANK YOU for being the kind of person you are.
Camp said it very well. Your an amazing guy!

Hey Joey,
Thanks, my friend. I'll get some new pics of her as soon as I can to show those wonderful soft spots.  ;)
right now though, about the time that I think I would have the energy to do some, Roselle looks at me and says "Hey you!....yeah, you. C'mere...I've got an opening you can fill".  :-*
Needless to say, I have very little strength left.  :laugh:

One last thing that I discovered that I forgot to mention.

The heat makes it easier in the clean up process. Not really the clean up itself. But it really helps out to get her dried out internally. That always was difficult to do for me before, but now after clean up, I just plug her in for about twenty minutes just like before play time, and then unplug her making sure that she is open so that the moist air can escape, and viola! She's nice and dry inside so that there would be no chance of mildew. Like there would be enough time for that to happen anyway.  :P

But, it's pretty cool anyway. Or hot, really.  ;)

Thanks for all the kind words folks.
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: Smegma on November 30, 2010, 07:04:26 PM
That's great Musician! The gel thing in the butt must be a new development 'cause Ellina doen't have it.  :o
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: roustabout on December 01, 2010, 05:27:19 PM
Thanks for the wonderful review!
Happiness and I were looking at LD's for our first doll But the timing was against us. :'(
However, with these advancements, things may yet work out for the best ;)
'S'  ;D
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: belshanar on July 02, 2014, 06:54:25 PM
Honor the dead, the pioneers, those who helped make this place great. Musician may be gone now, but the happy memories that Roselle created with him will last forever. Having to gotten to meet both Musician and Roselle, they were a wonderful couple, human and polymersian, and I am saddened that their time together in this physical world is ended. But my heart is well, knowing that just recently Musician finally got to meet Roselle and at last they are together.
Title: Re: Roselle's New Body Review
Post by: litlluvr on July 03, 2014, 03:04:42 AM
Thanks Bel.