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Title: Doll Site Links
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Welcome to ODC's Links Page

Please report (PM) any dead links to a moderator.  Also, PM a moderator if there are any missing links that you feel should be included.
Sites in RED are ones which you may have to pay to view content.

Doll Manufacturers
1st-PC Doll (http://www.1st-pc.com)
Anatomical Doll (http://www.anatomicaldoll.com) (Russia)
BoyToy Dolls (http://www.boytoydolls.com)
Candy18 (http://www.candy8teen.com)
DreamDoll Creations (http://www.dreamdolls-creation.com) (site is in German)
Maid Lee Doll (http://www.maidleedoll.com) (Canada)
Mechadoll (http://www.mechadoll.com)
Mini Love Dolls (http://www.minilovedolls.com)
Private Island Beauties (http://www.privateislandbeauties.com)
Realdoll (http://www.realdoll.com)
Ruby13 (http://www.ruby13.net)
Sinthetics (http://www.sinthetics.com)
Teddy-Babes (http://www.teddy-babes.com/dhome.html)
Virgin Rose Dolls (http://virginrosedolls.com)

Japanese Doll Manufacturers
4Woods/AI (http://aidoll.4woods.jp/en/)
Erie Doll (http://www.erie.jp)
Orient Industry (http://www.orient-doll.com/en/top.php)
Project LEVEL D (http://www.level-d.net)
Unison SuperDoll (http://www.unison-direct.jp/index.html)

Small Doll Manufacturers
Phicen Limited (http://www.phicen.com)
Scoomin Dolls (http://www.scoonimdolls.com)

Doll Websites & Forums
Gibbmodoll's UK Doll Forum (http://www.uklovedollforums.co.uk/home.php)
Lovedolls French Forum (http://poupees-en-silicone.monforum.com/index.php)
Universal Dolls French Forum (http://love-dolls-forum.com)

Doll Related Businesses
CharlieJoanne.com (http://charliejoanne.com)
Dollstory (http://www.dollstory.eu)
RealDollSex.com (http://realdollsex.com)
RealDollPorn.com (http://realdollporn.com)

Personal Doll Sites
Amber Hawk Swanson
 (http://amberhawkswanson.com/home.html)Bienvenue chez Elle (http://bienvenuechezelle.free.fr/pages/e_indexbis.htm)
Davecat & Sidore's Shouting To Hear The Echoes (http://www.kuroneko-chan.com)
Everhard's Doll Teashop (http://www.dollcoffeeshop.com)
Incredidoll (http://incredidoll.com)

Tabo-San's site (http://www.dolldataroom.org/main.html) (not updated since Oct.2010)

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7/26/13 removed obsolete Vanessa link and added AmberHawkSwanson
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1/24/16 updated Orient Industries link