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General Discussion / Re: A Very Sad Day!!!
« Last post by aaa on Today at 06:43:02 PM »
So Sorry to hear this Nova, deepest sympathy for you and your family
General Discussion / Re: A Very Sad Day!!!
« Last post by belshanar on Today at 06:36:33 PM »
Very sorry to learn this. Loved ones passing is never easy.
Muscle Beach / Re: A Few More New Male Dolls
« Last post by deno on Today at 05:08:33 PM »
As close to Sinthetic's Gabriel as a cat is to a dog  :laugh:
Muscle Beach / Re: A Few More New Male Dolls
« Last post by grenouille on Today at 05:04:37 PM »
Beautiful trans doll

Her hips don't lie as Shakira would sing  8)

I like her little boobs

too bad she doesn't have a nice curly wig and a mini skirt to be even more sexy
Sinthetics / Re: Seraphina - Nearly 5 years later
« Last post by Stephanie Doll on Today at 02:39:16 PM »
Beautiful photos of a beautiful doll.
Sinthetics / Re: Mathilde la Gothique (Photos Art)
« Last post by Smaugxxx on Today at 01:46:20 PM »
Hello Dewyn  :-*
TPE town / Re: Doll anxiety.
« Last post by incred on Today at 12:02:07 PM »
My doll is 4"11 and her measurements are 39 L-cup 18 waist and 30 Hips. I would hate to buy clothes that she cannot wear.
Any tips in purchasing clothes so I can get the right size???

with a bust like that you will have to learn to sew. Safety pins and finger size clamps work too.

Check out Target, Walmart, or like stores for leggings in kid sizes (around 10). Shoes are around size 5-5.5

Dolls in General / Re: New Doll Maker on the scene
« Last post by incred on Today at 11:47:56 AM »

Jeezus... I would wreck that Doll.

I would say "You're a trooper", but take a number  :redhead: :drool:
General Discussion / Re: A Very Sad Day!!!
« Last post by litlluvr on Today at 11:40:56 AM »
Oh man !! So So sorry to hear / see about this Nova. This may sound strange from me, but thank goodness Anime-Expo did get cancelled this year
so you would be at least nearby.

You always have friends here Nova to talk to and share your feelings to too.  :)

Take care. litlluvr.
General Discussion / Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Last post by litlluvr on Today at 11:35:13 AM »
Watched the first day of Anime-Expo lite which started at 12 noon Pacific daylight Time (PDT...) and at 2 pm for me Central Daylight Time (CDT...).
Pretty much enjoyed watching it and the panels involved. There was some "Glitches" that did happen such as after the first fifteen minutes. You Tube
which could be used to watch programs on Channel 1 , decided to all of a sudden drop out of showing any programming !!  :o I quickly refreshed and
got a message saying "Due to the content, this event has violated our terms and will not be shown" (WTF !!??). Fortunately Twitch Tv also hosted the
channel 1 panels / events and I quickly shifted over to them for the rest of the AX event along with their channel 2.

REMEMBER... If you are watching, DO NOT USE You Tube for channel 1 events. Use Twitch Tv Anime Expo channels 1 & 2.

Here's the schedule that happened on day 1 and what will be shown on day 2...

The other glitch that happened that when the Warner Brothers Japan panel came on, the interpeters were translating the  same time when the guests
were speaking !! Couldn't even hear the translations. They talked about Is It Ok To Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon ?, Food Wars The Fifth Plate, and JoJo's
Bizzare Adventure- Golden Wind.

A lot of folks on Twitch Tv chat kept bringing up this "TWEWY". I found out it meant "The World Ends With You", which is currently a game. The good
news is that it will become an anime in 2021 !

Today (Saturday the 4th...) will have panels by Funimation and I.G. Productions. Found out that Jason De Marco from Toonami will be one of the guests
on that panel along with a slew of others.

Anyhow, day 2 is about to start. Will be posting more and hoping others are watching along !! The schedule link and links to the Twitch Tv channels are

Happy Watching All !! litlluvr, Yoshe, Amiko, Marla, Michiko, and Yuna.
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