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TPE town / Re: Aliexpress Purchase - Doll review
« Last post by senso on Today at 04:04:03 PM »
I'm not sure of this, but it might not be possible to return the doll. Being considered a sex toy.  You may be able to get some money back, but
that might not even happen. I think trying to ship it back, maybe not a good idea. I'm thinking, you will be charged shipping. I would just consider
keeping it and try for some money back.
Clearly there is a bait and switch with the doll you received and what was pictured. From what I've seen, that is common on Aliexpress. If you
wanted that specific JY166, I think the only way is to order from a well known seller and pay brand name price. Keep in mind, those prices are often
negotiable. I bought an authentic WM Doll that was approaching 2k U.S. I got her for $1,399. So you can get a name brand for less than the listing.
Of course, still not cheap. I specifically wanted that WM156cm doll, so I was willing to pay the higher price.
Here is an example of a doll I looked at on Aliexpress. Not positive but I think the seller may have been KNETSCH. The doll pictured was the WM156.
The doll being sold for $650 is clearly different. However, the seller sent me pictures of the doll that was actually being sold. So the only problem was
the product listing photos were misleading.

This is one of the typical photos of the WM156

This is the doll he was actually selling 158cm ?brand. At least he sent pics of the doll, but the listing photos were the WM Doll above. The doll isn't bad for
$650 but clearly not a WM Doll.

This is the actual WM Doll that I purchased.

This is her at home. Clearly the WM 156
TPE town / Re: Aliexpress Purchase - Doll review
« Last post by LuLu on Today at 08:48:52 AM »
Old post I know.
But the Aliexpress vendors still exist. The vendor on Aliexpress where LuAnne came from are still in business.

The doll I got via Ali is a Rifrano made... Yeah I know many go BOOOO HiSSSS :) But I will say Lu has almost completed her second year with me and she has been a very durable little dolly.
My expectations when buying her as my first doll where not set high. Did keep it real upon purchase.

None with the seller. Shipped Fedex very fast (10 days) and no damage whatsoever to the box or contents. She was in amazing shape. No blemishes, no manufacturing defects. (Bubbles, etc)
Her vagina area got beat to hell by me (fixed vag) She does not have standing feet. About 18 months in, her left hip became loose. (Fixed) The normal broken fingers after 3 months. Took me a couple of tries to get them fixed right, and they will not break now.

She is still cute as hell and I have no negatives about her. The pic posted here is from March 2018. But she is still in nice shape for a cheap "inferior" doll :)
Been a while since I've been active on ODC, so I just thought I'd give a brief update on my Aliexpress buy :)
Currently am rebuilding her labia, via my homemade paste filler. I just take my time with it, she's not going anywhere lol

Would I buy from Aliexpress again? This doll was my very first purchase on Aliexpress and I do not feel burned in any way. Have since made many purchases on Aliexpress and have not had problems with any of the vendors there. So I'm not too nervous of Aliexpress.
Stick with the High Positives feedbacks, length of time in business with these sellers and there should not be serious problems. Hate to say it, but I've been burned more by North American sellers than I have with the Chinese :) I am a Canadian, my fellow countrymen have screwed me over more LOL

Lovely Little LuAnne say hello again everyone!

The Small Doll Mall / Re: a smartdoll journey
« Last post by Ceej on Today at 07:48:07 AM »

I do like where she's pointing  8)
The Art Gallery / Re: CJ's Harem Girl on Girl thread.
« Last post by Ceej on Today at 07:45:50 AM »
That's some pretty sweet girl on girl action!   8)
The Art Gallery / Re: 2019 November Photo Challenge!
« Last post by Smoke on Today at 02:39:26 AM »
CJ and EJ definitely inspired Tasha and Caterina to team up for this entry.

After a long shift at work behind the bar at Hooters, Caterina wanted to blow off some steam. But she fell asleep.  When they woke up, Tasha was happy to assist.
Here are Tasha and Caterina in

"Helping Hands"

Tashie and Catrina!   :drool:  Well the competition is for sure very stiff !!!     :P 8)

And of course with Tashie's previous  spam well. 8) :thumb:... What we need is more entries!!

The Small Doll Mall / Re: a smartdoll journey
« Last post by incred on Yesterday at 11:57:58 PM »
Well you should be seeing that shoot soon. I just put a ton of pictures in my computer from my phone. Now to put them in order.
Poly and Feguro, thank you both!
The Small Doll Mall / Re: a smartdoll journey
« Last post by Halleheals on Yesterday at 11:06:03 PM »
Thanks Nova, I was hoping you’d like it, we need to film these two together soon  ;)

Incred you may have inspired this a little  ;)  That set on insta was EPIC!   :thumb: :thumb:
The Small Doll Mall / Re: a smartdoll journey
« Last post by incred on Yesterday at 09:50:20 PM »
There is something to be said about Smaht Dolls. They do play well together  :drool:  :thumb:
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