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How Bouncy do you want it?

Miranda is a Bouncy Breast Sex Doll with very wide hips and small waist. This sex doll has big jugs with a loose booty that will definitely satisfy you if you are a big fan of big tits, wide hips, and bouncy tits.

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TPE Marketplace / Re: Beautiful 100 cm doll for sale - NEW
« Last post by primedollz on Today at 11:12:20 AM »
Z-Dr, I am in the process of becoming a vendor but will not have a full inventory or full website ( ready to go for 90 days.  This is due to a delayed contract and shipment.  I do have 3 of these dolls left and another 60 cm that I have not posted anywhere yet.
TPE Marketplace / Re: Beautiful 100 cm doll for sale - NEW
« Last post by Z-Dr on Today at 11:08:15 AM »
Are you a vendor?  Or a member selling a single doll?
TPE Marketplace / Re: Beautiful 100 cm doll for sale - NEW
« Last post by primedollz on Today at 08:07:43 AM »
Thank you littlluvr!
TPE Marketplace / How is The Companionship of Sex Doll
« Last post by beautybarice on Today at 05:31:33 AM »
Maybe you just know realistic sex doll first time. Maybe you have a stable partner but you think of the sex doll when your partner is not available. Or you are looking for more possibilities in intercourse or masturbation, then the realistic sex doll will be a reliable option.

In fact, you can find a lot of sex dolls sold online. When you google the sex doll vendor and browse the online store, you are probably confused that which doll you should buy. The realistic sex doll is made for simulate human sexual intercourse. So it has fully sexual organs same as a nature woman. You can choose it as per your tastes and preferences. You can handle a preliminary research before purchasing the sex doll. Here list of pertinent advices for your reference. Hope it will be helpful.

Mini Sex Doll Or Normal Size Sex Doll
Advantages: Mini sex doll is lighter because of the body size, you can hold up her easier. And it rates less much than a higher doll.
Disadvantages: which 3 opening size is much smaller than normal ones. Please make sure it will fit over your penis.

Built-in Vagina Doll Or Removable Vagina Doll
Advantages: Removable vagina is better in cleaning. It can be moved in and out free.
Disadvantages: For those people who enjoy realistic experience, the built-in vagina doll will be better.

Standable Doll Or Normal Type Sex Doll
Advantages: From the words, the standable sex doll can stand by itself.
Disadvantages: The standable sex doll has screw mark under the foot, the foots are not smooth and not beautiful in apperance.
TPE town / Re: Feguro's dolls
« Last post by Feguro on Today at 01:53:00 AM »
She took the laptop, run into inet, catched some Javascript snipets for webcam control to built an own online-chat and then this:
"Please don't turn off the lights, I don't want to switch into darknet"  :facepalm:

Asian Dolls / Re: Zhen’s sister (a new Sino 155)
« Last post by Halleheals on Today at 01:33:10 AM »
Factory photos are here!
Some of you saw these already because I received them from sinodoll while we were in chat tonight,
I’m Very excited and happy about this gal, thick dolls in silicone are hard to find and Imho sinodoll nailed it for this gal  :drool:

TPE Marketplace / Re: Beautiful 100 cm doll for sale - NEW
« Last post by primedollz on Yesterday at 09:18:11 PM »
You can start your own sale! No thread highjacking please!

Primedollz, I moved your posting / sale out of the Auction Block Board due to you are selling a brand new doll
that apparently has not been pre-used to the TPE Marketplace Board.

Julian... Do not EVER make sales postings / pitches on other folks, vendors, manufacturers sales topics or conduct any
sales "On the sly" here at ODC. We belive in a level playing field here at ODC. Your posting here was split off into a new
sales topic in the TPE Marketplace Board.

Take care. litlluvr.

TPE Marketplace / Misstress Love Doll For Sale.
« Last post by Julian on Yesterday at 06:10:17 PM »
Mistress Love Dolls out of New Jersey  Has a 100cm Doll.. Regular Price $399.00 Today's Price $275.00. Almost forgot Free Shipping with in USA. . The going Price for a Import 100cm Doll around $320.00
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