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The Small Doll Mall / Re: Introducing YUNA, Volks USA Dolfie Dream Doll...
« Last post by Ceej on Today at 04:28:30 AM »
Congratulations!!! She's really cute!  :)
TPE Marketplace / Re: Smdll 158cm H cup &big butt
« Last post by Smdoll-jack on Today at 04:22:07 AM »

Dear Doll lover:
this is jack from Smdoll manufacturer.
i glad to share our new model with every one .
i hope you like it

new 158cm
if you want see more of her pictures! please feel free to contact me ... -bigg-ass/
« Last post by Smdoll-jack on Today at 04:13:11 AM »

i glad to share our new models with every doll's lover!!!

« Last post by Smdoll-jack on Today at 04:11:40 AM »

i glad to share our new models with every doll's lover!!!

new skeleton

Amazing , she looks quite tall , the details are incredible.
And dare I say, it looks like another expensive hobby with clothes and parts just like there full size counterparts.

Im sure you will have great fun with her... :thumb:
The Small Doll Mall / Introducing YUNA, Volks USA Dolfie Dream Doll...
« Last post by litlluvr on Today at 12:44:14 AM »
Hey everyone !!

For awhile now, I've been wanting a small, posable, cute looking, anime type doll. They are much easier to handle weight-wise,
more affordable, and you can do a lot of interchangebilty of body parts with them (Build / customize your own girl...). At first, I
was thinking of going with a Smart Doll like Incred and Doc Brown did, but unfortunately Culture-Japan for the last two years
hasn't show up at the Anime-Expo I've been attending. Also, the going price for a new Smart-Doll was $600 at the time...

I remember back in 2015 when I first attended the Anime-Expo. Volks USA was there, but didn't have a large display at the time,
but I did like what I was seeing with their dolls. During later years at AX, their representation became much better and they offered
more in items and folks to answer your questions. I came very close last year to finally getting one of their dolls, but it was still a good
chunk of money to get one. At this years AX, me and Incred attended a panel by Volks USA called "Dolfie Dreams" to learn and see what
news Volks had about their line of dolls coming out in the future and answered any questions folks had. Some folks even brought their dolls
to the panel.

On the opening day to the general public of AX, me & Incred went into the Exhibition Hall and the first place we went to was the Volks USA
display / booth area. I then finally made my mind up and...

After plunking $482 (U.S. Dollars...) down, I FINALLY GOT MY LITTLE ANIME CUTIE !!   :)

She is known as a Dolfie Dream Dynamite series (DD Dynamite...) Doll. The name she came with was Towa. Later on while getting to know
her better and dressing her, I finally chose the name YUNA for her.

As you can see, she ended up being quite a busty girl !! She came with her starter accessories (Sky blue wig, Nightie, and Panties (Pantsu...).
Later on, me, Incred, and Nova visited Volks USA again (Nova also bought his first Volks Cutie too !!! ) and I also purchased some different
hands and also wrist joints to fit the new hands on and a long haired brunette wig for her.

In this pic, you can see how you can remove certain parts which makes the dolls very interchangeable. I might get her another torso which is
less busty since there is NO WAY I can currently do the top snap on her nightie !!    :laugh:

Here she is finally all dressed up in her nightie, original wig, and panties (Pansu...) on her. Her left hand (Actually, her right...) has a new type
of hand (They come in pairs...)

Had to cross her nightie straps to make her nightie cover her nipples up. Like I said... NO WAY is the top snap going to work !

I also got Yuna a long haired Brunette wig since I like Black or Brunette (Dark hair girls / women...)...

For more pics and info about Yuna, please go to...

Hope to get more clothing for her. Would like to find a Japanese train station agent or motorman uniform & slacks along with
the special hat the women wear. Also hoping for a mini whistle to make the get up complete for her.

Take care! litlluvr, Yoshe, Amiko, Marla, Michiko and now my "mini"... Yuna !
Maintenance / Re: My favorite Wig (for now)
« Last post by sloopjohnb on Yesterday at 10:09:36 PM »
She has a wig on?
Maintenance / Re: My favorite Wig (for now)
« Last post by incred on Yesterday at 09:10:37 PM »
I am looking for additional wigs. I bought a few well reviewed inexpensive synthetic ones, but they eventually tangle. They are much better than the wig that came with my TPE doll, but I want better(less combing to get tangles out). I was considering going the human hair wig, but the one review for that wig your posted a link to has an owner that says it doesn't tangle and can comb it with her fingers. Is that your experience?
  A question for anyone. I see Amazon has Brazilian human hair wigs at the same pricepoint as the wig above. Has anyone tried them?

I have bought a couple less expensive human wigs, but I didn't like either. They are a lot of care, and they need more of it. Granted you can style them, but I buy the style I'm interested in.

As with any wig when brushing or combing, start at the ends and work up to the scalp. With curly or wavy hair I comb with only my fingers. If you use a brush you will loose the curl. Wig detangler spray helps.

That wig that Feguro and I posted is one I bought at Anime Expo. For an inexpensive wig with twin tails it is a very good wig. Even without the tails it is thick and full.

Sinthetics / Re: Vanilla Enjoying a TX State Park
« Last post by noquiexis on Yesterday at 08:26:30 PM »
L3ft Nut,

     Beautiful lady! Beautiful setting! Beautiful photography! You and Vanilla make a good team!

;) 8) ;)
RealDolls / Re: Meet Asuna!!! (WRD) (Asa Akira)
« Last post by Camp on Yesterday at 08:17:13 PM »

Nice Snapper !!!  :drool: :thumb:

 ( Or as we pronounce it... snappah ! )
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