Author Topic: Introducing Maidlee Doll Maid-Fong (with photos)  (Read 3241 times)

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Introducing Maidlee Doll Maid-Fong (with photos)
« on: April 26, 2015, 10:43:33 AM »
After Unboxing Maid-Fong by Maidlee Doll, I'd like to introduce her more in-depth to you.

For starters: That's how she looks like when she waits for you:

She has beautiful huge breasts with a 36DD cup size. Sometimes, Maid-Fong seems to be a bit shy about her looks…

There's really no reason for shyness. Not at all ;-) I love the fingers. They feel incredibly real when touching them - and they are fully poseable.

The hands show amazing detail. However, the makeup on her lips and on her nipples is a bit colourful.

Her nipples are harder than the breasts. This is a very realistic design.

Also, she has beautiful feet with lots of details. They even show a sinew and some veins:

The sole of a foot and her toes. For better durability, the toes are not separated. There are no wires in the toes.

In this image, you can see the seamline. However, the seams were removed very precisely. This doll was made with a high level of craftmanship!

This foot is just wonderful! It looks and feels totally realistic!

Also, Maid-Fong has very nice buttocks. Voluptuously round and very soft:

If you look at her like this, who couldn't resist?

On top of that, she has very attractive lady parts. The color of those lips is just perfect!

Above with closed lips. Again you can see how precise the seamlines were trimmed.

…and here with opened legs:

The pussy lips adjust if the legs are closed or spread. Just like the real thing!

She can touch herself with her own hands…

If you're not getting hot by that, you might want to check if you're already dead ;-)

Also she can use a toy if nobody else is around…

Because Maid-Fongs fingers have wires, they are poseable and can grab and hold small objects:

However, the joints in Maid-Fong are loose. That's adesign decision to make her a perfect love doll. She's not designed to be a mannequin.

I think you get the idea…

And there's more if you turn her around:

The butt reacts similarily to the vagina. With closed legs, the butthole is rather closes. But if you start spreading her legs, the butthole opens up invitingly for you:

By the way: Vagina and anus are exactly placed where they are supposed to be. This doll is anatomically correct where it matters!