Author Topic: FOR SALE: $1000 Custom TPE 163CM 83B 34KG WMDoll +Pics (USA) [REVISED!]  (Read 875 times)

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Purchased from Fine Love Dolls on May 7th, shipped May 12th, received May 15th.  Imported from China.  This product is new and unused, minimal handling.

Initial asking price: $1000, NEGOTIABLE
Preferred method of transaction: PayPal

Invoice (click thumbnails for full resolution):

TPE Head #553, 2.3KG (SKU:JSH-553)
Eyes, Dark Green (SKU:JS-CEC08)

TPE Body 163CM-83B-34KG, 82x62x82CM (SKU:JSB163-82B)
TPE Doll Skeleton w/ Shrugging Shoulders (Forgot to take a photo showing this action, sorry!)
Areola, Large (SKU:JS-CAS01)
Pubic Hair, None (SKU:JS-CVH01)
Skintone, Light Caucasian (SKU:JS-CSC-2)

All ten fingers and (only) the big toe on each foot have internal wires for fine positioning.

Stand-Up Feet

TPE Penis Insert Addon (SKU:FLDA-121) 16CM x2 (Note that there are two of these!)
TPE Vagina, Removeable (SKU:JS-CVT02) x1

Chemise, Pink w/ White Lace x1
Wig #3, Long Blonde (SKU:JS-CHS3) x1 (Individually bagged with a hair net.)
Wig #8, Short Black (SKU:JS-CHS8) x1 (Individually bagged with a hair net.)

Cleaning Gloves, (Looks like nylon?  Definitely not latex as FLD claims.)
Comb x1
Douche Peer Vaginal Cleanser (Basic) x1
Enema Cleaning Douche (Premium, SKU:FLDA-16) x1
Fleece Blanket, Pink x1 (Estimated size 195x145CM) (Used as the backdrop of all my own photos.)
TPE Doll Suspension Kit (SKU:FLDA-08) x1
TPE Tongue, Removeable x1 (Inside the bag with the suspension kit.)
USB Warming Rod (Basic) x1
USB Warming Rod (Premium, SKU:FLDA-17) x1

Items repacked, Total weight: 46KG (101.4LBS)

Feel free to post any questions here or PM me directly.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Listing streamlined, thumbnailed photos added, price reduced.


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Whomever sent me an email through the forum with an offer, you forgot to include your own email address, so I can't reply to you.  Please contact me again, through PM would be fine too. =/


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pm sent