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The Doll Light Zone # 19, Shelly
« on: October 08, 2009, 01:15:59 AM »
The Doll Light Zone
by keithallen

Scene : A common livingroom. A life sized doll dressed in a gold cocktail dress, and long blonde hair, stands speckled with dust in the corner between a chair and the entertainment center that holds a very large flat screen TV, as well as many stereo units and speakers. A man in a undershirt and pants lounges on the couch watching a football game. He scrubs his head in fustration and calls out a curse as the wrong team makes a touch-down. He sits up to throw a few pieces of popcorn at the TV, then flops back down.

Narrator : We have come to pay a visit to Mr. George Watson. George likes his 'things'. He has collected the best things he can afford. Even Shelly, the doll hanging in the corner, is a high quality possession that George enjoys having. Shelly has not moved from the place he put her when she arrived last year. George is perfectly content for Shelly to stay where she is, as a thing to have. Shelly is not happy to be merely an object, and has been praying for help from....
The Doll Light Zone

Scene : George's favored team throws a pass. It gets intercepted, and the other team runs through the crowd of players for another touchdown. George angrily grabs the remote and shuts the TV off.

"You loosers!" George yells, and tosses the remote on the table. He grabs his beer and gets up to stare out at the flagstone patio. "Mikey told me they were the best," he grumbles. "Now I lost fifty bucks. I don't suppoes Mikey will will pay me back."

A small noise comes from the corner. George looks at Shelly to see her move slightly. He frowns at her and says, "I bet you're laughing at me, huh?"

Angry, George grabs his remote and punches the botton to turn music on. Jim Morrison blares to life, singing : "You know the day destroys the night, night divides the day. Try to run, try to hide, break on through to the other side!..."

George changes the station a few times. Unhappy with any of the music he hears, he turns the stereo back off, and tosses the remote down.
"I guess it's just a shit day," he rumbles.

Scene : George in his well apointed kitchen, finishing his lunch. He takes the dishes to the dishwasher and puts them in. Streching his arms out, he lets out a yawn then rubs his belly. Wandering into the livingroom, he lays down on the couch, wiggles into a comfortable position, and closes his eyes.

Scene : George is standing on his patio at night. A single candle on the wroght iron patio table lights the area in a dim glow. The Doors are playing, he hears Jim Morrison singing, but the form walking towards him is his own doll, Shelly. Shelly is eyeing him intently as her mouth moves to Jim's words.

"WIll you stand above me, look my way, but never love me? Rain keep falling, rain keeps falling.. down..down..."

"What are you doing out here?" George asks curiously.

Shelly replies with the song. "Will you recognize me, call my name, or walk on by me? Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling down, down.."

"You're suppose to be on your stand, in the corner," George tells her.

"Don't you, forget about me. No no no no, don't you... forget about me..."

"Damn, you sound like a guy," George says with a smirk. "Sure you're not packing something under that dress?"

Walking up to George, Shelly grabs him by the shoulders and shakes him, singing, " Hey hey hey hey!.."

Scene : George snaps awake. Feeling hands on him, he flails wildly and screams. It is late afternoon, he is on his couch. Over him, his friend Mikey is backing off, wide eyed. The stereo is playing the Doors. George scrambles to sit up.

Mikey holds his hands up as he says, "Easy! I just stopped over to see if you were watching the game."

"You scared the shit out of me!" George roars at him. He then looks over to see Shelly hanging in the corner like she always has. He stabs the remote to turn the stereo off.

"Sorry bud," Mikey offers. "I figured you would at least watch the game. It was a great game, fantastic turnaround in the second half."

"Turnaround?" George asks. "The Ravens were getting their asses kicked."

"In the first two quarters. They came back to win, 27 to 24," Mikey explained.

George eyes him. "So, I won?"

"Yeah," Mikey says with a bit of sarcasm. He looks over at Shelly. "Guys like you have all the luck."

Noting Mikey eyeing Shelly, George says, "You know, that is starting to give me the creeps. I was thinking of getting rid of it."

Mikey's face grows a grin. "Really, can I have her? She is HOT."

"Getting rid of, as in selling. It cost me seven grand, I'm not giving it away," George explains heavily.

Mikey looks down. "Damn man, I don't have that kind of cash. I could start saving, but it would take me months... "

George waves a hand at Mikey. "Hey, I said 'thinking'. I'm not opening up an E-bay listing today. Just something you may want to keep in mind."

"Yeah, OK," Mikey says as he eyes Shelly again. Shifting his attention back to George, he says, "So we gonna go celebrate, or what?"

Goerge gets up and says, "Sure, I need to get out of here for a while anyway."

As George follows Mikey out, he glances back at Shelly. Shelly's eyes are lowered, making her look very sad. George shrugs off the feeling that she is sad, and walks out.

Scene : Night time. George comes back into the living room, staggering. He pulls his coat off and tosses it down on the coffee table. It lands on the remote. The stereo comes on. Jim Morrison wails out his lyrics. "We took out pleasures here, dug our treasures there.. can you still recall, the time we cried... break on through to the other side.."

"Don' that friggin thing play anythin elsh?" George says in a drunken slur. He reaches over to grab the remote. Loosing his balance, he stumbles and falls. His head hits the corner of the coffee table as he goes down. On the floor, he groans once, and lies still.

Scene : Darkness. The camera sees from George's eyes as they open. A bright room comes into focus. George lets out a soft moan. The livingroom looks similar, but now has a female touch to it, with stands of flower pots at each end of the couch, and a centerpiece on the coffee table. The crisp stepping sound of a woman in high heels is heard in the next room. Then Shelly enters, carrying a framed picture. She is wearing her gold dress.

George tries to track her with his eyes, but his vision is fixed in one place. He tries to move, and finds he is imobile. He is standing in Shelly's corner.

Another woman comes in. This one is wearing jeans a plain shirt with a plain, loose sweater over it, and flat soles shoes.

Shelly turns. "Hi Betty! I just got this painting from the gallery. Isn't it cool?"

Betty smiles, then glances over at George. "Sure is, Shelly. But then everything you have is cool."

"Ah, you kinda like George, huh?" Shelly asks with an impish grin.

Betty nods. "He's like a dream guy. I bet he never yells at you, or stays out all night..." she says, letting her voice drift off.

"He is a good boy," Shelly says, then adds, "But I don't know. He's just seems to be looking kind of sad lately. I was thinking about putting him up for sale."

Betty gives Shelly a hopeful gaze. "How much, can I buy him?"

Appologetically, Shelly says, "He cost me seven grand, hon. I don't think you could come up with that much."

"Oh please, at least give me a chance," Betty pleads.

Shelly puts a hand to her chin and stands deep in thought. She finally says, "OK, tell you what. If you can come up with five grand, he's yours. But that offer is only for you."

Betty lets out a squeal of glee and hugs Shelly. "Thanks!"

In his mind, Geoge says, "What! This is impossible! My doll is selling ME? What in the hell is going on here?"

Shelly and Betty leave the room, giggling between themselves. A short while later, Shelly comes back in and sits down to watch TV.

George becomes frantic as he tries to talk to Shelly. "You can't do that to me! Hey! can you hear me? Are you just going to ignore me, and sell me off to one of your friends? Come on, Shelly, talk to me, damn it!" He struggles to move, but his limbs will not obey.

Inside, George wails out, "Hey, will you at least LOOK at me! Come on, you're treating me..." Suddenly, George quiets down. In his vision, Shelly is engrossed in the television, paying him no attention. He then says in his mind, "Just like I treated you..."

George begins to think as he says, " When I thought you looked sad, you really were, weren't you? I... I had no idea. I thought you were just a 'thing'. Just a soft sculpture, how was I to know. I'm sorry, Shelly I really am. Come on, take me down, sit me on the couch and talk to me, please?"

A comercial comes on. Shelly gets up and walks out to the kitchen.

"You can't hear me, can you? Just like I couldn't hear you. Did you stand here in the corner trying to get my attention the whole time?" George asks. "Did you feel as lonely and lost as I do right now? My god, Shelly, I am so sorry."

George struggles again, trying to move. Trying with all his might, he can only move slightly. For some reason, Jim Morrison begins singing in his head.

"WIll you stand above me, look my way, but never love me? Rain keep falling, rain keeps falling.. down..down..."

"Shelly, I'm sorry!" Geroge cries out in his mind as he struggles to move. The hook holding him up lets out a 'POP", and George falls to his knees, then drops forward. Unable to move, he screams as he dives to the floor nose first. He hits, and darkness overtakes him.

Scene : Morning. George on the floor by the coffee table, his coat laying across the table. He moans rubs his head. Opening his eyes, he squints as he surveys the room from the floor. He hoists himself up with the help of the table to sit. Looking around, he lets out a chuckle. "I'm not on that damn hook, hehe. I'm free!" He then looks over at Shelly, who is hanging in the corner.

"That was one hell of a nightmare," he tells her. George gets to his feet and streches out the kinks. He notes his rumpled clothes, then eyes the dust on Shelly.

"Shower time." George states. He goes over to Shelly and picks her off the hook in a bride's carry. Quietly, he says, "Just so you know, I've never done this before, so have a little patience with me."

As he holds Shelly with one arm under her knees, and the other behind her back, her head tips back as if she is looking at him. Although her face appears the same as it always has, he gets the idea she is trying to smile.

George kisses her forehead. "Things will be different from now on. Come on let's go get cleaned up."

Scene : George walks out of the living room carrying Shelly. From his walking motions, her feet seem to kick in a flutter.

Narrator : George had bought Shelly because he liked having her presence. He was unaware just how strong her presence was. Shelly taught George that there is a difference in having something, and truly enjoying it. A lesson learned with a little help from....
The Doll Light Zone.