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Eva & Chloe Collection of Stories here.
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And now for a little history about us… Special thanks for help with formatting and proof reading by my friend Meso.

"The Lost Child"
I met Eva via a student exchange program being I had an extra room to rent out, and she was wanting to attend a nearby college that was the only one that offered her the class she was looking to take. It was a pilot class of "Dollology" or advanced repairs of dolls. The only one of its kind in the world. I figured it was an easy way to get some extra money for bills and good to have someone help me with the house duties and the company would be nice also.
 After the administration gave us each other's contact info, we began chatting for a month or so over the internet and text messages. I wish I would have saved them as this simple host-student relationship has blossomed into full-blown romance.
We were both so excited to see each other finally in person! She never bothered to set her stuff up in the spare room, as she just made herself at home in my bedroom. and took half my closet! I just got to love her!
 Her background was a bit mysterious. She’s from Les Angles, France, but something seemed off about her. She had a very dark complexion unlike most natives of France; I just ignored it and let the love play out thinking she just tans at a salon.
 I asked her a little bit about her family and history, and she said she lived in Les Angles since she was two or three. She thought she remembers a long journey when she was very, very young, but all she really remembers is living in Les Angles. Also, that her mother Aurore had never spoke of anyone other than her step-father Louis who raised her as his own with his older daughter Julissa.  She said once she asked her mother who her real father was, but her mother Aurore said, “He's not here now, but Louis is and that is all you need to be concerned with.”

A few weeks later......

We had a knock on our door. I opened it up and there was a girl there that almost made me do a double take! It was EVA!! but with wavy long hair!!
After a few seconds, I stammered out "C-c-can I help you?" And she replied in a southern Louisiana accent "Weas, mah sistah?" And I said, "Pardon me?" She then said, "Evah, mah twin sistah, is she heerh?" I said, "Um well, come on in, and I'll go get her for you; she's making up the bed." I walked back to the room and said, "Eva, someone that looks almost like you claiming to be your sister is here looking for you. What the fuck?" She looked at me with a puzzled look and muttered in broken Frenglish, "Je not know." I said, "Well, let's go find out what this is all about."
We returned to the living room and the girl saw Eva and ran up and hugged her and said, "Evah, It's me, Chloeee!" Eva was a bit taken aback by all this and did not understand.
"Here, See?" Chloe pulled out a small picture album from her purse and started to show us pictures of babies. "Dat is us! when we were itty bitty!" Eva was a little dizzy after getting the news. I asked Chloe, "What is this all about? Are you trying to scam us or something?" And she then said, "No, I got a phone call from our mudda Aroura, or Aurore, ratter in dee Angles, and she told me that Evah moved to Louisiana for school. She gived me yor address so's that I can find her." (This girl has a serious accent!! I like! must be from around New Orleans way, almost “Italianish", I thought to myself.)
"Where are you from?" I asked Chloe. she replied, "I been living down 'roun Nawlins all my life out by the swomps, I'm getting enrolled in Delgado to learn how to do peoples hair." I thought to myself, "Well, don't that beat all!"
So, then Eva and Chloe caught up, she was still a little apprehensive at the whole fact of having a sister she never knew of. I made some coffee for everyone and Eva and Chloe looked at the few pictures of them as babies. "Evah, I just wanted you to know Pappa Joe passed away a few months ago, he was in a bad wreck on I-10. Big truck runned over his ‘lil truck and squushed it." Chloe said as she began to break down in tears, "Granny Velma passed 'way several years before, ‘an now you and momma is all I gots leff ‘an I'm going to see her nex."
  I asked, "However are you going to get to France?" Looking at the junk wagon car she pulled up in, this girl looks like she doesn't have much money!
She then told me her papa left her some life insurance money and she had gotten her passport a week ago.
 A few months before he died, he had been diagnosed with liver cancer that was inoperable other than a transplant. He had been going to the Ochsner’s for radiation and chemotherapy, but deep down inside he must have knew his days were numbered. Joe told Chloe she had a sister in France and gave her some pictures that he had kept in a safe deposit box. He had been telling her little things over the course of the months up until the accident from what I gathered.
"Mamma saw on da internet ‘bout papa's death." Said Chloe. "She got on da phone and called me and tol me everrything. How he met her at a club down on Decatur St. ‘An dat dey never married, and how she leff and wen back ta France and took you. She said to me she was not 'posed to stay heruh but fo foe years anyways ona art scholarship to Tulane." Chloe then continued, "She had to go back, but papa could not afford to go too, he was a po deckhand workin’ on a shrimp boat back den outta La Fooshe Parish. He tol me when our mamma left she planned on coming back so she lef me wit Joe and Granny Velma and kep me a secret. ‘An Dey raised me right up!" Eva sat quietly throughout taking it all in and was what I think was a shock. She has been watching a lot of TV and learning English well, she just has some trouble speaking it and writing it.
  Eva then looked at Chloe and said, "So you are my sister, yes?" Chloe said, "Yeah, see right chere on the berf certificates!" I looked it over and found that Eva was born in New Orleans at Ochsner Medical Hospital!! The names of the parents, and where they were from looked authentic.
I was still not satisfied, so I called a friend of mine at the clerk of court’s office and had him do a check to see if it was authentic. He emailed me a non-certified copy of both Eva and Chloe's birth certificate from state records. Stamped and dated, signed and witnessed March 2, 2000, from the hospital and State of Louisiana.
After seeing the proof, I told Eva, it was true, she is your sister, but we did not need a piece of paper to prove it! just look at her! the only diff was Chloe's Long hair and her birthmark was in a slightly different place... um on the opposite butt cheek of Eva's. That girl pulled her pants down and showed us both! I thought to myself, "Her ass is just as fine as Eva's" Eva looked at me with the stink eye as if she heard my thoughts!
"Mama always wanted ta come back 'an get me an papa, But Mamma’s parents wouldna hear of it so we stayed with granny Velma out’ round Nawlins. I graduated from school dis year and going to go to Delgado to gets my beauty license. I love to do hair!" said Chloe as she sipped her coffee. She then blurted out, "My back name is Richard, Evah, I guess yours in L'Fleur like mamma's first back name?" Eva said, "Oui, Eva Aurore L'Fleur le tien is?" "Chloe Amour Richard." Beamed Chloe. "Papa Joe and granny Velma gave me their back name." Explained Chloe.
 Chloe's phone made a bell noise, and she looked at it and said. "Dat must be an update on mah flight." She looked at it and began to frown and said, "Gah lee, my flight dun been canceled, an they ain't gonna go til tomorrow at two!" She looked at me and asked "Well, where is a good motel to stay at in dis town?" Eva and I looked at each other and then nearly together said, "You can stay here tonight!" Chloe exclaimed. "Really?! dat would bes great! I can go and catch plane toomorra up der in Shrezport!"
 She went out to her car to get her suitcase and I heard some genuine creole cussing going on Chloe said in a cajun/creole accent "Eh bien merde, j'ai oublié mon sac!" Eva giggled a bit and I said all I understood was "shit" Eva then told me she said, "Well shit, I forgot my bag!" I told Chloe, hey don't worry, we can loan you some of Eva's clothes! I'm sure they will fit!"
 Chloe came back in and thanked us, and as I prepared dinner I could hear her and Eva chatting it up and laughing. She could not believe that Eva was a world-class Skier, and Eva had no idea that Chloe was an all-state track runner. We all sat down to eat and the first thing out of Chloe's mouth was, "Where is da Tony Chachere's?" I smiled and got up and got it for her.
 We had some pan-broiled chicken and California mix veggies, mac and cheese, iced tea, and topped it off with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream for dessert. (Eva's new favorite)
 Eva asked me to take some pictures of Chloe for her, so she would have some of her. Chloe spent the night and then was to leave the next morning after breakfast. She promised to come back and see us when she could but wanted to meet her mother, and step-father Louis and get some answers to a lot of questions. Chloe returned Eva's nightshirt she slept in, recycled her clothes, and hugged Eva goodbye, and got into her car and sped away to go shopping before catching her plane.

We hope you enjoyed this story. More to come!!