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rules for the gallery
« on: November 20, 2009, 05:20:49 AM »
* No Dolls appearing to be under legal age of 18. We check ID's at the door.
* No Human/Doll pics involving Sex Acts
* Nothing that would elude to Human/Doll Sex (IE POV close-ups)
* No simulations of Bodily Fluids, except Tears of Joy and lube.
* No weapons used in a violent fashion. (Phoebe can still brandish the peacemaker)
* No Explicit pictures in the posts. Use links.
* A seperate album is encouraged, but not nessasary.
* Bondage, Dicipline and the like are to be to a minimum please
* Manegement reserves the right to remove any pic for any reason without notice.
   However, we will try to be helpful and explanitory.

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