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Re: How to remove staining on sex dolls?
« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2019, 08:27:39 PM »
Most of the adult sex dolls are now based on silicone or TPE dolls. But these two materials are easy to be dyed. Maybe one day, when you sleep with a doll, and find that you are seriously stained, next morning. Whether it's the clothes you wear for your dolls or the clothes you wear, it's very possible to dye the body surface of the doll.

So, is there any good way to make the sex dolls look better in a short time? Maybe you have tried shower gel, shampoo, olive oil, all the common detergents you have tried. But it still has no effect.
But next, I will introduce you to a magical method. Oily markers, clothes dyeing, etc. are not a problem.

In fact, you can easily find them on the shopping website of the dolls - fade cream or mineral oil. But in addition to paying attention to the effects, the safety of using these chemicals for our human body cannot be ignored. So are these two things harmful to the human body? After all, the doll is something that our skin touches directly.

TPE sex dolls use olive oil is not effective, TPE generally uses a fading cream, and the principle of fading cream is to etch a layer of raw material on the surface of TPE to dissolve the dyed part. It is destructive, so it is necessary to confirm whether it is toxic. After all, it is a doll that comes into contact with the body. Avoid using toxic substances. However, mineral oil does not corrode.

The menthol stain remover is highly toxic. Do not let it touch your skin.

10% Benzoyl Peroxide works well. Clearasil zit creme  ;)


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Will you accept Interactive Sex Dolls?
« Reply #16 on: April 15, 2019, 05:34:34 AM »
As people's needs increase, the variety of AI has gradually increased. Scientists

have developed realistic sex dolls with AI. It can even have the emotions of people.

Whether you like the combination of AI and the sex toy market, the era of sex robots

is coming to us.

It has 12 personality traits, including innocence, kindness, sexiness, friendliness,

shyness and more.

An artificial intelligence doll with such a personality is expected to sell for

£12,000, after which the user must pay an annual fee to keep the database up to


With the development of virtual reality technology, the immersion of experiencing

users will become stronger and stronger. Robots can imitate and even surpass the

experience of people.
The“communicating” with robots may be addictive and may even completely replace

the relationship between people in the future. These vigilant arguments have been

used by many people to blame sex robots: sex and love, in fact, just a bunch of

"scrap iron."

But the sex robot is smart, and it is also the property of the robot. On the level

of sex life partner, will you accept sex robots?


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Guide to your sex doll's wig
« Reply #17 on: April 17, 2019, 05:09:52 AM »
If you have bought a realistic sex doll, you must have a tough story with her wig. The doll needs us to maintain it,and the wig is no exception.You want less trouble from the wig, then you can tie all your doll's hair, but this is not once and for all. We still have to clean the wig regularly. I mean no one can stand the hair without washing for two months.

Generally, the wigs we receive are given at random, so it is conceivable that if you do not plan to change, please take good care of her. Don't touch the high temperature, try to comb the wig as little as possible, then it won't lose hair all the time. She can't grow hair like you.

When cleaning the sex doll wig, be careful not to be as rude as you wash your hair, because the general wig is not the material of the real hair, and you will be confused if you accidentally. It is necessary to pay attention to the slightest wigs. What do you want to know is more important to ensure the wig's suppleness?

Want to make the wig easier to handle? You can try using fabric softener, soak the wig in the middle of the fabric softener's aqueous solution for half an hour. For the wig's suppleness, remember not to use a hair dryer?just let it dry naturally. Then you can feel the silky and supple hair.
The follow-up method can also be used to keep her clean and tidy hairstyle by braid and ponytail.


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Spring sale is coming