Author Topic: New 175cm male doll on the market. (Same height as Sinthetics & Realdoll males)  (Read 3159 times)

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The first time I saw Benedict I thought of Han Solo. For that reason, and his height, he will be my next doll.
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The first time I saw Benedict I thought of Han Solo. For that reason, and his height, he will be my next doll.

You aren't getting rid of "Aaron Petersen," are you?  :o :o :o :o

"Benedict" is the one with the blue background and the distracting watermark, right?

Yeah, I was playing around with my photo editing software a few nights ago. and realized if it wasn't for the watermark and mediocre lighting, you could run his set in any male nude mag that runs pics of "older" guys and no-one would know the difference - they'd just think he had a bad haircut.  ::)

Considering how different "Aaron Petersen" looks from "Baker" (his name on Unique-Dolls), I'm curious to see what he ("Benedict") and his new brother "Robert" (again Annie's name for him) look like in person with a better wig/outfit. "Jackie" looks too much like a cartoon character for my tastes as does the unnamed doll in jeans. I really want to see a set featuring "Adam" (though I prefer his moniker "Johnny" from PD) as I strongly considered buying him over "Leo."
Two year old, unused 170cm male doll for sale. Msg for details or see topic link below. Thanks.


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After some learning, I was able to insert the picture of Benedict for you guys.

Change the head for something 2 decades closer to... 18-20 year old, with the same body.. (That body aint bad :D :P )
That doesn't look like it had injections all over it's face.

I like this body, and the body of the male JY doll.


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Personally, if I was open to having a TPE doll (I can't do the oil thing, personal preference) then I would be ordering Benedict so fast!!! I love his face!!! He looks like a real man, and very nice and pleasant to be around, he's sort of smiling and looks friendly.


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Found this on the TPE marketplace. There's also a new 160cm doll I haven't seen talk about.

While I'm on the subject, the "All the dolls on the market" thread could use a little service.  :whistle:


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I have also noticed that the male dolls do look very feminine, especially in their facial features. And their eyebrows are done like a woman’s. The brows need to be thicker, straighter and right above the eye on the brow bone. One of the faces reminds me of what it would look like if Brad Pitt and Bubba J (one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets) had a baby. Yikes!  I was lucky to have stumbled upon Larry’s body and head/face. It seems that in order to make them appear more manly we gotta add facial hair and brow wigs. I am currently on the search for the right brow wigs for Larry.