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Safe stain remover
« on: February 12, 2020, 11:31:05 PM »
I thought I would post this even though there may be a thread on this already.
I managed to get a couple of clothing stains on Mei. Even with a fair amount of experience with TPE dolls, Phicen dolls too, I can find a way
to stain a doll. Always feel stupid after the fact.

  Mei freaked out a little after noticing the stains.


The stains were made by a black skirt that she had on for about two weeks. I probably didn't wash it enough.
  The stains were the worst where they're shown in the photos and some stains on her lower back and upper legs.


  Not to worry Mei... The miracle treatment is on it's way. Pimple cream (benzoyl peroxide)

  I spread the cream a bit liberally on the stains and then wrapped it in plastic wrap.


  Three days latter... Gone
  This photo is after removing the wrap and washing off the cream with mild soap and water.

I'm always impressed how well this stuff works. I stain Phicens from time to time and it works on those too. But it seems to take longer on them.
This is probably more informative for new doll owners. Most people that have had dolls for a long time, probably know this. So for people new to this -
If you get a stain, don't panic and try to get it out with a harsh detergent or scrubbing. Mild soap and water is OK and try the pimple cream.
Actually, light stains often fade on their own. It just takes a while.

I don't know if this works on silicone dolls. I would think it would, but not sure. Maybe a silicone doll owner can answer this.


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Re: Safe stain remover
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 12:08:41 AM »
This is a really nice, clean and simple "how to" thread!

Heh, my first thought was.....what a pretty doll Mei is :)

Glad to know this works on Phicens too.
"Leaving it to the imagination" is highly overrated.

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Re: Safe stain remover
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2020, 05:36:51 PM »
Thanks Ceej
I'm not sure if Phicens are TPE, but it looks like it. The cream works well on them, it just takes longer.
One of my dolls had bad stains on the legs. I had to apply the cream twice and it took almost two weeks,
but the stains came out.