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Smart Doll - Kanata (Alternate) (Milk)
« on: June 06, 2020, 03:18:00 AM »
Hey all,

Before I introduce the new girl to you all. I should probably explain the sudden increase of Smart Doll purchases lately. As I'm pretty sure your all probably wondering this very thing. Well, the truth is I just love them so much. That I can't help myself but to want them all. LOL! 

Plus they are so much fun and easy to take outside and photograph. And I love the ability to be able to travel with them painlessly. OK, but why so many? Well, I love displaying the clothing as much as displaying the dolls. Many of those outfits I got from Culture Japan and Dollgerie are works of art. And would be a shame to just keep them hidden away in some hamper. Having more dolls gives me the opportunity to display more of those outfits too.

Also with the cancellation of this years AX. I had a lot more funds available. So I decided to use some of that spending capital and purchased a few more smart dolls and some accessories. LOL! Both Incred and Halleheals already know from Instagram. But my smart doll madness did not stop at Kanata.   :whistle:

Now for Kanata. She was one of those smart doll girls that was pretty much on my wish-list since her release in August of 2018. And she has always maintained one of the top three positions on that list. But for some reason I could never get her through checkout.  Until now! Even though she has been in my shopping cart many times before. She would always end up getting bumped off of the order just before submitting. 

It wasn't until just recently when I read a post from Danny on Instagram. Which he mentioned the discontinuation of many Smart Doll girls in milk skin tone. And would soon discontinue them all. Except for the licensed dolls that require it.   After reading that post  I made Kanata a priority.  Now Danny did mention that optional parts in milk, such as Bust and hands sets. Will still be available for some time, But in limited quantities. 

Now as I write this post. Danny has stopped selling the full dolls in milk and is only selling the head and wig as a combo.  The purchase price for this is 39,800 JPY, which is about $365 USD. And there's a stipulation... You can only purchase if you already have a smart doll body in milk and can prove it. The full dolls in milk are no longer available as a result of everyone buying them up in panic. Which I'm guilty of!!  :whistle:

Anyways without further ado here is the lovely Kanata! She is wearing her new cocktail dress from Dollgerie! And has on the newly released Genesis glasses. Which looks totally sexy on her!   ^-^

Stay tuned for some more Smart Doll introductions! I have quite a few more! LOL!  :whistle:


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Re: Smart Doll - Kanata (Alternate) (Milk)
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2020, 09:41:51 AM »
I would buy bewbs but they are smooth. Bewbs without nips are pointless