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5 year doll review
« on: July 09, 2020, 10:40:14 PM »
This is my doll review of a wm tpe doll purchased from
Paid close to $2700.00 158 cm replaceable Vagina 68 lbs. #36 head later got # 38 head
No standing foot option was not available at that time.

No finger pokes, no broken wrists, no broken anything,
Right hip joint came loose with play still functions
Only one nail came loose from left foot since having her do to sock catching it
Simply glued back, no eye lash troubles, make up still good since got her. Have never
Used for oral, just vaginal,
No rips nor tares anywhere,

Customer service from Rlsd is to me excellent never used anyone else other than
Real doll for dolls had good experience with them as well.
Was quick easy to place order, shipping was free and quick as well.

Realism is very awesome for tpe dolls,
Eyes, vagina, fingers, and feet, for a less expensive doll compared
To silicone,

Sex has been good not enough though, do to living arrangements,
Maintenance has been very easy, shower, powered, baby oil, and storage.

Recommendation though to anyone wanting a tpe doll, get the standing option, offers layaway, many ways to pay, a variety of options,
And even some of their dolls and products no one else has, like teeth, bacteria killing machine, powder,
Eyes, and even heads,

One last thing prices have came way down since purchasing my doll.

All and all positive good experience with my doll and the part reseller and manufacture wm and reallovesexdoll