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Sinthetics Review
« on: January 16, 2011, 09:59:02 PM »

Body: 1H

Skin Tone: Dolce w/matting sealant

Head 1: Alicia, Eye color: Deep Brown, Make Up: Winter Sky, Upper liner only, Rum Runner lips
Head 2: Monique, Eye color: Deep Blue, Make Up: NYC Club, Feline Night liner, Rose lips

Nails: French manicure

Special options: Honeypot insert (Voluptuous labia)

Weight: 70-75 lbs estimated

Scent: Virtually none; slight Sil-Poxy smell near the eyes/eye lashes and mouth.

Articulation: Eyes, head, neck, clavicles, shoulders, arms, forearms, wrists, fingers/thumbs, backbone/waist, hips/thighs, shins and ankles. So to summarize:

•   Eyes can be freely moved in any direction by removing the wig, opening the back of the skull and positioning as desired
•   Head can be turned left and right and be tilted backward or forward
•   Neck can be tilted left, right, backward and forward (or any slight combination thereof)
•   Clavicles can, with a little effort, move up and down in a ‘shrugging’ movement
•   Shoulders rotate forward and back, move up and down
•   Arms, which bend at the shoulder as noted above, also rotate/twist on their axis a bit
•   Forearms bend at the elbows and rotate/twist on their axis
•   Wrists bend backward, forward and twist slightly independent of the forearm
•   Fingers have a wire armature attached to a palm plate with separate thumb plate and wire armature to create natural hand poses
•   Backbone/waist bend backward, forward and side to side and of course twist
•   Hips/Thighs bend backward, forward and side to side, twist slightly; the thighs can be spread apart or bent inward closer together
•   Shins bend at the knee and rotate/twist on their axis a bit
•   Ankles bend up, down and side to side independent of the shin

Softness: Generally soft to squeezable everywhere depending on the thickness of silicone in relation to core placement.  That is, when pressing an area with two fingers the silicone has resilience similar to real skin.  So to summarize:
•   Neck, shoulders, arms forearms are soft
•   Gel filled breasts do not jiggle but are very soft, can be squeezed together and still maintain their shape when released (which is that of a girl with an amazing surgeon)
•   Butt and thighs are very firm, shin, calves and feet soft
•   The hip bone, waist and lower abdomen areas are soft to about the belly button whereas the upper abdomen and sternum areas are firm

Entries: Vaginal, anal & limited oral.   

Delivery: ‘Sierra’, before she had a name, was originally conceptualized by me to be a Lovable Doll which unfortunately was not to be due to LD’s legal issues.  In mid-October Matt K and I were in contact and discussed other possible options available to me.  I’m happy to say Sinthetics was able to deliver me a beautiful doll in about 12 weeks’ time. 

Sinthetic’s first body type, obvious feature aside, is actually petite and slender in build standing about 5’ 2”.  A boob lover’s dream, the B1H may seem too small for some who prefer wider hips, thicker thighs and a full bottom in context to the size of the breasts.  This was actually a concern I had when looking at prototype photos of the doll; it wasn’t until I saw it in person and able to take in the sum of its parts that I could appreciate the aesthetic of the overall effect.  Slightly cartoonish, sure, exaggerated, to be certain, but meant to be.  So don’t be so quick to call the B1H ‘scrawny’ or ‘anorexic’.  Petite, slender or trim better suits a B1H which just so happens to have an unbelievable rack…

This is a highly pose-able doll, comfortable to lift and position.  I have been very surprised by how easy it’s been to simply lift the doll by the armpits from a bed or chair to my doll stand and back again.  The center of gravity for the doll (to me), is the rib cage/chest making lifting less strenuous in that regard and I feel in control when moving to and fro; never off balance.  Given the level of articulation with careful patience there are a number of poses possible although admittedly, I haven’t gotten too extreme in this area. The few poses I have done so far for photography and more importantly dressing and undressing were easily accomplished.  In particular the joints shoulders/arms and elbows can be positioned to aid in costuming the doll.

The combination of the dolce skin tone, blushing and matting sealant result in lifelike coloring resembling someone with Latin or Polynesian pallor in natural or indoor light so long as the indoor light itself is not too yellow.  In the last instance I noticed dolce can tend to look a little more olive when indoor light is yellowish.  The texture of the platinum silicone with matting sealant is very close to skin in that the friction one expects is there but not overly so.  In other words there’s no ‘orange peel’ or grit and it’s not oily; it feels ‘powdery’.  I noticed when putting a wig on Sierra that the doll doesn’t give off any smell unless one is very close to the eyes or mouth.  This could be because of the sealant, silicone blend, both or some other reason.  Perhaps the eye lashes an element of the mouth and/or face skin is attached by Sil-Poxy.  Regardless, scent is unnoticeable walking into a room or in close proximity.

As the B1H was scanned/molded from a real person features such as the hands, feet and belly button are expected to be incredibly detailed.  I can’t say whether or not Matt sculpted or refined additional detail or not but they all look very realistic.  The hands are symmetrical to the figure not over or undersized and French manicure nails attached with precision.  B1H is a shoe size 7 and seem slightly oversized barefoot but just right in heels.  I think it’s an optical illusion.  Barefoot there’s a high arch and I believe there’s a plate in the instep for support.  From the instep to the tip of the toes is silicone so in a heeled shoe everything positions realistically.  The big toe is separate the smaller toes which are webbed/connected together.  It looks to me that with some careful cutting one could separate the toes.  As for the belly button, it’s an ‘inny’ to go with a tone belly.

About those breasts…

The gel filling is under a thin silicone layer.  As near as I am able to perceive, the gel goes from the nipple inward to the ribs up to a firm barrier of silicone (or other), in the sternum and pectoral areas.  They’re firm standing on their own, yet squeezable and soft for play.  They don’t jiggle like a real breast and to my experience they feel like a woman with large implants.  The areolas on my Sinthetic are small for breasts of this size which is to my preference so future owners should take note if they have different tastes.  As with the hands, etc., the areolas are extremely detailed with mild goose bumps/follicles just like the real thing.   Breast enthusiasts will have to decide for themselves if texture, size, shape or some combination make it or break it (for them).  I’m a visual guy and I like shapes.  That is not to say the breasts don’t feel fantastic because they do to me.  It will just be to personal taste if the breasts are soft enough, too soft, too big, not big enough, etc..

B1H has vaginal, anal and limited oral entries.  I will qualify the next observations freely admitting I have not ‘tried’ any one of the three (yet).  Starting with the oral entry, it is possible but very shallow.  No, not ones desire to orally violate one of Matt’s sculptures but the cavity itself.  It’s about the depth of a business card lengthwise and depending on one’s genetics the opening is pretty narrow.  If oral is a must, owning one ‘hero’ head and one ‘stunt’ head might be the way to go until there’s a better solution from Sinthetics down the road.  Personally, I find the heads Matt sculpts to be exceptionally pretty and would never dare so it’s not a deal breaker for me.  Aside from the vaginal option of ‘insert’ versus ‘permanent’, there were three labia types available to me: petite, standard and voluptuous.  Petite has a very slim look with thin labia that are recessed, hood covering any clitoris that would be visible. Standard has a visible clitoris and slightly engorged labia.  Voluptuous has a visible clitoris and more engorged, larger labia.  I chose voluptuous because I liked the sculpture. It looks more real to me.  I haven’t really inspected the anal entry so both the vaginal and anal portion of this review will require an addendum.

As an artist Matt is well-known for sculpting beautiful faces (male or female).  There really isn’t too much more that can be said there because his work speaks for itself.  It’s understating, I know, but they’re simply amazing to look after make-up has been applied and a wig finishes off the piece.  There’s a skull covered by the silicone sculpture that attaches to a lipped post on the neck.  A skull cap to access the eyes is held in place by a notch and magnet system.  To articulate the eyes the back of the skull is opened and posts on the backs of each eye are rotated into whichever position is chosen and there’s a sort of trigger to disconnect the head from the post.  If I had one criticism it would be that I wished there was an easier method to access the eye movement so the flip top skull could be done away with.  The design is not inherently bad, but for ease of use I’d prefer to not take the wig off.

My Sinthetic arrived wrapped in a cocoon/bag and dressed in an outfit Bronwen picked out based on my favorable response to the photo set appearing on the Sinthetics website.  It came with a pair of black patent leather high heel sandals, a cleaning kit and a hand bag that contained a ring, small bottles of lube and perfume and some nylons to protect Sierra’s hands or feet when dressing.  A small diary containing my dolls’ particulars and instructions how to care for it was hand delivered the weekend of AVN 2011.

In closing…

This doll is crazy cool and I’m very happy with my purchase.  I feel very lucky to own not one but two beautiful full-bodied dolls now with the addition of my Sinthetic Sierra (and her as yet unnamed alter ego).  I think I’ve said it in other words already but my experience with Matt, Bronwen and Sinthetics as a company has been excellent and on par with manufacturers of the same size or larger.

I think I covered as much as I could so far and I’ll add to this review as I discover any new things (good or bad), correct any spelling errors, etc.. 


Addendum I:

Shipping: Sierra was delivered by a trucking company in a sturdy cardboard carton measuring approximately 72"L x 22"W x 14"H. She was wrapped in a cocoon/bag, clothed, with head attached.  There was enough space to store the extra head in its own box, shoes in their box and the other goodies that were sent along (noted above).  The filler for empty space was large bubble wrap.

Neckbolt: I treated it so matter of fact that I forgot to mention that Sinthetics have a neckbolt (round eye bolt).

Anal entry: The doll comes with a balloon knot that can be inserted for photography.  A little hand sanitizer is recommended as a lubricant to instert it.  While removing the knot I noticed the entry is ribbed and seems to be its own canal (separate if the honey pot insert).

Addendum II:

Vaginal entry: The Honey pot insert is made of a softer platinum silicone with ribbing inside the canal creating a subtle texture which also keeps water-based lubricant more evenly distributed because the lubricant has somewhere to collect.  Similar to other inserts I've tried, there's a suction effect since air can only escape through the opening.  The insert can be soaked in lukewarm/hot water before use as a substitute to, or lack thereof in my case, of an internal heating option.  It's easy to remove, install & clean and every 13th month for the life of the doll you can request a free replacement insert from Sinthetics.


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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2011, 10:22:06 PM »
Thanks SO much!  More pics please.  Sinthetics is the one I have decided on.


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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2011, 10:34:37 PM »
Toys, that was an awesome review.  Having seen the new doll in person and having a LD I know once Sinthetics gets rolling they will be a force to be reckoned with!


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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2011, 08:19:54 AM »
great review, hope you get time to find out how she is for "play" :)


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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #4 on: January 17, 2011, 03:53:51 PM »
outstanding review, Toys!  Nicely detailed and complete.  Thanks for taking the time to post it.


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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #5 on: January 19, 2011, 12:31:28 AM »
Great review, Toys.

I'm glad to hear that she's as good she looks.  8)
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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #6 on: January 19, 2011, 01:08:01 AM »
Great review, very well-written and informative. I can’t wait to read about the performance aspect of the doll - if she’s half as functional as she is beautiful, it’ll be a fantastic experience, I’m sure.

I have to agree with what someone else said… MORE PICS!  ;D


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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #7 on: January 19, 2011, 09:01:26 AM »
Great Review...

The pics are awesome too.

What a pretty Doll.
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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #8 on: January 19, 2011, 09:06:58 AM »
Thats an amazing review and some nice pix too.....but there can never be too many pix. so please keep them comming! :)
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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #9 on: January 19, 2011, 10:20:23 AM »
Thanks for the great review. This sort of information is a great resource to have out there.
That's what I do. I run, and I know things.

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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #10 on: January 19, 2011, 08:01:48 PM »
This is one of the best reviews I have ever seen.

Thanks for sharing.

Kim’s, Layla's , Nicky's and Nicole Ann's pictures are here:


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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #11 on: January 21, 2011, 08:19:49 PM »
Toysin3D:  CONGRATULATIONS on getting Sierra!  She is absolutely stunning!  Also, your review is really amazing---Detailed to the point where you can visualize clearly what you are describing.  GREAT JOB ;)

I look forward to seeing much more of your Sinfully-Lovable Sinthetic Lady!


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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #12 on: January 29, 2011, 03:23:41 PM »
Sinthetics so far is the doll I am most considering.

Those feet though. Those are some extremely large feet for something that is only 5'3''.

I know a girl who is 5'9'' with size 8 and that looks like a good fit.


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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #13 on: January 29, 2011, 03:30:47 PM »
Actually, this is a body based on an actual model, and her feet are size 7, just like the doll's. It's an average size for that height, she just has thin legs which may make the feet look larger.
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Re: Sinthetics Review
« Reply #14 on: January 29, 2011, 03:42:12 PM »
Actually, this is a body based on an actual model, and her feet are size 7, just like the doll's. It's an average size for that height, she just has thin legs which may make the feet look larger.

To be fair, just because it was molded on a real model, does not mean that the model did not have larger than normal feet for her height. I have never even seen a girl who was 5'3''ish with anything larger than a size 6 shoe.

Not saying it is a deal breaker, but I am kind of a foot guy so it is a concern.