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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #810 on: July 09, 2020, 04:25:50 AM »
Glad you at least caught that part Incred. I at first didn't want to watch the closing concert event, but since I did like the
online showings, I felt I needed closure to everything and watched it. Good thing I did or I would have missed out on a
great performance by a renowned singer who is known for a classic opening theme tune !! More on that later...

Anyhow, the first event I watched on day 2 (July 4th...) was the Funimation panel. There really wasn't much that popped
out and made me go "OOOH !". Was interested in knowning that they will have "Fire Force-Season II" out and they will
also have "Sword Art Online (SAO...) Alicization-The Final Season" out too.

They did confirm that they are now involved with Aniplex when they announce another title coming soon. Wasn't too
impressed with it though and I may have already mentioned it when I posted about the Aniplex panel.

Production I.G.  Had Maki Terashima-Futari from their USA branch hosting their online event. She brought up that they
did do some "Shorts" involving Adult Swim's "Rick & Morty" series and showed a clip of one of them. They also have
several projects planned with Toonami that Jay De Marco mentioned during his spot. Maki did bring up that the short
feature "Uzumaki" that was supposed to be broadcast on Toonami has been delayed until fall due to the pandemic.

Some titles that Production I.G. plan to have out this year are "Sherlock Homes", "To The Top", Legend Of The Galatic
Heros - Die Never" (? Didn't quite get the last part of the title...), "Physco Pass 3", "Words Bubble Like Soda Pop", and
"Vampires". "To The Top" & "Words Bubble Like Soda Pop" are the more "Comical" titles that were mentioned.

Pony Canyon talked about a number of titles they plan to come out this year with such as "Happy Go Lucky Days",
"Dynazenon" which involved some of folks who worked on Gridman SSSS, "Deemo-The Movie", "Dragon House-Hunting",
and "Tokyo Revengers".

Crunchyroll also has several titles they plan to debut on their streaming service such as "Rent A Girlfriend", "The God Of
Highschool", "Gibiate", "Onyx Equinox", "So I'm A Spider-So What?", "Tonikawa", "With A Dog & Cat, Everyday Is Fun",
"Ex-Arm", "Monster Girl Doctor", and "The Hidden Dungeon".

Some of the smaller studios were also on such as Orange Studios. They are known for "Beaststars" and a lot of folks
were happy in Twitch Tv chat when it was mention that a second season is coming! They are also known for "Idolish 7"
and "Mr Affection". It was fun watching and having the production crew talk about their projects (All Female...) and it
was also kind of funny in that they were enjoying snacks & drinks while talking with everyone.

Did watch a panel put on by Bushiroad that had a very adorable looking Japanese hostess with a very endearing voice
and could talk in english !!  :drool: There were two other young women with her and they did do a demo of a "Gitaur
Player" like game for smartphones.

Did watch the panel for "My Anime List" (MAL...) which was mentioned earlier in this topic for sorting and rating any
anime you have viewed. Was pretty interesting.

Finally as I mentioned in the beginning, I did go ahead and watched the closing concert that had 5 singers who have
sung in various anime. Four were women and one male singer. One female preformer especially had my attention
since she is world renown for singing the opening theme for a classic anime. Yoko Takahashi was the fourth singer to
appear and did about 4 tunes. She did a great version of "Fly Me To The Moon" in english, but she saved the best and
probably the most desired tune for last. She finally did "CREWL ANGEL'S THESIS" from Neon Genesis Evangelion !!!
The Twitch Tv Chat was going wild when she did preform it.

There were also several "Cultural Events" (15 minute shorts...) that were interesting. One of them was a woman who
had this very small stove that actually worked and she made mini-meals with it !! She either used a small candle or
a small cube of gelled fuel (Sterno...) to provide the heat for cooking. the burner tops and pots / pans looked like they
had the diameter of a quarter, but she was able to deep fry couqettes, melt chocolate, steam vegetables, etc. Some of
our small ball jointed dolls would have been very happy with the items she prepared !! Look up "Yuka's Tiny Kitchen" if
you are curious.

I didn't go into describing what the coming anime are about from the vendors / studios since this would have taken forever
to do. If you want more details on a title, look up the studio and / or vendor and include the title you are interested in.

All in all, Anime-Expo lite was pretty good ! Of course I would have rather attended the AX in person since there is a lot more
going on at the actual event. But this very much filled the void of not being able to go this year. Sorry I didn't make an account
with Twitch Tv chat. Would have been fun to interact with everyone there online.

Until next time folks !! litlluvr, Yoshe, Amiko, Marla, Michiko, & Yuna.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #811 on: July 24, 2020, 03:23:38 AM »
The final episode of Paranoid Agent is going to be broadcast on July 25th / 26th on Toonami this weekend. I'll have finally
watched it completely through. You definetly needed to watch each episode to be able to follow along with the overall
story. It wasn't all that bad to view this time around.

Not sure what is going to replace it during the weekend of August 1st / 2nd. I do know that an online event with the Adult
Swim folks is supposed to be held (Not sure when...) and since Toonami is actually part of them, they will be there to talk
about at least the animated version of Blade Runner- Black Lotus I saw mentioned and supposedly about other anime
that may be shown in the future on Toonami.

Take care & keep watching / enjoying !! litlluvr, Yoshe, Amiko, Marla, Michiko, & Yuna. 


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #812 on: August 06, 2020, 01:45:40 PM »
Some good news in my anime watchings. Jo-Jo's bizzare adventures - Golden Wind has started back up again on Toonami.
Guess while Paranoid Agent was being shown, they had enough time to do more english dubbing for the next episodes. It
really doesn't matter to me if an anime is in Japanese with english subtitles or dubbed.

Mob Psycho 100 ended it's encore showing last Saturday / Sunday (Aug 1st / 2nd...) and it looks like Fire Force is returning !!
Don't know if this will be season II being shown or if they might be backtracking some on the first season.

Haven't been watching anything online lately due to I've been busy with building a new computer from scratch (Constructing
the case too...). Needed to do an all-out update on everything.

Anyhow, take care and keep watching !! litlluvr, Yoshe, Amiko, Marla, Michiko, & Yuna.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #813 on: August 25, 2020, 03:45:19 AM »
Fire Force did backtrack on episodes when it re-started two weeks ago on Toonami. They started again at the episode where they try to
recruit Vulcan to join the crew of Station 8. During the last two weeks, They showed three Batman movies in celebration of a DC Fandome
event that will be online the 26th of August. Eventhough I'd rather watch anime on Toonami, the Batman movies they showed were actually
pretty good. They showed Batman- Year One, Batman Returns Part 1 & 2, And another movie that involved Production I.G. (Can't remember
the title...).

Next weekend (Aug 29 /30th...), Assassination Classroom will debut at 1am Eastern Time !! I've seen pics of this here & there and it looks
bizzare to me. Do very much want to see what it is all about !

Take care all ! litlluvr, Yoshe, Amiko, Marla, Michiko, & Yuna.


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Re: An Anime Thread, MK II
« Reply #814 on: October 26, 2020, 12:34:54 AM »
Been awhile since I last posted about my anime watchings. But some going-ons  have happened or will be happening...

First, Jo-Jo's Bizzare Adventures- Golden Wind has finally completed it's run as of Oct 24/25th on Toonami. For some crazy reason they
will be replacing it with an Adult Swim cartoon called "Gemusello, Machu Picchu - Death Beats. I'm not too impressed with what I've seen
in the advertisement for it. But starting on Nov 7th, Fire Force- Season II & Sword Art Online- War of Underworld Season II will be starting !

Golden Wind turned out to be pretty good. Plenty of action and a pretty good storyline. Especially liked the music they used for the ending credits
in the latter episodes

Found out that a project that Crunchyroll has been working on will be appearing in 2021 on Toonami. It's called "Fena - Pirate Princess". Did see
a short sneak peek of it and it looks pretty good. Production I.G. is also involved in it.

That's all for now. Take care! litlluvr, Yoshe, Amiko, Marla, Michiko, & Yuna.