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My Fake baby documentary

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Hi Raingirl,   You're probably correct, I don't remember what she was called.  I call her Escort Barbie.

Dolls can help fill an emotional need, regardless what that need is.

Action figures can allow a little boy who is powerless in the world feel as though he can save the world singlehandedly. Or a little girl in poverty can lead a life of glamor and romance.

The type of doll will be chosen based on the need.

I chose my dolls for physical reasons, not knowing the emotional attachment that I'd have with them. I can imagine that the appeal of Reborns is mostly emotional, but there is also the physical aspect of holding and caring for one. It would be similar to what I feel cleaning, powdering and dressing my girls. I feel bad if one gets "hurt", I suppose a Reborn owner would feel the same.

I'd be OK with dating a girl with a Reborn. I'm not so sure I'd be comfortable taking it everywhere with us, but I'd have to cross that bridge when I came to it. So long as she didn't ask me to give up my dolls I'd never ask her to give up hers.

Mahtek & his Ladies

     I did not see the documentary, and since I am on dial-up here, I do not do youTube. However, I read about the simulated baby on TDF some time ago.
     I see nothing wrong with a woman or man who wants a simulated baby in the house. They can give it all the care they want without the difficulties of a living baby. I would have no problems with them taking the doll out in public, so long as they were as respectful of him or her as they would be with a real baby.
     Just as we may have a need or desire for life-sized dolls, I can see how someone may have to fulfill the crushing need or desire to parent an infant doll. But just as we realize that our dolls will not age, they should realize that these dolls will never grow up.
     The only other thing missing is the non-sexual youth dolls to fill the middle ground. Remember Artificial Intelligence?
     If I were still dating, I would not mind if the lady had a house full of dolls, so long as they were properly presented (dressed). Doll owners as a whole should be as respectful to visitors as any married couple, in my opinion.

AI is a awesome film. Seems it came and went without any recognition.


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