Author Topic: The DOll Light Zone # 24 : The Genie, PT 3  (Read 3047 times)

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The DOll Light Zone # 24 : The Genie, PT 3
« on: August 18, 2012, 10:54:24 PM »
Sitting in front of Jake's ramshackle 'home' in her cross-legged pose, the Genie glares off at nothing.  Inside, Jake puts the old mattress he found on his pallet bed, then lays cardboards over it.

   â€œGot a few holes, but this is going to be much softer,” he says, pleased with himself.

   â€œYou COULD have any bed you want,” the Genie grumbles.

   â€œHey, if it's free, it's for me!” Jake announces happily.  Sticking his head out of the worn-blanket door, he says, “I know where to get more pallets if you want a bed too.  They're kinda hard, but if we get a big leak during a rainstorm, you won't wake up in the water.”

   Holding her hands to her head, the Genie mutters, “I'm going to cry.”

   â€œI don't mind making it, you got rid of those collector guys for me,” Jake offers.

   â€œI'll sleep in my bottle,” the Genie states.

   Jake hold the bottle up and frowns.  “How will you fit?”

   â€œI came out of there, didn't I?” she reminds him.

   â€œYah, but how?”

   Shooting to her feet, the Genie spins to face him and growls, “It is MAGIC, you block head!  That's how I grant you WISHES.  I really don't care what you wish for, but pick something will you?”

   Gapping at her, Jake asks weakly, “So, you don't want me to make you a bed?”


   â€œOK,” Jake says in a small voice and ducks back inside.

   Throwing the blanket door open, the Genie walks in to find Jake opening an MRE packet meal.

   Holding up, he asks, “Hungry?  I got three more.”

   â€œShow me my bottle," the Genie says firmly as she glowers at him.

   Jake pulls the bottle out and shows it to her.

   Pointing a finger at him, she growls, “I'm going back in my bottle.  Whenever you decide to wish for something, open it up and I'll come out.  DO NOT open it until you are ready to tell me your wish.  GOT THAT!”

   â€œYeah, sure,” Jake says in a squeak as he shrinks away.

   The Genie's form melts into the foggy gas, then is sucked back into the bottle.  The cap appears and spins itself in place.  Jake pockets the bottle and returns to his meal. 

   â€œHey, Jake, you in there?” a quiet voice asks.

   â€œYeah, eating dinner,” Jake replies.

   â€œCome on out, I found a whole bunch of stuff to turn in.  I can't take it all myself.”

   Jake gets up with his MRE.  He goes out to see a man in a suit.  “You don't look like no bum,” Jake says.

   â€œNeither is he,” the man says, and points behind Jake.

   Jake turns to meet a fist crashing into his face.  He hits the ground, and is kicked in the gut.  Doubled over in pain, he watches another man light a rum bottle with a rag stuck in the end.  The man throws it into his shelter.

   â€œNo!” Jake cries.  He tries to get up, and is dragged away to get kicked and punched as the interior of his shelter glows with the fire growing inside.  A man holds a gun on the burning shelter.  Sometime as the fire grows to consume his new roof, Jake is kicked into unconsciousness.


   Jake comes around with a throbbing headache.  Lying on a concrete floor in a dark room, he moans in pain.  His sides hurt bad, he can barely breathe.  Holding his aching sides, he tries to sit up.  It hurts too much.  He falls back to lie on the cold floor and moan out his agony.

   The door opens, casting light onto him.  The figure in the doorway asks, “Where's the bitch who was with you?”

   Scared he's going to be killed, Jake moans out, “My pocket..”  He tries to reach for his pocket to show the man, but the man steps up and kicks him in the face.

   â€œSmart ass, huh?  We know how to deal with smart asses.  Which fingers don't you want?” the man growls.

   Rolling on the floor dazed, Jake only cries in pain.  Men come in and sit him up.  Another grabs his chin and makes Jake look at him.  “The dark haired bitch who offed my men.  Who is she?”

   â€œGenie,” Jake croaks out.  He coughs and spits up blood.

   â€œAnd where can we find her?”

   Not wanting to get kicked again, Jake replies, “Don't know.”

   The hand on his chin tightens.  “If you don't know, then there's no sense in keeping you alive,” the man says heavily.  “Talk, or we'll be digging your grave in the riverbank.”

   â€œShe comes .... and goes,” Jake says in a desperate attempt to stay alive.  “That's all I know.”

   The hand lets go of his chin.  “Soften him up some more, then give him some time to think about it.”

   Once again, Jake is beaten until he passes out.


   Jake came around again, feeling much worse.  He was sure he was going to die in this dark room.  I the men didn't come back to kill him, then the agony of so much pain surely would.  He was going to be buried in the river mud, maybe near where Russ had been taken. 

   Thinking about that, he reached for his pocket.  Moving hurt, but he grimaced through pulling the bottle out.  It took all his remaining strength to unscrew the cap.  Finishing the task, he lay panting, needing to breathe, but aching from every breath.

   â€œWHY is is dark in here?” the Genie grumbled. 

   A light came into being, stabbing Jake's eyes.  He shut his eyes against the brightness.

   â€œJAKE!” the Genie cried.  Kneeling beside him, she cradles his head ans asks, “What happened to you?”

   Forcing himself to speak, Jake says in a weak voice, “They're going to kill me.  I don't want you killed too.  Do your, whatever it is you do, and run away.”

   Face stricken as she looks down on him, the Genie shakes her head.  “I can't.  You are my Master.  PLEASE, wish to be out of here!  Wish for me to cure you.  Hurry!”

   Jake opened his eyes enough to see her form.  “But, if I do that, you'll die.  You said so.  I can't make a wish.”

   The Genie gapped at him.  “You don't want to make a wish because of me?”

   â€œGet stiff and can't speak.  That means dead,” Jake croaked softly.  “So, go on, escape before they come back.”

   â€œOhh Jake,” the Genie said softly, and petting his cheek.


   â€œI can't!” the Genie snapped.  “The only way I can do something is if you wish for it.”

   â€œBut, you're so pretty.  I can't wish if it means you'll die,” Jake explains in his weak voice.  'I know you yell at me, but I like you being around.  You don't treat me near as bad as most folks do.  I want you to live.”

   The Genie hung her head.  “Oh Jake,” she said softly.  Thinking hard, a crooked grin came to her face.  “Jake, you have two wishes left.  As long as you don't use both of them, I'll be fine.  Right?”

   â€œI ... guess.”

   â€œSo, wish for me to do whatever it takes to take care of you,” she said firmly.

   â€œOK,” Jake says in a weak breath.

   â€œYou have to say it.  Wish for me to do whatever it takes to take care of you.”

   Trying to repeat her words, Jake says, “I wish for you ... to...”

   â€œDo whatever it take to take care of you,” she coached.

   â€œDo whatever it takes to take care of me.”

   The door burst open.  The man coming in sees the Genie and whips out a gun.  “The bitch is here!” he yells.

   The Genie glares at him and in a strong voice, she says, “WISH GRANTED!”


   Fully healed, Jake lay back in the jacuzzi in the middle of the marble patio, his arms out to the sides.  On the radio behind him by a marble column of the mansion, a reporter says, “There is still no cause found for the explosion that destroyed the warehouse on the corner of Oak and Fifth.  The bodies recovered from the blast are all local hoodlums, which leads police to believe this is the result of the latest gang war.  No arrests have been made, but police claim they do have suspects...”

   The Genie comes out wearing a skimpy black bikini.  Holding a pair of drinks, she sets one down by Jake, and eases in to cuddle up against him.  Giving Jake a sly grin, she says in a silky tone, “Isn't this better than a box?”

   Sporting a grin, Jake says, “Yeah, I like this a lot.”  He then looks down at her breasts that are bulging out of her top. 

   Thrusting her chest out, the Genie lets out a giggle and says, “To take care of you, you really should rub me gently. Wherever you want.”

   â€œCan I kiss you too?”

   â€œPlease do,” she says in a breath.

   Jake enfolds her as the camera pans over to show a small, empty bottle of silicone.

Narrator :   Despite his disbelief, Jake has found a better life, one that he had a hard time trying to imagine.  After a lifetime of scrapping to survive, he now has  found love, beauty, and a life of ease.  Somewhere in....
The Doll Light Zone.


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Re: The DOll Light Zone # 24 : The Genie, PT 3
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2012, 01:41:38 AM »

     Good story! Jake reminds me of myself - hard headed and tough to convince!  :laugh:  I am glad that he got a good deal at the end!

;) :D ;)
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Re: The DOll Light Zone # 24 : The Genie, PT 3
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2015, 07:21:33 PM »
I agree, it is great, but I must ask...

where is the ironic twist?
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