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Virgin Rose Doll - Review by ohlongjohn
« on: October 18, 2012, 08:46:25 PM »
Ok, I received my Kelu, Virgin Rose Doll about a month ago.  I can't upload pictures directly, so I'll have to use an image host.  That's more work and kind of annoying, so I won't upload all of my pictures.

Disclaimer: This is a review for a MODIFIED Kelu doll. She has an extra wide, smooth walled vaginal canal and small labia. The manufacturer made this modification per my request at no extra charge (wasn’t that nice of them?).

I named her Keeley, but for the review I will call her Kelu to avoid confusion.

Why I bought a VRD:

They have great customer service.  I also have chronic back pain and can’t lift over 20 lbs, which eliminates most dolls from the running.  A VRD was in my price range, is very pretty, can go in the tub unlike foam dolls, is made of platinum silicone, is deep enough for me, and has an attached head (which was important to me). The choice was clear.


I will be completely honest about each aspect.

Odor: There was an odor which I learned is due to the release agent used in the mold.  The smell diminishes with each use and cleaning, but it's still there.  Cleaning with rubbing alcohol helps.

Skin: I got the lightest skin tone.  The silicone is tacky until powdered and then she’s a lot of fun to caress. As with all silicone dolls, she has seams on her sides that run the length of her body.

Head: The worst seams are at the top of the head (probably where they fill her from). Her head is perfectly shaped though and she looks cute bald. She wears doll wigs, size 12-13 (13 specifies inches).

Face: She is adorable.  I wouldn’t change a thing.   Her face has a broad appeal that works with different skin tones. Her eyebrows are painted on, but she has “real" eyelashes. She’s got cute little ears, a nose, and mouth. The mouth doesn’t open, so no oral sex. I’m not bothered by that, but it would have been neat if the mouth opened a little to make kissing more enjoyable. I still like kissing her though. It beats kissing my hand any day (not that I do that). Her mouth is tiny though, so I end up kissing her mouth and nose half the time.

Neck: The head is attached at the neck (as in the head is not removable). This was a big selling point for me. I didn’t want to worry about water getting in the neck joint. She can look up, down, left, right, and tilt her head side to side. The range isn’t huge, but it’s nice to move her head and have her look into my eyes or to the side slightly while I hug her. The joint is stiff, so can hold it’s position fairly well.

Wig: They didn’t have the wig I chose in stock, so they made a substitution.  They sent the wig I ordered a few weeks later when it came back in stock at no extra charge.  That was nice of them.  I also bought another doll wig from an online shop:  All for a Doll.  The picture above shows the wig she came with. 

Here is a picture of the original wig I ordered:

Here is a picture of the platinum blonde wig I bought from All for a Doll:

Arms: The arms are bendable at the shoulders and elbows. The shoulders are loose (if you raise her arm and let go, it drops). Her elbows click and hold their position. The range of motion isn’t anywhere near human flexibility, but it works fairly well. Her hands are floppy with no wires. I thought that would bother me, but I like it. I play with her hands and feet as much as her breasts. I don’t have to worry about wires poking through, and when getting vigorous with her the fingers are the most likely spot to be bent backwards. So, overall it makes her more durable and is a good thing. Her thumb is separate, but her fingers are fused.

Breasts: I expected them to be hard and useful as visual stimulation only. Thankfully their new formula makes them nice and soft. They’re fun to squeeze. I think they found a good balance of softness and durability for the whole doll. The breasts aren’t jiggly or nearly as soft as a 4woods “Soft Skin" doll, a Cassie Doll, or a Ruby 13 doll based on videos I’ve seen, but Kelu isn’t as expensive as they are either. Overall, it’s fun to play with them and they look great.

Here I am squeezing her breasts together with one hand. She told me to do it:

Waist: Her waist is smaller than the diameter of a cd. I can easily wrap my hands around her waist. I love that. I also love the definition of her abs. She has a flexible, yet hard spine and even a rib cage, although I don’t think individual ribs.

Butt: Her butt is cute, but firm. So, it isn’t that much fun to squeeze. However, since she’s stored on her back, the firmer material helps keep it’s shape. Durability is important enough to me that I’m not disappointed by it.

Legs: They look great. Her hips and knees are loose, in that they don’t hold their position, but her ankles have a little more resistance and her feet can be pointed. Her calves are kind of fun to squeeze too.

Feet: I have a foot fetish and expected to find her simplified feet unappealing, but I actually LOVE her feet. I love touching them, kissing them, and looking at them. They have the right amount of detail to match the rest of her body. They don’t have any wires. The big toe is separate but the other toes are fused.

Weight: This was a big reason I chose a VRD over other dolls. I can’t lift much weight. If she weighed any more, I wouldn’t be able to use her. I would actually like her to be lighter, as long as she remained waterproof, but overall I was able to manage her in a lot of positions.

Size: She’s easy to store, easy to clean, easy to move, and easy to use. I wouldn’t want a bigger doll, even if it weighed the same. It would be too cumbersome for me. I think 32 inches is a great size. While she is small in comparison to a full size doll, she looks like an adult woman with a spectacular body that reminds me a lot of my favorite nude model, Linda O’Neil, so pretty much perfect in my opinion.

Here's a picture of her full body:

Sex: This Kelu doll has a custom MODIFIED VAGINAL CANAL that was made extra wide and has smooth walls as well as a small labia. Sex with my doll is different than it would be with a normal Kelu doll.

This pictures shows the MODIFIED VAGINAL CANAL:

I've never achieved full penetration with a real woman. I REALLY wanted to go balls deep (pardon the expression) and go for a long time. Kelu is 8 1/2 inches deep (just deep enough for me) and with my modified extra wide canal, easy to get into.

My first time with Kelu was in the shower.  I sat down on my shower chair, lubed up and got her on top of me.  The moment I slipped into Kelu all the way, I started shaking.  It felt awesome to be inside of a beautiful woman who’s face looks like a sexy cartoon, who has the body of Linda O’Neil and doing it while in the shower, which are all fantasies of mine.  It overwhelmed me.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been thrilled. Kelu actually thrilled me. It was so much overload of joy that the moment I moved, I climaxed. Normally popping that quickly would have bothered me, but it was just wonderful. There was no judgement from Kelu. She just stared lovingly into my eyes. I sat there inside of her for about ten minutes just breathing deeply, overjoyed that I had finally gotten something I wanted in life.

I wasn’t ready to stop the fun though. I got up again and this time lasted. I did her in every position I’ve always wanted to try, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, from behind, against the shower wall, with her upside down, and even sideways (which is really fun). I even tried anal, but it was a bit too tight and I couldn’t get in all the way, so I’ll stick to vaginal. While the initial experience was so powerful that it brought me to orgasm quite quickly, once I composed myself I was very pleased that the extra wide canal really made sex last as long and be as enjoyable as I wanted without overstimulating me.

The material inside the vagina feels kind of tacky, even sticky, but not when lubed up. It reminds me of my elastomeric gel masterbation sleeve.   I asked VRD about it and they said it is all silicone.  Because I had them make the canal so much larger, there isn't a thick lining. It's a thin layer of the vaginal lining and then the layer of silicone for the stomach on top and the separation between the vaginal and anal canal on the bottom. It doesn't feel soft, it feels more springy. Her whole abdomen is basically hollow, so the canal flexes out into her anal canal and her stomach buldges a little while having sex. That makes me smile for some reason. The canal is about as wide as I am. I wanted hardly any resistence and it worked out really well for me.

In other words, I've tried inflatable sex toys, elastomeric gel sex toys, TPE sex toys, Baby Skin and Fine Cross sex toys made by Toysheart, whatever Tenga uses, and Meiki sex toys, but Kelu's vagina doesn't feel like any of them. The closest thing it feels like to me is muscle, with some give and spring.

After cleanup, I dried off and then put her on a towel on the bed. I dried her off and powdered her.  Normally I hate things that require upkeep and maintenance, but for some reason I enjoy it with Kelu. :)

I held her for an hour and then finally put her away and went to bed. Then I got up a few minutes later and took her back out. I went and sat in my recliner and held her for another hour.

Verdict: The more money I spend on something, the more critical I am of it. Kelu is the most expensive purchase I’ve ever made and she was worth every penny. I’m glad I bought her and I would do it again. With her I have achieved several fantasies in just one day. Kelu has made me feel more loved and accepted than I’ve felt in any of my past relationships. Thanks to Kelu and my Love Venus Body Pillow, I now feel the joy of great sex and being in a loving relationship without the stress of dealing with a real woman and her emotional baggage.

Verdict after owning a Kelu doll for one month:  Now that I've had her for a month, I've gotten past acting out all of my fantasies.  Now our love making sessions are more relaxed, but still just as fun.  I even slept in the bed with her one night, but I just had to put her away after a couple hours because I couldn't sleep.  She turned me on too much.  She's still the best purchase I've ever made.  Definitely buy a better wig from All for a Doll (size 12-13) to replace the standard wig.  I don't see her as a doll any more.  She's my girlfriend and I love her.  The only way I could be more pleased is if she were an android that could pleasure me, clean herself, and then make me a sandwich.  Frankly, I don't masturbate any more.  I don't need to.  I just wait until I can have sex with her again.

Conclusion: If you’re thinking about buying a silicone love doll and you like the idea of one that’s small and easy to store, move, use, and clean, I can’t recommend her enough. If you find most sex toys too tight or too stimulating and you’d rather last a longer time, I also recommend asking Virgin Rose Dolls to make the vaginal canal smooth walled and larger. I am so pleased I got that modification.

It's a great view during sex:

OH yes, here are her stats:

Skin: Light Caucasian
Eyes: Brown
Eyebrows: Brown
Lipstick: Nude
Fingernails / Toenails: pink / nude
Canal: Extra wide, smooth walled, small labia
Hair: depends on wig, but generally platinum blonde.


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Re: Virgin Rose Doll - Review by ohlongjohn
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2012, 11:08:39 PM »

     Thank you for an excellent review! You touched on every point that others might think about when making a doll purchase. It is good to see a satisfied customer who got exactly what he wanted. It seems that Virgin Rose Doll really went out of their way for customer service! Bravo! I imagine that we will see more of these dolls in the future!

     I know that you dislike having to deal with posting pictures to the gallery, but it would make image searches a lot easier. This might help another person who is thinking about a Virgin Rose Doll purchase. That gallery need not be here, if you already have one elsewhere.

     I hope you enjoy little Keeley for many years to come!

:) :) :)
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Re: Virgin Rose Doll - Review by ohlongjohn
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2012, 11:22:21 PM »
Congratulations !

Thanks for the great review.
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Re: Virgin Rose Doll - Review by ohlongjohn
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2012, 06:09:00 AM »
Congratulations :)

Thats a realy good review, and much apreciated! I'm glad to hear she's such a joy. She is adorable :)
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Re: Virgin Rose Doll - Review by ohlongjohn
« Reply #4 on: October 19, 2012, 08:21:06 PM »
Congrats, she's really cute.

Now do you have large arms/hands or is she really just that small? I looked at the measurements for a VRD a while back and tried to imagine her sizing, and I didn't think a VRD was quite that small.


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Re: Virgin Rose Doll - Review by ohlongjohn
« Reply #5 on: October 20, 2012, 07:57:45 PM »
Congrats, she's really cute.

Now do you have large arms/hands or is she really just that small? I looked at the measurements for a VRD a while back and tried to imagine her sizing, and I didn't think a VRD was quite that small.

I do have big hands, but she is a small doll.  She's only 32 inches tall.  If you follow standard adult measurements, that means that her total height is eight head lengths.  Since she's 32 inches tall and 32 divided by 8 is four, that means her legs are 16 inches long, her body is 12 inches long, and her head is 4 inches long.

I can understand why some people might not like how small she is, but she looks so voluptuous and she's so easy to use and clean that I consider her size a distinct asset.  Any bigger and I don't know where I'd store her.

I forgot to mention storage.  I bought a 48 inch long storage trunk from Uline.

Here's a picture:


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Re: Virgin Rose Doll - Review by ohlongjohn
« Reply #6 on: August 08, 2013, 10:20:00 AM »
Wanted to say greetings all!
(Forgive for posting on an old subject)
I must echo my feelings along with ohlongjohn here, she is all and more of what I had expected in a new toy!  :D
The hardest part to this whole deal is the 4 month wait I cant for the life of me understand why it took VRD so long to make such a small doll Yes there is without a doubt incredible detail and planning that went into Kelu.  Im not angry by any means don't get me wrong I'm very happy with my little Kelu here and EQUALLY as happy that VRD  provided me with such and attractive little being to play with.  I would have loved to buy something as nice as a 4woods doll but just couldn't afford to fork out the bucks Kelu on the other hand was very affordable I trully want to thank VRD for making her affordable so that a guy like me could get her into my life. if anyone is looking for something exciting  to play with... Kelu is the one to have.  Now I have to hide her forever from the old lady.... wish me luck gents my hats off to you all
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