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I recently came across this website.

Should be interesting if you have a foot fetish.

I would be VERY weary of this company.

Many photos used to illustrate their 'toys' are obviously pictures of human women.

Plus, in their "FAQ" section, they post "Contact us for FULL BODY MODEL". - And we ALL know what that means: SCAM.

Be careful. 

It kinda looks like a chinese company, so I would recommend caution to anyone that plans to deal with them.

If you want super-realistic feet from life casts you should be looking here:

As Mark_at_MaddyG pointed out, some of the pics are human models used as an example of what their product is supposed to look like.  I suspect it's a chinese company also.  The wording isn't very impressive.  The 'silica gel' they claim to use as a material for the feet is actually the name of the hard, little moisture-absorbing beads used to keep products like shoes and electronics dry while awaiting purchase.

Yep, stay away...


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