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Does anyone have experience with textile  dolls? I want to buy such a doll and I wait opinions.
Thank you!

We do have some info on this company here;

This is their website;   but they are a fairly new company based in Riga, Latvia.

This is copied from their site;


  We put at your disposal, developed by us high quality Textile realistic female love dolls, to which we achieve to give maximum similarity with a living human body, not only in appearance but also tactile sensations. Different parts of love dolls´ body have differ in softness so touching it gives the feeling of touching the skin of a living person.

   Textile love dolls have the real size of a female body.

   Our love dolls are handmade, by "soft sculpture" method with quality materials. This is mainly a variety of fabrics, batting and high quality flexible polyurethane foam.

   The love doll has a strong realistic skeleton, simulating human’s, as well as flexible joints. Skeleton design allows you to give the doll almost any position, which can take a real girl.

   Female Textile love doll can be dressed up with the ladies' ordinary clothes that you want to see on your doll.

   Process of creating a doll is not easy. Each Textile love doll is manufactured individually, it requires 100 hours of manual labor.

  Textile love dolls can be a work of art, home or business interior decoration, means of demonstrating fashion apparel, model for photos, friend or companion.

They have two bodies, and three heads. 

Paris body, 4' 9"  150cm  price 590 eur

and "Big Bertha" body,  5' 4"  165 cm  Price 690 eur

Chest 95 cm( 38 inches)

Waist 65 cm(25 inches)

Hips 103 cm(41 inches)

Foot 25 cm(10 inches)


Ray Rentell:
Whoa, Big Bertha looks amazing, the big butt brigade are going to drooool over her !
Between a Teddybabe and Textiledoll I know which I would choose, theres just no comparison .  8)


We are the big sex doll factory in china,with many real sex doll.

Pls kindly check our website:

and our

Is Alibaba Safe and Legit?

 :-X :-X :-X


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