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How common are 18" Barbie?


I bought this18" Barbie by mistake. The adv. said "Super Sized Barbie" and I thought she was a MS Barbie. At least she has a ball joint shoulder and also a twist-able waist. Anyway she was treated badly by her previous owner, melted marks on her feet probably by a hot screw driver and some of her fingers got clipped off and her hair, body and clothing were in poor condition. Here are some photos from the adv:

I wonder how common are these 18" Barbies?

I shampooed her hair and did some minor cleanup, and here she is:

I am tempted to give her a nose job like my MS Barbie

but her head is pretty elastic vinyl. Anybody know of material that can stick to her face?


Poor sweetheart. I hope she has a loving home now with you. She is cuter

Mac Workz:
What did you use on her boobs?


--- Quote from: Mac Workz on October 15, 2018, 10:48:29 AM ---What did you use on her boobs?

--- End quote ---

You bumped a 3 year old thread. I don't think the OP is still active.


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